Vape Review of Vapouriz USA Gold Tobacco Flavour E-Liquid

April 24, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of Vapouriz USA Gold Tobacco Flavour E-Liquid

Vape Review of Vapouriz USA Gold Tobacco Flavour E-Liquid

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Try a fresh take on a smooth, golden all-American classic with USA Gold Tobacco e-liquid by Vapouriz. If you love the taste of tobacco and crave the famous flavour of 'lights' version cigarettes, this is the flavour for you. There's plenty of great taste minus the harmful chemicals and lingering smell associated with traditional tobacco. Details 10ml E-Liquid 70% Propylene Glycol (PG), 30% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Available in 0.0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, and 1.8% nicotine strengths About Vapouriz Blended in Surrey, Vapouriz is one of the largest e-liquid manufacturers in the UK with a reputation for high quality e-liquids and industry-leading flavours.

Vape Review of Vapouriz USA Gold Tobacco Flavour E-Liquid


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Vapouriz USA Gold Tobacco Flavour E-Liquid

hi so today I've decided to review the
latest fuse I recently got a Groupon
deal $19.99 and that got you back tree
the cartomizer and the charger in a
little starter kit for $19.99 with that
I also got free shipping and I got five
free bottles of ten mil a liquid I've
been using vapor is adequate for quite
long time a couple of years now and I've
always liked it never tried the
e-cigarettes so when I saw it on Groupon
I thought I'd give it a shot
on the actual vapors website itself
you'll pay the same price $19.99 but
then you'll also pay for shipping and
you don't get any liquid included so
check best ecig total UK fits on Groupon
which it only is every couple of months
or so it'll be on the website so coming
back to the e-cigarette itself you get a
650 mah battery with it you get a bottom
fait coil cartomizer what that means is
instead of refilling from the top which
you do with a lot of these cigarettes
now you'd refill it from the bottom and
all your business so your wicks and all
the important stuff is at the bottom you
know there's pros and cons for top and
bottom feeders top feeders the ones that
you refill that have the coils on the
top I tend to find I go through wicks
quite quickly they burn out a lot
because where you're not holding it
upright all the time will be holding it
downwards it's not getting all of the
liquid so it does burn out a lot faster
the bottom photo coils and they do clog
up a lot quicker then the top food
clothes obviously where there's so much
liquid around there all the time what I
tend to find especially with the vapor
is fuse when you're refilling it just
empty out first before you put newly
liquid in don't just put new weak liquid
on top fold liquid on top fold liquid
because that will clog it up and that
will break it actually so every a couple
of times that you're refilling it just
make sure that your honor emptying out
another thing we also do I give it a
quick rinse onto the tag
literally just a slow dripping tap rinse
in boots it back out again make sure
everything's dry you can use it now
I like favorites because they're cheap
they're also really really really easy
to use as well there's no faffing around
you don't have to worry about anything
charging it up literally screw the
battery onto the charger and then that
plugs into your USB port or plug in the
wall and to put it together again st.
Joe says she literally just screw the
cartomizer on top the battery now when
you first get the battery it's turned
off there's a reason for that it's so
you don't waste battery power it also
means you can turn it off if you're not
going to be using it for long periods of
time so say you're not going to be using
it when you're at work if you turn the
battery off you won't waste any battery
power it won't accidentally go off your
purse won't bang against it you know
stuff like that so to turn it on you
simply click it five times quite fast
Kano's you can see it's flashing that
means it's ready to go now when you
first fill it up when you first start
using it you do have to take a couple of
sort of primer puffs out of it just
where it's not been used before and now
I have I am just going to refill this
because there's not very much liquid
left in it so I'm gonna refill it for
you guys now so you can see how easy it
is and then you'll also see how it works
and what I mean by the prime apophis as
well bear with me just for a second
going to be filling it with the vapor is
classic tobacco and which is one of my
favorites actually literally just pour
it in you don't need to fill it up pop
up the full way you do need to make sure
it's a little bit below that mouth
that's in two to Binx our Center tubing
goes down into the mouthpiece so if you
get a lien quit down there when you
inhale just going to go straight in your
