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Vicious Banana Cream Cookie 120ml ejuice is a banana cream cookie dessert that will have you wanting more until the last drop. Bottle Size: 120ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of VICIOUS BANANA CREAM COOKIE EJUICE

what's up guys my name's Shauna we're
back again so today we're taking a look
at another you got a juice a juice right
you got you juices juices yeah you you
get the memo so I was really happy that
I was able to receive this one because
it's a banana cream I haven't really had
too many banana juice it's except for
when I first started vaping and that was
back when they had those little blue
disposable cigarettes and the fill your
own cartridges and you'd get like juice
from the gas station and they had a
banana flavor and it was just a standard
banana that was it it tastes like a
natural chemical banana it was actually
kind of gross looking back on it but
back then it was like the thing it was
like it was a an amazing flavor they
didn't have none of this crazy each you
set they have now so the flavor profile
on this guy is literally just a banana
cream pie filling and if this is
anything like the sugar cookie I just
reviewed if you guys missed that review
the link is in the description right
down there I'll be sure to put it in
there this time I'm horrible with that
but I'll do it point is I really enjoyed
the sugar cookie juice from them and if
this juice is anything like that I am in
for a treat because the flavor profile
on us is a banana cream pie filling so
I'm expecting it to be just a banana
cream custard or just a very creamy
banana type II juice I have a lot of it
so I'm hoping it's really good okay so
this is a hundred twenty milliliter
bottle three milligrams of nicotine and
it's a 70 VG 30 PG blend like all their
juice on the website nothing has really
changed from low going and bottle wise
except for the fact that it just says
banana cream on it versus sugar cookie
or whatever other juice name they have
on there so I'm not really gonna get too
much into that still got the same hard
nice plastic bottle with a nipple cap
that also came with a childproof other
cap thing seal that they come with you
get the memo so I haven't tried this yet
we're gonna go ahead and pop the top off
of it give it the old smell test and see
exactly what we're dealing with here so
yeah what do we got it's very clear I
should probably let this steep for a
little bit but I'm just really excited
to go ahead and get into it actually
going in and shook it all off you can
see all those nice little bubbles in
there it's a really nice thick a mixture
and I could already smell it from here
too it almost smells like a banana like
a creamy banana taffy now wonder if that
taffy kind of taste is going to carry
over into this I really hope it does and
I really want it to be a nice
and just straight-up banana cream that's
really all I want here it smells really
good but how does it vape that is the
question that's we're going to find out
I have it all prepped right here on an
MVP 3.0 Pro Edition running at 50 watts
when a towboat RDA with some tool coil
Clapton builds on it and a new set of
cotton and a nice big chuff cap for them
clouds and I think on this one you can
actually have the air holes drilled out
a little bit because those regular
tugboat air holes are not good so this
is banana cream buy you got a juice Wow
absolutely no throat hit on this guy
even though it is only three milligrams
of Nick HS went down completely smooth I
didn't feel it almost tastes like to me
that there's no nicotine in it at all
this juice is absolutely amazing just
like the sugar cookie it's such a simple
flavor blend that just goes a long way
like less is more with this guy right
here right off the bat you're getting a
hint of fresh banana with a slight mix
of cream that taffy I got from the from
the smell profile on it is completely
gone it does not carry over into the
juice at all and that very well could be
the fact that I didn't let it steep long
enough but it is safe to say that when
you guys order this juice if you guys do
get it and it's nice and clear and not
not steeped yet it's still really really
good you can actually go ahead and vape
it a lot of flavor carries over I
imagine if it's steeped a little longer
it would have a little bit more cream to
it but right now it is a perfect flavor
to me it is really creamy it is really
I got again I don't have anything bad to
say about this juice right now
other than the fact that I'm going to
vape the hell out of this again I now
I'm tossed between this and the sugar
cookies I don't be sitting here safe in
this banana cream for a little bit and
then go ahead and back to the sugar
cookies it's a really really good juice
I can't say enough good things about it
again it is affordable too it is $12 for
a thirty milliliter bottle $21 for 120
milliliter bottle and $39 for a 240
milliliter bottle that is absolutely
ridiculous pricing for such a high
quality product it does not taste cheap
it is definitely a premium type a juice
and I definitely definitely recommend it
I am going to be ordering more of it and
their sugar cookie I am just excited I'm
going to go ahead and try all their
flavors out because I just enjoyed these
their juices that much as of right now I
haven't come across one that I have not
liked if you guys are looking for a
solid banana cream type e juice without
anything fancy going on just a nice
banana cream filling definitely go ahead
and give banana cream pie you got you
juice to try because it really won't
disappoint you unless you don't like
bananas then why would you try it anyway
so yeah I'm gonna go ahead and again
give it two thumbs up if I had more
thumbs I would give it another one or
another three or another five or another
ten if I could it's it's it's really
really good stuff if you guys do want to
go ahead and try it the link is in the
description it's right down there
that'll give you a link to pretty much
all their flavors you hit the drop down
menu and you can pick which one you want
and I guess that's about that if you
enjoyed this video be sure to give it a
thumbs up and stay tuned for another one

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