Vape Review of White E-Liquid by Anarchist 6x10ml

April 23, 2018 11 min read

Vape Review of White E-Liquid by Anarchist 6x10ml

Vape Review of White E-Liquid by Anarchist 6x10ml

By Ksenia Sobchak

White e-liquid is the flavour of soft marshmallows reminiscent of a summer BBQ, this e-liquid is topped off with the flavour of crisp Golden Graham crackers: a perfect balance between cream and crunch. Details 10ml E-Liquid 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 2mg and 4mg nicotine strength About Anarchist Anarchist e-liquid breaks the rules and promises acute flavour with big clouds! With five tongue tingling flavours to choose from, this rebellious range of e-liquid comes in an 70VG /30PG ratio; perfect for the sub-ohm lovers. What are you waiting for? Release your inner rebel...

Vape Review of White E-Liquid by Anarchist 6x10ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of White E-Liquid by Anarchist 6x10ml

what's up guys I'm the vacant slot back
again went down on the review for you
today it's the second we're done for
today we've got two but I'm a case that
they're going to review for you the
first one will be on the video before
this ago I said that how and the woman
got for you to review now it's delicous
white bottle on the side here you've got
nicotine strengths these come in zero
two four and six milligram as you can
see there and they kissed on the side
their manufacture in Orange County
California after Wally stuck there
contra percent on the kit on that side I
like its logo there and there other than
that the box is pretty much
straightforward there's not much going
on inside the box you've got the keys
Paul there looks like that this is the
white one to do several different
flavors they all come in there all day
enough they're different colors so
there's a red one a green one a purple
one a black white or blue and so on and
this one's supposed to be a marshmallow
cookie I've never tried anything that's
like a marshmallow flavor before so I've
been doing for me and danced dry we have
done a review on the blue one which is
supposed to be a blue raspberry slush
one of the best flavors I've ever tried
along with the black version on at least
as well which is a vanilla glaze cupcake
both of them have been amazing so we
hope the expectations this is gonna be
really extremely high they are to be
fair like because erm if this one's any
any lower than these two then it's gonna
be disappointed
yeah yea but yeah i'll explain bit
wearing later on man got this woman the
price you get a little nozzle adapter
down on top it's all you're gonna do is
take the top off after don't you pull
off yourself they label it or toughing
that pulls off Oh
cookie cookie dough all right yeah
there's sent a bit of cinnamon in there
really sweet
do you think always like this long if I
would taste them got some can be takes
really nice smell horrid off and I saw
way through a wagon just both nuts tea
and it's been a bit of cookie there
somewhat like yellow cake yeah punk a
cool yeah like a pound cake yeah and I
like pound cake by the way yeah Tom cake
is really nice
yeah some else they like after game yeah
basically I noticed a q-tip here skewer
on the nozzle me and I've already said
in all the reviews of these soft but
don't like a tip on these how they're a
pain in the ass to fill your tongue shit
with and really nice to drip with though
but not something you'd like to play
tangle with so I'm going to take the
time keeper clone with the gum clone
here this is the only clone that I own
the rest of offense in common are doing
is getting whipped up and then slam
about reading that let's see what we're
thinking really wait till first though
before I do anything else in case it
misfired backs and I autopilot like I
always do because I'm silly yeah in a I
of the got five reps of 21 gauge black
wire and IAT from flat y UK comes out of
point zero away the lovely build is this
especially on the ghoul as well so much
surface area so much flavor from a juice
are quite nice pin ups would be amazing
flavor but anyway we'll see what we
tasted in a second I'm hoping is going
to be good if not them will be very
disappointed on the kiss for creating
loads of America and American amazing
juice and this wouldn't be an awful bit
we'll see anyway got a fully charged
read reroute some some 25 our stop that
back in there
screw that down get another drip before
I ate such a fired-up investiture I know
sauce sake looks thick yeah
the restaurants would review they've
always been really thick I'm not they're
not be disappointed with them at all
pretty quick pretty thick pretty thick
juice is to be fair so I mean this is no
different this seems to be right about
saying yeah all the ones we think have
been like probably spotlight around
80/20 man it's not a little bit is
different the only thing is that I don't
tell you they don't say in the bgp
duration which is strange doesn't say on
the bottle anything cinnamon cookie
cinnamon there it said well I tell you
about to start liven and Cinnabon yeah
but all your American viewers Cinnabon
Kirkland see I'm not a fan of the hate
cinnamon all right I like cinnamon on a
pretzel for some reason but I don't like
cinnamon in a faith yeah I went to a
supermarket near me and Newt right and
they were selling buns cinnamon buns and
little curves inside and then like a
glaze on top and a bit of cinnamon
