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The taste of Virginia Tobacco is highly renowned: smooth and earthy with a tangy twinge. Our Virginia Tobacco Blend has recreated this timeless taste to bring you one gratifying experience. The flavour of cured tobacco leaves, gently toasted over a flame shine through as you inhale. This flavour provides seemingly endless depth, shedding layer after layer. As you exhale, a rich warmth lingers. → At 50VG to 50PG, the ratio is an exact balance - and we mean exact. Our strict laboratory conditions guarantee only the highest quality. → E-Luxe has full TPD compliance, with careful quality checks throughout our processes, because you deserve the highest standards. → We only use the finest ingredients, locally sourced from right here in the UK and EU. When you choose E-Luxe, you choose guaranteed unparalleled quality - and that's precisely what you get.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of VIRGINIA TOBACCO BLEND - PREMIUM E-LIQUID BY E-LUXE LONDON

hi guys welcome back to Vic don't smoke
it's pole here quesadilla is our second
episode of my search for a perfect
tobacco battery and today we journey
down the road to Virginia and watch
checking out some drinks
II like words I saw we've got some
drinks II like what to try out and it's
the funk genja Blaine that we're gonna
go wife no let me tell you a lot about
about Greeks so that bottles come and
these local corns fancy little Cana corn
which is nice it's got all your
information on it what about about
Virginia on the back there as you can
see and it comes with multiple different
levels but we are trying out Virginia
when you open up your cannot corn I saw
you got a little pamphlet about and
nicotine and electronic cigarettes etc
and then and say this and say that's
well be your local 10 mill bottle and
Philly TPD complaint again it's got all
the information look at the color of it
it's like a not pain call isn't it quite
a light color offering a flavor and it's
got a safety a childproof cap and a
little squeegee ball as well so and
that's everything about the bottles you
might check them out it's www drinks
II like weed calm and they are selling
them for five pounds and maintaining
pains for a 10 ml bottle and three six
twelve or eighteen milligram nicotine if
you want to buy a 30ml bottle you get
three ten mil bottles same naca teens
and it's fifteen pounds and nineteen
nine pins now this is the Virginia
playing gauge know what I would see is
they don't just max flavor concentrates
to get you the tobacco flavor are they
actually and flue-cured tobacco Leafs no
they do go through a name we called
extraction process and then the flow
q-tip and a smoke freedom to get you the
base flavor now I don't really know an
awful lot about what that means but it
does sound very fancy and my hats off to
them for
much fr so-and-so this is not just a -
Levi they've water under that sore and
I'm actually very excited to tell you
about this one because I have been
vaping on at all moment and as a very
very tasty
so what we are doing the Virginia blind
I've got it let me just come back here
so I've got it set up and my scaling RTA
moved to Longwood as I said on the
phosphor dealer I've got on what's that
that's the paranormal and I've got well
can i clap think oil one here just out
what not not actually I tell a lie I've
got a Michael crow 26 gauge mitral cool
Alma know at one point five Wow
the opponent twenty was so gays let's
just go for it
all good and have a couple of years and
then we'll talk about the flavors
yeah I mean those on what I want to tell
you about that's flavor gays if you this
is about as close to our an actual
golden Virginia flavor that I've ever
actually came across is as you know the
role in tobacco virginia here in the UK
is quite popular
he's clearly very accurate to
there's a little bit of sweetness and
the flavors is real but it's it's a it's
an A Scanner well sweet kept that makes
it almost Moorish and you wanna can I
have another V but I love you and I love
you as a very very tasty juice and that
little bar sweetness there's also a
I almost clean fresh taste as well which
is which is what you lose when you smoke
cigarettes especially when you get about
halfway through because you're not
really smoking anything apart from all
the crap by that point but there's a
fresh clean taste to gain a little but
not eNOS and there
that earthiness is coming through in the
tobacco it's an excellent Virginia blend
it really as nice
and you can see as our 5050 so I'm not
blowing a massive big chunky clothes
that says I survived if I'm having here
guys it was very very relaxed and the
flavor is very very good it's a Virginia
it's bang on 100% you're getting all the
nice bits of it you're getting that
earthiness you're getting that sweetness
you're getting that almost that weight
and kind of freshness to it you're
getting that for genja blend it's kind
of like the peel blamed that make sense
it's very very good as you can tell I'm
actually are just sucking your chin
beeping pretty much
this is an excellent one it really adds
on the excellent flavor and you know it
shows you if you put the Watkyn which
these guys obviously do you are going to
get our very very good product there's a
lot above our smoky taste than there as
well just at the back going as I've
stopped sleeping now I'm getting a
little back you know like a smoky taste
it's caught in my mouth and that came
out not a smoky fresh taste that is free
v tasty very very good Bravo
but I've always reeks my cups for the
perfect table are call me it's just indi
prematurely because this is absolutely
fantastic guys WWWE you like with
to pick up the Virginia five pounds
lengthening paints for a 10 mil bottle
and it's a 50/50 max what I would see it
is if you're maybe not sure not over is
our website and read about some other
thought processes you know the Virginia
it obviously comes from a tobacco farm
and the UAC you know they flew accurate
about the the the cold extraction
process and they gave you all the
information on the web saying it's
actually quite an interesting read it's
not 25 pages guys it's not all
paragraphs you only take a couple
seconds and but they certainly do offer
a really nice flavor now what I will see
also is the I have a 20% desiccated
running for stop
Tobar so if you are watching this this
is the 12th of October today if you're
watching this Julianne October the nap
over and get yourself a 20% discount I
just plastered all over the site and
it's using the code stop toolbar which
will get you 20% off so that's pretty
good as well I think I mean I actually
put a nun or myself or a cop are these
and that's what sets me free for the
poppers or review I do have two more
from Drake's as well tomorrow we'll be
checking the Bali debacle and I've also
got another one as where we try is best
part of this series our video so very
excited I'm very excited after that one
but that's going to be my old day via
easily an old David gags thank you very
much for joining me I hope you are
enjoying the CDs nap over a Facebook
join the Facebook group is called VIP
don't smoke you can follow me on twitter
and instagram at victims smoke 82 have
you do guys take care stay safe and as
always victims more

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