mouth and it tastes weed that um it
burns a lot makes you foam at the mouth
it's not nice so once you filled it up
just give it a wipe make sure there's no
liquids cuz obviously that's gonna go on
to the battery screw it in
and you're ready to go remember to turn
it on and then a couple of quick primer
puffs which I'll do very quickly for you
as you can see smoking you don't a lot
of paper with this one which I quite
I use this at work in your face when
there's nobody around when I think
nobody's looking in the toilets so the
least amount of vapor produced the
better for me because it means it's a
more discreet smoke not everybody knows
what you're smoking there are people
that are gonna still think you're
smoking a real cigarette obviously the
fact that it doesn't look like a
cigarette definitely helps but you can
get some new cigarettes that give a lot
of paper and it's really hard to keep
those two discreet I'm not a fan of a
lot of vapor I don't really like the big
mods you can get like a discreet smoke
so this one's quite good it gives um the
one I'm using is white bottle would help
1.8 percent and so 18 milligrams the
highest is normally 2.4 so this is one
down from that it gives you enough like
it's enough of a throat hit to to give
you the impression that you're actually
smoking like it curbs your craving but
there's not loads and loads of vapor so
it's quite a squeak I like that and the
taste of the e liquids I quite like as
well I have been using various e-liquid
for a couple of years they have recently
changed supplier which has had an effect
on the way that some e-cigarette brands
that I've tried work with the e-liquid
so I used the Jack vampire series II not
sooner ago and again you'll see a review
for that on the website and when I use
the vapors in a grid it clogged up the
wicks very quickly and I was going
through them in about a week to two
weeks which is definitely much quicker
than what you'd normally expect from an
e-cigarette the fuse I've been using
this car to myself for about five weeks
and I haven't had to change it it's not
tasting of burning yet it's not stopping
it's not keeping me sort of an
unpleasant smoke it's probably the
longest I've used one individual
cartomizer for without having to change
either a coil or but you know any of the
bits and pieces so I'm quite impressed
by that actually wise
now as you can see I've gone for a
beautiful for the racing pimp you don't
have to go for that and the Groupon
offer Germany only gives you one or two
colors to pick from but on the website
you've got beautiful pink and you've got
blue you've also got black red and
you've got bamboo and some of them offer
different cartomizers as well this is
the red cartomizer to go with the red
battery I chew chop this one on the
floor and just split it here so I can't
really put a liquid in it otherwise it
leaks but I am gonna use the coil in
here when I'm finished so you can sort
of switching match around a little bit
now these are 650 mAh batteries you can
get 900 1100 and 1300 and the 1300 is
the variable voltage where you can turn
it up and down for a stronger or
smoother smoke I haven't tried any of
the bigger batteries from vapers yet I'm
so any on the 615 as you can see I've
got three so I'm just quite like them
now the number with the capacity of the
batteries so say 650 that will generally
give me about 6 hours worth of use out
of it if I was gonna go for an 1100 and
like the counter tech evoked I tried
recently that would give me about 10 to
11 hours smoke out of it so the bigger
the number the more you'll get out of it
I'm a 20 and a smoke cart and average
smoke are I will start using this at say
7 o'clock in the morning I'll be at work
for 9m I might work till 3:00 4:00
o'clock normally this battery will die
about 2 o'clock and then I'll have to
switch it over for another one which
I'll already have pre charged so with
two batteries you can you can you know
survive with the vapor lot and you don't
need three batteries I got three
batteries because I thought one was
if it wasn't I just didn't charge it
properly now I gave these 5 out of 5
on the website I do really like using
them and I think they're very very good
value for money I think a lot of fun the
colors are a lot of fun especially if
you're looking for something you know
what just looks like a cigarette so yeah
I definitely recommend trying the
various views and more information is
available on the website and I also have
a disc
go down there as well so if you are
going to buy it make sure you check out
if you've got any thoughts or if you've
tried it yourself feel free to let me
know if there's any cigarettes or any
problems that you're having
again feel free to check out the
Facebook page and just let us know if
not I would recommend to the various
views it's a very easy to use very easy
to smoke very pleasant to smoke 5 out of
5 stars

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