Vape Review of Vapouriz Virginia Tobacco Flavour E-Liquid

April 19, 2018

Vape Review of Vapouriz Virginia Tobacco Flavour E-Liquid

Vape Review of Vapouriz Virginia Tobacco Flavour E-Liquid

Vapouriz Virginia Tobacco Flavour E-Liquid Loved by tobacco aficionados everywhere, Virginia Tobacco Flavour e-liquid by Vapouriz makes for a satisfying and smooth vape. Rich and smoky, this juice tastes just like the popular green and gold rolling tobacco. Details 10ml E-Liquid 70% Propylene Glycol (PG), 30% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Available in 0.0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, and 1.8% nicotine strengths About Vapouriz Blended in Surrey, Vapouriz is one of the largest e-liquid manufacturers in the UK with a reputation for high quality e-liquids and industry-leading flavours.

Vape Review of Vapouriz Virginia Tobacco Flavour E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Vapouriz Virginia Tobacco Flavour E-Liquid

hello guys it's cogsa here and I'll be
doing another review of another e-liquid
for you and today's e-liquid of choice
will be hang send Virginia blend a
liquid 18 milligram states and hereit's
for all the smoking devices most liquids
are usable in all the ego and you know
standard atomizer setups and whatever
but yet this coin follows on from my
last video which was a review of totally
wicked Virginia blend tobacco I said a
bit for new cheap alternative and I
didn't realize alright forgotten one of
the two that my dad was actually smoking
a cheap alternative he personally
preferred which was Hanson's Virginia
blend I think this comes in a better 5
of 50 milliliters is the bottle so you
can have a look you'll find this on face
burn fast heck vapor break most the big
websites all stock handsome liquid
they're massive and yeah I thought I'd
give you my ideas on it and how it
compares to the totally wicked Virginia
blend because all personally I'm going
toward myself some of this in the near
future because of the price believe five
pens for 50 MLS I say that's pretty good
the self I'm using today is different
from my usual and that's because it is
my dad's set up this is a vamo setup 4.5
volts and a Vivian over tank then
without setup looks cooler than mine I
do have a vivian over of my own um
planning to get a vamo eventually but
the issue at the moment money worries
but I will eventually be getting one
day's myself so set at 4.5 volts for
anyone who who's into vamo and yeah I'll
give you an idea of a standard drug to
me what you'd have on a cigarette first
so here we go
so now came at a vapor about the same as
the other my other set up at the moment
nice taste and sweet it's cooled down
because of the metal tip on this but
it's basically a very sweet noise not a
very similar to the totally wicked one
maybe a bit sweeter and I think the
liquids less glutinous less gloopy it's
more watery liquid so I'll give you know
an idea of a longer drag so you can see
a full body of you know for anyone who
invades constantly you'll know that you
take longer dragazine wouldn't a
cigarette with vapor because then you
get a better throw tip so I'll give you
an idea of the throat it off this as
well yeah decent throat it not too bad
once again all I can compare it to is
the totally wicked Virginia blend this
is very similar and much better price
now I'd forgotten that this existed my
dad had it and it is very similar to
that blend but on a cheaper scale you
can get more for less which you know you
can never complain in this day and age
so I look around for this one
once again you're getting that sweet
hits you've got a nice sweet tobacco
flavor at the back your throat kinda
like you've had in some sort of soft
drink it
they don't do tobacco flavor soft drinks
maybe they do in Japan but it's kind of
like you've drank a nice drink and
you've got that sweet feeling in the
back your throat which is really
Pleasant give you an idea of body
without inhaling now so you can see how
thick the vapor is in general so here we
so yeah really good body of tobacco it's
got a lovely smell a body Viper sorry
it's got a lovely smell a very sweet
scent and you really can't moan at the
price I mean as a competitor to totally
wicked e-liquid I mean these were much
bigger producer of a liquid they'll also
be at vet fest hopefully going to pick
up some more hangsen liquids while I'm
there but I'm a big fan of hanging this
is my first try and this is a standard
Virginia tobacco flavor so it was like
dipping my toe in and I'm a big fan of
Hanson's liquids already I hope the
other liquids tastes as good as this one
and resemble what they're meant to as
much as this because I've noticed with
the kind that that the flavors don't
necessarily resemble what the meaning to
as much as other brands whereas this it
genuinely resembles tobacco pretty well
once again I want to talk about the
valve Ivanova setup now I think this is
a great setup because obviously you can
just your own voltage on the vomer and
when I get one of my own which shouldn't
be too long I will be able to do a
review on the bammo myself anywhere with
my personal opinion but as you know I'm
just an average guy I'm not that into
vaping at the moment and I'm hoping to
get more into it I've been trying
different liquids been trying different
setups and this from from what I've seen
and troy'd is the most sturdy set up on
me in the vomer made it a metal it's not
going to break it's not gonna you know
shattered you've got no no real faults
with it you can charge your own
batteries you can set your own voltage
that's great you've got a little screen
which tells you what bulbs run when you
click it but I'll give you one more deep
dragging this because it does taste very
and that's it a lovely sweet naughty
tobacco flavor and a true competitor to
totally wicked stoom Virginia tobacco
flavor I like the Virginia tobacco more
than the handrail in tobacco because in
a weird way I think this resembles a
cigarette more without thee and I guess
that weird aftertaste you get with the
cigarette that you down with e-liquid
you don't get it with this you get this
really nice sweet aftertaste which is
what really vaping has over cigarettes
is the lack of smell and the lack of
nasty aftertaste so I'll show you the
bottle once again this is hang send ze
liquid and this is Virginia tobacco I'm
going to write this one Holly I'm going
to be getting myself some of this so I
can't really say anything bad about it
it resembles the totally wicked one
which is the expensive Virginia tobacco
really well it's an immensely nice
flavor it tastes really nice you've got
a sweet nutty woody nice of the drum the
old Holborn tobacco more like a gold
leaf or an unbelief if anyone's tried
those this one and lovely rolling
tobacco flavor I'd say and what what
else I've got to mention is that I no
say in all my videos if you've followed
them but I am going to vape first in
this Saturday and I should be picking up
more liquid for a review if you'd like
me to
they'll be forward mil tasters going a
bit from what I've been told and the
website says they'll be tasters and
everything if I can bring anything back
with me they'll be able to show you
their bottle as I do and give you a true
honest review as they always are of the
flavour and and if you want hand rolling
tobacco this is a flavour to troll this
is flavour to boy and I'm sure you can
get it in there of any e-cigarette
vendor that's not a specific brand
you'll find this cheap it's great I just
recommend it there's not much more I can
do than recommend that you go and buy if
you want hand-rolling tobacco flavor
though thank you for watching subscribe
like dislike as always and drop a
comment give me your opinions on the
videos give me an inbox an email a tweet
Twitter app cogsa with three ways and
you have a pond people thank you for

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