Vape Review of Wick Liquor Carnival E-Juice

April 19, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Wick Liquor Carnival E-Juice

Vape Review of Wick Liquor Carnival E-Juice

Wick Liquor's Carnival e-liquid was inspired by Santa Monica, bringing together a sweet blend of glazed donuts and vanilla Cholo cake on the side. It's like tasting the inside of a warm bakery when everything's fresh from the oven - perfect for vapers who want serious vapour and plenty of great taste. Details 10ml E-Liquid 80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 20% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths About Wick Liquor Produced in the UK, Wick Liquor e-juice has created a streamlined collection of four premium blends for vapers to enjoy with complex flavour blends that keep people coming back for more.

Vape Review of Wick Liquor Carnival E-Juice

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Wick Liquor Carnival E-Juice

hello fellow vapers time for another
juice review another one from wick
liqueur and today it is carnival so
these are the bottles there you've got
the wick liqueur ejuice Co logo and
carnival on the bottom there you've got
your 1.5 milligram nicotine you've got
your warnings batch codes expiry dates
when it was born as well and this is
batch code zero zero three so one of the
earlier batches and then on the side you
have got your propylene glycol natural
artificial flavorings like your
ingredients say so it's absolutely
wonderful on top you've got your pipette
I've also put a vape band on there but
you've got your glass pipette which is
nice and your tamper-evident seal there
as well temporaries and seal and these
also come shrink-wrapped so when you get
them they'll be in a plastic bottle
plastic shrink wrap like this you just
peel it off just so you know your juice
hasn't been tampered with so let's give
it a whiff most beautiful it smells
exactly like a like a glazed doughnut
you've even got like that powdery smell
there like a powdered sugar I'm not sure
if I'm getting raspberry in there as
well I don't know I don't know if it's
my mind telling me there's raspberry in
there I'm not sure there's a slight
little hint of what's it called cinnamon
that smells lovely and the flavor
description they wiggler could give you
on these beautiful cards here carnival
is described as a Santa Monica glazed
Dover in and cholo sugar skull cake
don't know what they are but it sounds
wonderful the juice smells wonderful
and by the looks of the bottle I vape
through loads of it so far well half a
bottle nearly and I've enjoyed every
single moment of it so be vaping this on
the I 41 as the reuleaux is currently on
charge I'll be vaping at 50 watts as
usual and using a j-bay Bambino which
got simple point 5-iron capital bill in
there I've already waked up and juiced
it up and it's week by Leo d-desires
Texas tough so let's take it for a vape
clouds are absolutely beautiful what
you'd expect from 80/20 VJ I strip that
up again it is just like a powdered
donut and you've got like a very sweet
and like sugary powdery taste they're
kind of like when you eat your doughnut
and accidentally brave the blooming dust
in I'm sure there's raspberry in there
but you've got that gorgeous like warmed
Oh eNOS in the background as well and
this is by far the best donut flavor
I've ever tasted
they might seen he's a vape jam at the
weekend I definitely did is wonderful to
go and see the guys nice to chat to him
it was nice to chat to him at the hotel
as well as actually staying in the same
hotel that the Whig liquor crew were in
so it was good to chat with them and
whatnot and I've also got a new their
new juice contra which is coming up very
soon for review so let's go through that
info there you can buy these from weak
there are now four flavors to choose
from on one of my videos I've got three
flavors I didn't know that there was
another one coming out I was supplied
with this card that had free flavors on
it so then the contra has recently come
out they come in 80 20 VG PG 0 1 point 5
3 & 6 milligram nicotine and the 15 mil
bottles these 15 mil bottles are 7
pounds and the 30 ml bottles there so
just look at the size difference they
are 13 pounds each and that is plus
you're shipping now they've got a looot
bloomin ton of merch on their website
they've got vape bands hip flasks little
Taggy things to go on your keyrings
vape Matt's it just go on their website
have a look they've got a lovely bunch
of March on there I think they also do
hats and t-shirts as well so go and have
a look it's alright let's round off this
a review we all know what it's going to
be it's going to be a positive review
and would I recommend it find out rip
that up and these fake bands by the way
they've got carry the liquor hashtagged
on them see if we can get that in focus
now go carry the liquor which is awesome
overall amazing Claire production
amazing flavor there and I said
previously it's the best donut flavor
I've ever tasted I tasted quite a lot of
vape jam and this blooming craps on them
all basically beautiful as an all day
vape Vala in a tank I've had it on a
dripper absolutely amazing 100%
recommended by myself
so don't forget to go to WIC liquor Calm
to buy these juices they're a lovely
price they're going up and look at the
match as well I'd like to thank Whig
liquor for sending me these juices free
for the purpose of review I've enjoyed
vaping them all right I'll wet links in
description as well so you can go
straight to their website I hope you've
enjoyed my review I've been the del
vapor and you've been watching del
vapors of eight reviews

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