Vape Review of Wick Liquor Boulevard E-Juice

April 19, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Wick Liquor Boulevard E-Juice

Vape Review of Wick Liquor Boulevard E-Juice

Inspired by the streets of New Orleans, Wick Liquor's Boulevard e-liquid bottles the taste of Mardi Gras. Taste the vibrant blend of fruit punch and fortified Malibu Loganberry pulp. Details 10ml E-Liquid 80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 20% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths About Wick Liquor Produced in the UK, Wick Liquor e-juice has created a streamlined collection of four premium blends for vapers to enjoy with complex flavour blends that keep people coming back for more

Vape Review of Wick Liquor Boulevard E-Juice

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Wick Liquor Boulevard E-Juice

hello fellow vapers time for another
juice review another one from wick
liqueur and today we have got Boulevard
so let's have a look at the bottle there
you've got wit liquor juice car on the
front boulevard 1.5 milligram nicotine
you've got your information there and
your warning labels there as well and
then you've got your glass dropper on
top so take that off and you've got your
glass dropper in there it's nice and
squeezy and you've also got your tamper
evidence seal there so when you get it
there'll be a nice reassuring crack as
you take off the take off the cap so
let's give it a whiff
now that is a fruit punch and that is
the only way I can describe it there's
citrus in there a hell of a lot of
citrus I can't pinpoint the flavors all
I know that is a tangy citrus in there
and what it says on the flavor
description on the thing with liqueur
gives us is Mardi Gras fruit punch and
fortified Malibu Logan berry pulp now I
don't know what Logan berry is of never
had loganberries but from the taste I
would eat the hell out of all the
loganberries in the world and this is an
absolutely gorgeous tasting juice but
right let's get on to what we're going
to be using it on we're dripping it on
the J Bo Bambino on top of the Wisma
karulo rx 200 there's a simple point 5
I'm careful build in there and it's wick
bye leo d designs Texas tough raw sub n
play Twix so let's give it a drip this
is an 80 VG juice and it is exactly that
it is nice and thick almost a syrup
cap back on so we don't spill any top
cap back on and let's take it for a vape
at 50 watts that is just a mixture of
different fruits it is a true fruit
punch there's like a citrus on the
inhale and on the exhale is there's like
a mixture of berries strawberry and
blackberry probably or blueberry
whatever it is is absolutely beautiful
and I can't pinpoint the flavors but it
is a very nice tasting juice it's like a
citrus inhale and a berry exhale so
let's go through the information on the
side there you can get these from they are a uk-based company
there are three favors to choose from
Boulevard deja voodoo and carnival you
can get them in 80/20 VG PG and they
come in zero 1 point 5 3 & 6 milligrams
nicotine now the 15 ml bottles like
these ones here they are 7 pounds each
and the 30 ml bottles are 13 pounds each
so that's a nice price point there that
is probably right on the mark for the
for the UK premium ejuice pricing and
those prices are plus shipping so put in
your postcode there and it will tell you
what your shipping cost will be and on
their website as well they have an
absolute ton of merchandise
they've got tisha know they've got
t-shirts they've got caps billed mats
you've got your vape bands you got like
packs or for vape bands you've got these
little tour
things that you put on your zips these
are beautiful I've started using these
everywhere they're gonna go on my vaping
they've got wick liquor emblazoned on
them they're like a rubbery thing there
and you've got like boxes of things
you've got hip flask go on their website
look through that match it's absolutely
wonderful I love their hats and I would
love to own one so hopefully I'll be
getting one at Lake Jam this weekend so
right let's round off this review and
see whether I'd recommend it if you're
into your complex fruit punch flavors
your complex fruit flavors this is one
for you and definitely one for the fruit
lovers as an all day vote goes I
could've ate this all day long is
absolutely beautiful it doesn't get
tiring at all it's not too sweet and not
too sickly so highly recommended by
myself so right don't forget to go to
WIC liquor calm to buy your juices and
please don't forget to click like and
subscribe down there as well there'll be
links down there I've been the devil
vapor and you've been watching del
vapors weight reviews

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