Vape Review of Wild Watermelon Lemonade by Lemon Twist E-liquid (120mL)

April 18, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Wild Watermelon Lemonade by Lemon Twist E-liquid (120mL)

Vape Review of Wild Watermelon Lemonade by Lemon Twist E-liquid (120mL)

By Nataly Komova

Leave your floaties and flip flops at home, Wild Watermelon Lemonade e-liquid by Lemon Twist will have you feeling like it's summer all year long. A perfectly sweet and tart lemonade has been infused with fresh watermelons for an experience that will leave your taste buds craving for more. Zesty, sweet, refreshing and oh so good! Pick up your 120mL bottle of Wild Watermelon Lemonade vape juice by Lemon Twist today!

Vape Review of Wild Watermelon Lemonade by Lemon Twist E-liquid (120mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Wild Watermelon Lemonade by Lemon Twist E-liquid (120mL)

what up YouTube best buds pay-per-views
coming at you from play and James what's
a today we're gonna be talking about
some lemon twist P liquids got a pink
lemonade punch and a watermelon and be
real it'll be real fun and this is gonna
be awesome
gonna get into it right now let's do it
everyone we're gonna dive right into
this review I'm going to be reviewing
the lemon twist in liquids 3 milligram
nicotine King punched lemonade 120 mil
and I'm using the drag booboo box with
me Harley tank RT a section gun review
on that coming up next
it's a twofer this week we couldn't hold
it back for you guys we are and as you
can see it's feeling very strong very
strong I have a view both of these
flavors are ready we wanted to get a
fresh week on both of these for y'all so
we can get a good flip on each one go
ahead get your flavor on that man
already I mean off the first three to
five - it's pure lemonade punch fruit
punch the 70/30 blend so it is a little
bit then not to fans and definitely had
some 70/30 blades that are a little bit
thinner the flavor really pops on it you
can really taste the lemonade I pick on
RTA we already talked about it works
this juice parts of a neuron because
it's a little bit thinner so it gets in
a cotton oil is it easier and I think
that's a really good flavor out there
anything games
I mean first thing I noticed it tastes
just like a whole glass of country Tom
pink lemonade mix with a little bit of
fruit punch behind it it does definitely
hits a hits those lemonade notes strong
but not too strong down good good
sweetness and aftertaste as well nothing
too overpowering nothing too
it's really not really balanced flavor
really don't have anything bad to say
about that when I was assaulted it's all
debate it really is are we gonna rate
that out of ten yeah I probably gave it
a given eight I give it a six seven all
right seven on the savior's it's really
a I'm only bacon in it 55 watts you can
see what kind of image I'm reading that
what kind of build you got in there man
it's a twenty six gauge six rats
I believe running point for good and
yes sir all right well next we can talk
about this other flavor we have by lemon
twist got the watermelon got wild
watermelon lemonade real tasty real
tasty stuff and we've had time to kind
of make this and you know acquire a
flavor for it and have an opinion about
it I don't want to make something you
know real quick and give you guys you
know a half-hearted opinion I want to be
able to make the juice and give you my
all day opinion exactly and I want y'all
to be able to click this video and get
the information you need on this juice
and I mean we're vaping it and we're
talking about the flavor so you're
getting it right from the flavors and
the palates are getting it right from
the tongue separate from the tongue yes
sir right on the taste buds from your
best buds yes sir we're human right well
first impression on that lemonade I mean
the watermelon lemonade it's really
is it so let me get another baby what do
you taste the MS I mean immediately the
first thing I taste on that it's all
watermelon now I'm hitting this at 88
wat on 0.13 staple clapping bills that
they sent it over with the fire loop
tank it's a great bill yo oh gosh this
is fire Lee we're gonna have two or
three max free max we're gonna have to
get at you get out you about these coils
and guys let us know what these are
they're real good I'm good here early
I'm gonna get the lead man definitely
significant less lemonade significantly
less eliminated on on this juice versus
the pink lemonade punch but it's all
still there it's all still very much
there um a little bit lighter vape in my
opinion a little bit less Allah through
it and the lemonade that's to be
expected though from a watermelon baby
versus a lemon mate don't you give that
a try man tell us with Jay today
best place oh yeah
lot of water not that baby I can get in
front of the camera I'll think it did
they were trying it we get a new camera
eventually got it get some all that
focus that works a little better for
vaping oh my gosh the watermelon oh yeah
a lot of are known oh yeah reminds me
almost like hubba bubba what we yeah oh
yeah I definitely hit some of that homie
bubbly some that childhood nostalgia I
love it real tasty juice it is all right
ma'am now a hard part
where'd we put this one what are we
gonna give this one out of ten I'm gonna
give it a given a yeah I think I'm gonna
be seven half on this juice maybe seven
a half alright now the next question is
if you ran outta juice of this tomorrow
you go buy some do you buy something
else I buy it just for the prize yea
price points great and we're going to go
ahead and talk about price point on
these two juices and you can find it
over at 8-bit calm or 1350 each under 20
ml each flavor which will be to 60 ml
bottles in each box is it will be and it
will be $27 without tax from shipping
shipping is $8.75 which is a little
pricey for shipping but the price of the
juice the price of the juice is 1350 for
120 million off
and it got here to my house in two days
I word it Wednesday night and got it
Friday afternoon quick there really
quick so it ended up being about
thirty-five dollars and seventy five
cents everybody and um but I mean it's
still not a bad price for a 240 miles I
go out and buy tomorrow - I got but I
would it's a solid day if you're going
to enjoy it
hands down I mean straight from the time
specially if you enjoy lemonade's yes I
really enjoy these everybody this is
best buds vapor views coming at you live
from doing North Carolina we hope you go
out and try this juice out because we
definitely did we definitely reviewed it
we definitely rated it would we go out
and buy it again yes because we love
vape and juice this is best buds vape
reviews coming at you live from Boone
North Carolina always 100% unbiased
reviews 100% peace

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