they were quite nice I don't mind system
I think he's right now so I'm probably
is this another we'll know we're
impressed with may I like it
like I've said both of these two here
the black version on the blue will have
been out of this world and I can
whatsoever no you know he's not having
it it's all mine it was a fresh tree way
as you could probably tell as well and
there's some more juice on there see
what those days I'm getting something
doli doli flavor and some sort of glaze
there and I'm not looking forward to try
there is there is cinnamon there is not
for me it's not overpowering but
actually that's not that hard to see see
like say I'm getting like him I'm
getting like some up doughy
agent Lee like a pastry I think he's
more like a Cinnabon I really do I think
it's like I said I'm a moment I see now
I like a glaze yeah you know I like it
here by the white icing glaze that you
can get and then I don't like cinnamon
and that's not the smallest the NASA
nation balanced so even like we were
really gonna go - yeah really grown up
obviously is really nice and we don't do
any review on this channel that is a
biased review and a kiss
haven't sent those this juice and some
of that bakery soft come out and fall he
buys the sound of his own pocket and we
bring it to you just to taste it and let
you you guys know what we think it's not
just me the find the Jew shoe by the
juices well yeah I thought I have bought
some jokes which we're going to reveal
as well so then it's going to be module
three wheels coming up on Channel three
juice reviews purely because the cheek
for us to buy is coming out of his own
pocket the car fire on buying what every
week to review yeah as much as we'd love
to like buy the latest and rhaegar you
know Box Mardan I don't feel my eyes
it's just sometimes it's just awful he's
good to do yeah I'm all about picking up
a your authentic decent model I'm down
at the vape Expo either a rig are enable
is something completely different
depending on takes my thumb's it yeah
that'll be nice and I'm gonna definitely
have a look ups so did you get a review
upon this is well be xx entick limit
let's see yeah like I've said this time
keepers the only clone that I own I
think the fuckin girl trucking band
flavor on this is amazing I think that's
what I got off from the first initially
I got something going under ice you know
on the exhale I got a lot of icing and
this and just like a and then not a hint
but you know it's not the present had
like an actual about the pretzels not
when I got to lead they were television
leads shopping yeah they sit like a no
cinnamon I'm right about you they have a
pretzel place and then big giant
pretzels like this big all of them I
always go bigger even go and go for the
cinnamon one on the white chocolate one
on the teller one other person and well
this is what it tastes like
I'm getting a sweet dough like a sweet
don't email and and ice in cinnamon
that's what I'm gay it's not all there
they're coming I could I could make the
all day I'm not something go I really
like it and again it's not for it age
yes sweet sweet side of it makes your
mouth water it's not always playing that
drives your mouth out you have to go
take a drink every two seconds it's
really nice really sweet really do it
it's a lot of ice in there and the
cinnamon is not overpowering it in exam
the initial hit for the left's the back
you can taste it yeah so either cinnamon
lingers in your mouth and it's nuts
these not on that's the cinnamon no
that's why I was trying to say he's like
when I inhale it again get a little bit
uh that doe is cinnamon and it's just
there and then on exhale I'm getting the
eye like an icy glaze awesome something
like that with a little bit of cinnamon
and then the icing and the dough seems
to linger on your tongue aftertaste
after and I really like this Jill Sam
and I kissed have done a top job with
our jewels out we'll be honest again
nicotine even though it only into these
really small again out said in last
review it's like there's no nicotine
anything at all anyway really nice you
know thinking I will take another box I
don't like this one really in fact I'll
be honest where I like this one more
than the blue you do I do
yeah so let me throw some into my key
key ones balm off one's the other
disciplines like a blue raspberry
I'm sorry which is not what this white
one yeah it's alright for me I could
vacate a walk back on paper all the time
then you were great blow it out a little
bit quickly if you'd like a little bit
quicker like a almost whistle that's
Gold a certain flavor is it just me
I can't make him a man who ever liked a
honey flavor on a gob of the syrups on
fire some house in there it's definitely
a glaze
definitely a cinnamon a dope flavor and
some sort of sit up in there afterwards
yeah it's like a maple and maple or a
honey glaze or whatever they stop he's
really really nice
yeah I'm not this apartment but this one
that's all we've got bit this one with
any of the other keys used for this no
and usually you'll get like one batch
and the other like all wild side press
makes you want to go out and buy the
next one you're getting the next one and
any King owns and they've got ice time
despite it's not as good well yeah out
of all the three flavors they are all
really good the black one Wi-Fi is the
favorite and the white one that we're
reviewing for you now is the second to
be fair you could vent this more than
