Vape Review of Visions E-Liquid by Blaq Vapor

April 24, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Visions E-Liquid by Blaq Vapor

Vape Review of Visions E-Liquid by Blaq Vapor

By Elena Ognivtseva

Visions will leave you in a flavour daze. Sweety honeydew is paired with a delightful mixture of sweet berries, bananas and hard rock candy. An eliquid with a unique mix that works exceptionally well. Prominent Flavours: Honeydew, Bananas, Berries, Rock Candy Unfortunately we are no longer able to supply this product due to the new TPD regulations.

Vape Review of Visions E-Liquid by Blaq Vapor

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Visions E-Liquid by Blaq Vapor

hi welcome to another episode from the
pay providers my name is Alvin Cortez
Jeff Macke whose name is back thank you
once again for watching their the last
review on the most gorgeous new partner
new pop I'm out there
the serum of they're watching us now
didn't watch the previous one and would
like a review on a soon juice please by
the description below of the demo for
the actual animal loop audience and if
you guys tasted it already like after
watching our review
leave your comments man what's happening
yeah that's how we cha fin what's y'all
review oh by the way what's what with UK
yeah so someone asked where we are US or
UK I think my accent is quite clear
don't you think of our I must not die so
yeah welcome to UK guys okay so yeah
we're here we have another juice review
and introducing by going straight into
this one no family and it's a really
nice juice so really lovely juice we met
them in Paris right exactly paddy man
and Harry we don't see the Paris really
yeah when we went to the the vape
exfoliant Paris traveler drill the
course of trip you've met these guys
strawberry shortcake mmm-hmm with a hint
of graham cracker grin crackers as ozone
I don't even care no excuse Oh some
other sugary yeah
sugary thing uh-huh okay story short
they hadn't it that is used but let's go
so once again we treat black black this
one's called origins
this one's called origins they've only
got one flavor let's go let's go ahead
like this yeah mmm you go first -
lettuce on standby
okay I won't bring us on okay okay okay
I really like it
this is my kind of preference my
preference is its its fruity so candy
kind of flavor taste I can taste the
dish or I can really taste and the story
just pops out strawberry pops out I
don't actually know what graham crackers
takes up yeah yeah and they actually
need to know yes I don't like buckle me
this tastes like a sea really strawberry
dessert kind of flavor yeah I want a
second jet this something I'll bite
okay no graham crackers it is though not
the strawberry cream definitely
strawberry shortbread thing is there and
that has to be that has to be you know
noted and what's that word what's that
word where you've got a point out it's
creeping oh you guys say yeah he's gotta
be come comment comment coming coming
I don't really see the grain crack up
sweetness in it but the strawberry cream
flavor in it is really really poet and
it's really nice really reading that
because I like when I first tried it and
so well haven't told me the actual taste
I was kind of vaping in blind but I
didn't know what it was or what I can
take the strawberry vanilla bit of cream
I says oh yeah when we tried about yeah
so this is this is a good strawberry
Peter should like no it's okay yeah but
the policy of the distribution to the
chapter 12 uses the Hemingway's
Hemingway yeah yeah that's what we kind
of refer a few references yeah you're
gonna find it nice this is business
option for you strawberry cream and all
that kind of stuff this is something for
you guys I mean saying that come back
from Paris I've been on this pot deeds
and dripping donut
oh no no I finished now something just
stopped on it god dammit for me it's a
really good thing you think even though
I don't know what grain crackers taste
like or whatnot but the strawberry cream
is really nice for me and I love that
it's on there but I really didn't that
strawberry cream I think I think that
flavors really nice and there's
something else to it maybe that is a
great crackers on tasting I give it
probably about it yeah I'll put about
there let me just say this once so
before before we we do give the Explorer
result yeah it might actually be good
though the grain crackers ain't there
because like you know it's nice as it is
and the great practice was there it
might be actually too sweet and a
caramel might overpower of strawberry
and maybe how should we not mix I've
said this once as I said there's a
thousand times as loads of uses out
there I thought fruit and caramel and
and all these different fruits and mix
the shit don't stop doing it you know
what sure isn't creamy a cool
but it is a great great cheese coming up
the whole crowd there in LA so me I'm
gonna how I got another flavor coming
out I think like coming up breaking
November or end of the year something
but at a moment you know all that em
juices are coming out with just one one
one flavor that kind of that text in the
market and this one is a good I think
it's a good intro to their run it's good
interested about I just say this well
you see that yes it's really coming up
with lots of them just say it's a 65
you're making is it 65 PG version 65 PG
yeah okay
chucking it chucking it she's done with
the vapor she's there she is that well
for me you were there for me I would
give this a seven
yeah with you I want a seven out of ten
seven yeah we see eye to eye
seven bit if you guys haven't seen any
of our reviews before go check out now
but we've always been on different
tangents he's done like decimal points
I'm one like you know whole numbers
seven out of 10 it's about their bad
weather well done goodnight goodnight
Trixie or Brandon
you wanna do work less so much Mike yeah
I'm gonna ask you something
keep subscribe to the YouTube channel to
keep leaving your comments and once
again guys we have a providers remember
guys because your neighbor and Jesus
your psycho

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