Vape Review of Watermelon Clouds by Cease and Desist

April 20, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Watermelon Clouds by Cease and Desist

Vape Review of Watermelon Clouds by Cease and Desist

By Nataly Komova

Watermelon Clouds await you. Prepare yourself for a lesson in flavour and vapour as this delectable eliquid shows you what real juice should taste like. Watermelon Clouds is a refreshing and unmatched watermelon bubble gum flavoured ejuice and it needs to be experienced to be believed. Prominent Flavours: Watermelon, Bubble Gum

Vape Review of Watermelon Clouds by Cease and Desist

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Watermelon Clouds by Cease and Desist

good morning YouTube papers millio again
from all about UK god never chase with
you again for you this morning something
that's not that that nervous this is
kind a new on the scene nowadays like of
his to three weeks like old or new it's
old sites one of those kind of things
but yeah it's happen up for you couple
months coming called Bigley clouds got
three flavors at present you got like a
grape and now put in the watermelon it
come in different they don't just come
in two bottles like this actually coming
like a little packaging like this it's
just case the meat and what have a
little put away hey they shouldn't leak
anyways but different never seen a
packaging like this many ever do so hey
it's a new source different its kind of
Holly catch it
I'm kinda hard to suck on the shelves
like but we just keep the bottles out
and have these out back makes life
easier but a bit different yeah this is
the great corner packaging but you can
imagine what the Apple in the Walkman is
pretty much the same same corner model
goes on there um some quick vibe is
first thing in the morning again right
so let's get there
TF I've been using quite a bit recently
pitched off the missus a bit she Chen
that have find another one she lost it
and then found in I ended up with it
using the old trusty little summer
really really like this for fly the tank
don't even send him anymore but yeah
like it so we're gonna start off with my
star so we got great clouds
sour apple eyes and watermelon drips I
must start with my least favorite verse
I'm not the biggest fan of watermelon I
don't mind it this it's not something a
corner go for usually straight away but
let's start with my personal kind of
worse out the bunch this juice some up
fresh cotton only using a single coil
this morning
running around again doing this doing
what can become so busy but I'm enjoying
it's like happy nice yeah watch this on
this single coil watermelon boy big
league clothes and see what it gives us
mmm quiet Pleasant
the sweetness is there straightaway it's
a lifelike watermelon in the back but
it's more like all those kind of like
watermelon kind of sweets see getting
like this SH maybe sugar no see you got
a college so you gonna see its weight
but you still getting you definitely
know it's watermelon as well at the same
time really well blended again it's a
tasty juice it's tasty
on the inhale I'm getting more sweetener
like sweetness licking my lips
straightaway instantly on the inhale
on the exhale I'm getting more than
watermelon coming through they are well
blended so I'm getting a little bit of
bow from both on the inhale on the excel
but yeah little bit more sweetness on
the inhale a little bit more watermelon
on the EXO it's an enjoyable one start
off with what I thought might have been
the worst but big leak outs watermelon
the watermelon drip so I'm gonna give it
some quite enjoying it this morning I'm
not the biggest of watermelon fans but
if you like a war melon you may like a
little bit of sweetness it's well
blended there's 60 ml bottles pretty
sure there were 70 13 it could be an age
when a we still wrote them on the bowls
but don't always do that if you guys
know maybe post a little comment oh I'll
do it when I've got a little chance but
yeah big-league house watermelon drips
I'm gonna give it eight out of ten it's
enjoyable not the biggest of watermelon
phones but you know I enjoy this one one
more drop yes deafening mouse call
swirling with the sweetness enjoying it
that's the main reason why I'm liking
this one what a man who's not like a
sour little bit of watermelon is
conscious it's just a nice water man
well on my palate anyway still rockin
the old with lime DNA - enjoy yourself
hasn't gone wrong it's all about it
quite a low enough so the next one we're
gonna choice the sour apple nose
these all zeros as well all our testers
here was there I was it's nicer I have
nicotine strike were in the morning even
though I've had a little bit more TF
still haven't given up on it Q just yet
the only game in my opinion is to try
and get off the nicotine some punch wine
do it at some point but still on three
mg let's see what the sour apple O's
gives us now a sourness over how many
company side things is sour but he kinda
get tankiness with a green apple off or
not maybe you can put it in the sour
corner category it's not when I was nice
kind of apple juice flavours a sweetness
is there again
juicy swirling around in my mouth I
could if I close my eyes I'd like a
memory lapse
sometimes have them anyway but I could
just imagine if just I've just drank
like a actual glass avoids obvious juice
not Amin juice so memory lapse apple
juice even sweetness is dead
both these fives I'm enjoying the
sweetness especially first thing this
morning home yeah Jesus whirling round
in my mouth this this is noise it's
noisy the apples days it's it's not a
real strong apple but you know it's an
apple flavor yes
let me have another draw
it's enjoyable it really is a few
seconds after just had a little corner
exhale through the nose
Apple coming through that can I get a
little bit more not as much aside the
warmer but a little bit more sweetness
on you know little bit more wrapping on
the exhale nice smelling it's the spot
it's not not what oil classes are real
set you know I was little tungee sweets
you get sour sweet that's what I can't
have in my mind is what's ours should be
but yes it's flavoursome it's well
blended it's kind of one of those juicy
ones where your mouse kannan are still
watering after probably the sweetener
but the apples then it's not
overpowering Sinise your day babe in my
opinion in for my palate anyway I'm just
glory I'm gonna score sour apples by big
league clouds let me give it a stronger
stronger light enough our turn for this
one enjoying it nice nice very nice
sorry next we're gonna choice the big
leg right
all right let's do some up and see what
we get do enjoy the grapes at the minute
really um see what this one gives us
I'm surprised in this morning I've added
quite a few times but I was expecting
not bang in my face sweetness with this
one like but it's kinder well let me try
one more drug just to make sure this
morning I'm not getting banging icon of
sweetness I'm even cornets maybe it
might be for another reason but the
watermelon the sour apple I'm kind of
getting a little bit more sweetener with
I'm getting the grape there it's a bit
more of a mellow one this morning maybe
it's just my palate maybe because I've
tried you the two flavors first who
knows but life like opinion it's it's a
more of an all-day both first so I'm
getting a great there you're getting
swaying this piece again on both fish
they have a lot more subtly easygoing
you know they're they're like you
definitely neither they're um I would
you just wanna forget just to make sure
this one was like extra sweet before
another juice up enough juice um up
double loops double helpings see what he
gives us there it is
maybe I never put enough juice on the
first go
yes dry my bag in your face a grape
sweetness is there - there's no sharp
edges to it
inhale straight white grape as well kind
of on par with a sweetener with this one
it's a nice nice fake this one I'm more
of a great fan myself as well as I
probably going to enjoy a little bit
more yeah flavors are really really
flavorsome beegley clouds right clouds
inhale and exhale corner on par with the
gripe on par with the sweetness nothing
sharp no no no Connor disliking kind of
effects from it
good all-round oh yeah it's night on the
head big li clouds thumbs up for pretty
much all three of them am gonna have to
score the grape is gonna be my favorite
new had to drink against it wasn't quite
right but next time I do a review or
make sure give myself double helpings on
each go but big league clouds great I'm
gonna score always got a good nine out
of nine outs and enjoyed that one guys
peace out keep smiling keep off those
stinkers and if you vaping or not vaping
as long as you stop smoking jobs are
gonna take care

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