the blue it is really nice I mean
there's not a lot we consecutively about
this joke cities they're doing a top job
so yeah they are doing it funny I like
this will be reviewed have been amazing
cat inoculum can't say anything bad
about them a few Leone's I've tried
sooner - they say that the flawless pure
silver balls haven't been to my liking
all the other case I've tried so far
been spot-on from it but it could be
something it's a honey flavor it's not a
pure very close though is it's more the
cinnamon panel that do the exhales
Martha glaze a bit funny
the only time let me pleased funny
glazed yeah cinnamon boom
it's what I'm tasting and I probably
supposed to be okay I'm not getting
defects over depending on our your
excelled is absolutely vital to what I'm
tasting the more I push it out from a
tall bike Shh
but this sort this out I'm getting more
of the like the holidays personally like
a honey sir it's sad to explain but the
more just and then if I just blow out
that you don't over by her I'm getting
more of the dough and the icing okay two
contrasting because your mouth you
bothered oh no glaze he's sweet really
nice it's really nice it again I mean
you've all been quite sweet but then not
over this way could be fun they're all
something I've gone back again oh that's
right yeah definitely I mean like please
bought this juice it's not something I
bought bought a something I definitely
go out track now and definitely buy a
bottle yeah price-wise on this door it's
pretty cheap for days as well yeah I
mean what do you pay twenty pound a
bottle online are twenty-five dollars in
America for this stuff those are six to
sixty Slovaks our temp our 13 though the
premium high-quality American juice
which I think spot on where you can go
to a local vape shops and stuff and some
of the UK stuff they know about holes
costing you eight pounds okay they're
expending extra to pound you've got yeah
dissenters some Duke decent juice yeah
yeah but the place where I bought all
these three bottles from was Dave's
market stock and custard and bonding the
are lawful in depending which one you go
for for some reason it charged me twelve
pound on this one and the black one and
the blue one for some reason cost me
thirteen or fourteen pound
I don't I don't get it but it's nice
stuff I pay party upon in there I paid
25 yeah if I couldn't get it for far and
I'm still paying twenty phone oh yeah
boss that Mister mother vapor if you're
watching this get all these other
cashews has stopped him
yeah I'll buy all of them yeah
definitely I know more in agreement here
with a knife oh yeah by far some the
best juice I've ever tasted sour yeah is
it there's so much flavor going to it as
well so much time and effort as
and to say they've got about seven or
eight different flavors I'm hoping the
rest them that I could be trying to
respond I know it's a little bit off
track but I have a love to know what
these guys are doing different to you
okay yeah I'd really like to know
because these are absolutely out this
world I have not really been
disappointed with any American premium
juice oh yeah and you were worried about
it because of the cinemas from here
which nice so I like cinema to align
this stuff a lot I think James not dead
wants to more flavors it's got the Apple
one Apple music Apple they do the grape
flavor going up both of them in it's so
nice you can already see my review on
the other two definitely gonna check the
blue big one or the blue raspberry
whatever it's supposed to be thanks
gorgeous stuff as well go check that one
out and there's also the other case the
black that's on my channel this is back
to the empty bottle I've been using this
for a while now and he's just gone it's
really nice all of them a bit spot-on
I'm gonna wanted to say I'm out with
anti-arab yeah definitely definitely
convenient look a baby shopping to stop
this stuff give it a try for good
ancestry not just buy a bottle anyway
she won't be disappointed I don't think
the world know I don't fit you come back
because he's just up nice anyways guys
and the video pretty soon one thing I'd
like to say is go check out the Facebook
page when we reached a thousand likes on
there we're doing another giveaway
he's Wednesday today the video what
people on the Wednesday something
wouldn't problem the Friday all the
Saturday one of the other every
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chat there you go there's a giveaway
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it's like the page comment below or some
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into the giveaway so it's definitely
worth going and give it a like both to
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that I'll leave that in the comment
section below or in the description
whatever I decide to do it'll be all the
links to the social media such as my
snapchat Instagram my Twitter my
facebook page the whole lot but
definitely worth checking out like this
juice out guys just a bit from being
done today I hope you enjoyed this
review leave the comment below give us
some feedback it's always good to have
some feedback we love it yeah like any
what you guys got to say anyway so
thanks for watching I'm gonna take one
last poll and then that'll be it from
the video today so hope you've enjoyed
it and good bye
no matter guys

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