Vape Review of Watermelon Chill E-Liquid by Element 10ml

April 17, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Watermelon Chill E-Liquid by Element 10ml

Vape Review of Watermelon Chill E-Liquid by Element 10ml

Element's range of e-liquids are specially designed to work with drippers and mechanical mods, making them a favourite with experienced vapers. Watermelon Chill is the perfect summertime flavour whether you're enjoying hot weather or just dreaming about it. It's a refreshing blend of sweet, juicy watermelon with a hint of revitalising mint. Details 10ml E-Liquid 80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 20% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength About Element E-Liquid Based in South Florida, Element E-Liquids uses superior ingredients and scientific precision to create a line of unique blends and tasty basics.

Vape Review of Watermelon Chill E-Liquid by Element 10ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Watermelon Chill E-Liquid by Element 10ml

what's up motherfuckers and welcome to
another Buster and crew reviews with me
a dude with you and for you the vape
heads out there what is up what is
happening how the hell you livin well I
hope you're all living well it's cold
outside it's snowing today the Christmas
season is upon us and what am i doing
I'm vaping on some element vapes
let's see if I get this focused well
this is called watermelon chill to get
though there we go
watermelon chill it's an 80/20 VG PG
vaping it at 3 Nick and before I dive
into this go to the website WWL M&T
liquid comm element in liquids calm you
head over to the e-juices you're gonna
go to their premium dripper series which
is their 80/20 you're gonna look up the
watermelon chill get it this is a 20
milliliter bottle its $14.99 420
milliliter bottle you could get yourself
also a 10 milliliter bottle for $6.99 or
a 60 milliliter bottle for $30
what is watch a melon chill well pretty
much describes itself it's a they
describe it as a vibrantly juicy
watermelon chiller hmmm refreshing
watermelon meets the smooth chill of
mint this unique combination is the
perfect remedy to beat the heat it's a
summer vape now I'm a weirdo I like it
I actually am more attracted to these
kind of apes and uh winter your throat
hurts a little do you have a cough
I bought this because I had a coffee
because I had a cold it clears out your
not nostrils helps out soothe your
throat it's like a Hall's mentholyptus
in a vapor form so they're saying it's a
mint watermelon I'm getting a menthol
out of it so menthol mint whatever what
does it smell like let's see here I'm
smelling a watermelon with menthol which
gets straight up and the first question
we asked here at busting clue who
refuses does watermelon chill cloud Wow
I'm introduced in the last review but
I'll mention it again these drippers are
hook-shaped this juice is nice and clean
looking nice and clear and I got it on
my sigelei 150 Buster broke his out kind
of got me thinking about my the old good
times at the sigelei these things still
work great Kennedy 20 to about 0.2 ohms
maybe 1.8 around there excuse me does it
cloud let's see
here they come they're coming down so
the clouds do fall and they do float
they're dissipating some of them are
just playing going some of them are
still hanging
so does it cloud indeed it clouds for
days indeed it does now what does it
taste like now
it's heavy on the mint or menthol if you
will so but not heavy where it's
disgusting I've had some menthol vapes
that were straight-up disgusting made me
want to never have menthol again until I
started vaping like the shamrock shakes
if you will which said huh there is hope
for menthol vapes then I got this one
because I couldn't get a shamrock shake
at the time there wasn't any around
where I live I head over down smooth
vapes picked up some watermelon chill by
element eliquid
and what does it taste like
sigelei Kennedy we'll see
and you inhale you're getting an awesome
cooling effect very nice very smooth
very smooth exhale and the exhale you
are getting the watermelon along with
the minty menthol now the minty menthol
is very very dominant but there is a
fruit in there almost like you're
sucking on cough drop that's what I'm
getting from this and I actually enjoy
that I enjoy cough drops and stuff like
that I'm a weirdo I like my throat to
breathe in really nice so this is
definitely enjoyable price is a little
steep if you want a 60 ml $30 for 60
miles a little steep
I mean if the shipping was included it
won't be so bad
60 could stretch you a while especially
without menthol vape it's not something
you're gonna bait for morning tonight
unless you're really really in the
menthol this is good had to review
because the bottle was almost gone I
kept a pin it like it in the morning
when I wake up gets me breathing but
that's all I got to say about watermelon
chill this has been your dude with
another bust and crew review please
thumbs up thumbs down comment subscribe
or don't peace out you too

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