Vape Review of VGOD Luscious E-Liquid 60ml

April 19, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of VGOD Luscious E-Liquid 60ml

Vape Review of VGOD Luscious E-Liquid 60ml

VGOD's luscious e-liquid gives a burst of super-sweet, juicy watermelon candy to create an all-day vape that is as delicious as it is smooth and satisfying. Details Multipack (3 x 10ml Bottles) 80% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 20% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg nicotine strengths About VGOD Made by vapers for vapers in Southern California, VGOD's mission statement is to create a dynamic range of Max VG flavours using only the best ingredients for maximum taste and enjoyment.

Vape Review of VGOD Luscious E-Liquid 60ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of VGOD Luscious E-Liquid 60ml

hey guys Brandi here from subtle horse
please custom coils and I'm back with
another segment I'm a watcher vaping and
this week I'm going to talk to you about
luscious from the Vita trick lifeline
quite a nice watermelon vape but before
I get to that let me tell you what I've
got for a set up I have got my low on
the go as I so often do on top of that I
have the avocado rdta and inside of
there I have a single staggered fuse
clapton coming in at point three three
ohms and I've got my device set to forty
six watts so I am gonna read the
description off of the website for this
luscious ages it says a burst of juicy
watermelon candy super sweet to create
an all day vape that is scrumptious and
black smooth and satisfying let me know
in the comments down below what the heck
is blye smooth I have no idea what I'm
reading here is that a typo or is this
another one of those expressions that I
have no familiarity with which also
wouldn't surprise me let me know down
below do you know what Blythe smooth
means I have no idea doesn't really
burst of juicy watermelon candy that's
what you need to know about that me
this is exactly what I'm getting and I'm
gonna give it a quick reap here
beautiful dense paper out of that
those of you familiar with the V
guideline would expect a nice dense
paper off of any aegis that they produce
and that is indeed what I'm getting
that's only 46 watts that is pretty
decent vapor and I'm definitely in a
blind taste test I would say that is a
watermelon Jolly Rancher that's what it
tastes like to me
definitely distinctive watermelon candy
I don't find it super-sweet
they say super-sweet and to me that
sounds like something that I might not
be into I'm not into overly sweet
it is sweet definitely like a candy
you're not mistaking this for a fresh
fruit flavor however it is not overly
sweet to me at all and that's from
somebody who does kind of avoid things
that are super sweet so if you're
avoiding it for that reason give it a
try anyways I don't think you'll find it
overly sweet
it is just a really nice watermelon
candy vape and I picked this up in the
60 ml bottle I liked that they had it
available though as well in 30 mils and
in 120 so you can sample them out in
those smaller bottles at 30 melts then
crank it up to 60 mils if it's something
that you think that you might like to
have on hand and if you really like it
pick up that 120 I really like that it
has all of those options available
that's right up my alley and I picked
this one up in the three milligrams of
nicotine as I usually do really quite
happy with this particular purchase and
I also like that V God is widely
available so I mean we're very spread
out as a vaping community a lot of us
are accessing e-juices that aren't
widely available but V God is one of
those months that you can pretty much
find anywhere so I do like that about
them as well
and I do think this is something that I
could vape all day
having said that those of you who have
been watching for any length of time
both of you out there will know that I'm
usually on an RDA instead of an RDA I do
prefer my RTA's however I tried this
particular ejuice out in my standard
setup and I found it just it was a
little bit overpowering it's not
something that didn't turn me off by any
means but it wasn't something that I
could all Dave ate so I thought I would
try it in the avocado and I'm really
glad that I did because having switched
it over to a tank it's something that I
could definitely go all day on which is
really quite nice and I'm glad that
Shane has a bunch of these little tanks
on hand so I may try that out if I try
some more of their flavors stick them in
a tank instead of on the RDA if they are
also a little overpowering for me on my
standard setup let me know in the
comments down below though have you
tried any of the V God line
are there any flavors that you're
particularly drawn to do you know what
the heck fly smooth means let me know
give me a thumbs up if you are so
inclined and subscribe if you haven't
already and I will talk to you guys on
Twitter in between segments until next
week I'll see ya

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