Vape Review of Watermelon Punch E-Liquid (60ML) by Juice Roll Upz

April 21, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Watermelon Punch E-Liquid (60ML) by Juice Roll Upz

Vape Review of Watermelon Punch E-Liquid (60ML) by Juice Roll Upz

Prepare your palate for a perfect punch of fruit flavor with Watermelon Punch E-Liquid by Juice Roll Upz. An inhale of juicy watermelon arrives laying pools of delicious flavor across your tongue without relenting. Before you know it, an emergence of sweet fruit punch provides a medley of delight revealing hidden deliciousness with every draw. Be sure to buy a 60ML Bottle of Watermelon Punch E-Liquid by Juice Roll Upz today!

Vape Review of Watermelon Punch E-Liquid (60ML) by Juice Roll Upz

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Watermelon Punch E-Liquid (60ML) by Juice Roll Upz

it's going on northern Cali congregation
going on YouTube a Matt and I'm Pat
we're friendly neighborhood vapors and
we're back with another juice review
back with a no juice review that's gonna
hold up what we got for you guys juice
roll-ups so we're trying to save the
best for last watermelon but we're not
going to be able to three milligram
we're gonna be reviewing the cranberry
orange last 70/30 mix 70/30 mix
watermelon juice roll-ups that's what it
do Anna will do this like we do every
other on northern Cali vapors review
small tests taste tests vapor production
and throat hit and then I was going to
say all on a scale of one to ten and
we'll give you our overall opinion on
the end of course as well so we're going
to just give you guys a little bit of
price and everything like that this is
coming off of a premium vape supply calm
it's only 1795 the bottle is just like
the other ones and you can use code n
Cali capital n capital C al I and will
get you 10% off your purchase but they
got everything on here they got the 120
mils for $50.00 of every flavor they
have on the line and they have the 30
miles for 1795 so it's a good deal and
you'll get 10% off as well to go to
premium vape we'll make sure
to put all that down in the description
that's going to go ahead and read you a
little description of what we're
actually going to be like the flavor
profile the flavor we're reviewing sorry
you guys been really sick so just kind
of now basically getting over it's been
a whole week so I'm really sick anymore
I'm just out of it yeah here we go
the Chiefs roll-ups watermelon punch
even liquid is a nice sugary rush if
that is what you're looking for a tangy
sweet watermelon flavor hits
you upon every inhale you take well the
exhale is not as rich in flavor
it is mellowed out giving you a smoother
flavor for the watermelon punch for
those of you who love sugary treats and
are looking for your all next dinner
your your next all day he liquid look no
further and get the juice roll-ups
watermelon punch e-liquid sorry guys
freakin Pat needs glasses that's it you
need glasses
jump it into it there you taste it well
give it a smell
so I'm getting is exactly how Pat just
described it in the description I mean I
can it's not like I let it out and it's
subtle out of my nose from the smell but
smell I get it first is like a nice
tangy watermelon I want to see more
tangy on like a watermelon like uh kind
of like the strawberry sour belts but
like a watermelon sour Bell I want you
to smell enough yeah that's that's good
that's good
so we're vaping this off of Pat's rx 200
with a little boy RDA that's another
point five smack little coil or melon
punch to me yeah it smells good smells
good it's like nine wraps yeah it smells
like those uh this what do you call it
the sour patch kids is the water okay
yeah it's kind of what it smells like to
me kinda does compared to a UH fruit
roll-up huh it's good comparison right
there yeah remember I was saying dude
I'm totally out of it I'm sorry you guys
I remember I was saying she said that
totally distracted me oh yeah and we're
vaping ended a 30 watt so it's not too
high fucking still getting over being
sick so I'm not trying to add it
straight kill me yeah stuffs bomb though
like pretty much spot-on how they
described it in the description I read
like like you get the good watermelon
like in hell like I guess you could say
and then like the exhale is definitely
mellow it's nice and subtle but it still
packs a good like punch with the with
the flavor you know yeah it's not really
sweet either yeah that's like how the
strawberry was except I just give it a
little more flavor than the strawberry
did the strawberry is kind of too light
for me yeah this one has more flavor it
does I don't think it adds as much to
the blue raspberry though so like
honestly how I would rate this flavor in
line it would probably be probably be
second I actually like the blue
raspberry a lot
clouds like a1 and 70/30 right yeah nice
I mean on a scale one at I give the
clouds like seven for sure the flavor on
I want to give the flavor mean like as
given I give it like eight and a half
maybe now I want to say a nine we're
gonna give it a nine yeah I see for me I
don't know so it's hard I don't know
yeah I'm really enjoying it I mean
what's the price on it actually like
overall 1995 1795 like my overall rating
on the juice I'd give it a 10 like good
good flavor getting rice yeah I read and
got a good buy for me I mean yeah the it
gets at 6.5 on flavor unfortunately yeah
for me yeah I'm gonna give it a 6.5 just
cuz I was expecting more of that
roll-ups taste in there which it doesn't
have like the blue raspberry and the
strawberry did it's more of like a like
the watermelons by the sour patch kids
like the little watermelons but uh I
don't know vapor productions get it gets
a seven the throat hits nice on it to it
gets a nice five out of ten but no
overall price point I mean I'll give the
juice is seven with price and everything
like that because there is a coupon to
that you can use and get ten percent off
so I'll give it a seven out of ten oh
right you're giving a solid ten out of
ten solid tonight yeah no I mean
everyone's flavor palate is different so
I want to say dig in it like I think
it's perfect the way it is right now
like because I like still has good
flavor and it's not overpowering it's
nice and subtle mellow I could see me
baking on this all day you know but not
getting sick of it so no I can agree
with that no today I won't get sick of
it I might put it down though at a
certain point in the day and switch to
something else for me yeah Pat saying he
could just fucking swoop this bottle
down basically through the vape of
course yeah yeah I'm sticking of that
also being used in my opinion
I love being sick
anyways you guys thank you for watching
as always we really appreciate it
I pretend me guys you comment anything I
mean this is what keeps us going and
stuff especially when we get more
subscribers every time we see a new
subscriber that we get and we constantly
watch it man yeah it just gets us more
pumped so exactly get us to 700
subscribers oh we're giving away two
brand-new wise mech RX 2 hundreds
batteries included no charger they're
not gonna be any fortunately not yeah
and unfortunately not going to be like
Samsung 25 ours unfortunately I mean
they're going to be the Ameren 3000 Maz
the Purple's there are they're all
fucking purple yeah well no no the 3000
mAh are only purple yeah and then
there's a green one that's 2600 mah and
then something that's more than out on a
really fucking now but that's what you'd
be getting right want to wrap this up in
any way make sure you guys the flip of
the package I wanted one so make sure
you guys like share comment and
subscribe if you're not already and stay
tuned for the next review

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