Vape Review of Vapouriz Ice Mint Flavour E-liquid

April 19, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Vapouriz Ice Mint Flavour E-liquid

Vape Review of Vapouriz Ice Mint Flavour E-liquid

By Ksenia Sobchak

Cool, clean and crisp, Vapouriz Ice Mint is the perfect flavour for anyone who likes to keep things fresh. It's a light all-day vape and perfect for those hot summer days when you need to feel cool, calm and collected. Details 10ml E-Liquid 70% Propylene Glycol (PG), 30% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Available in 0.0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, and 1.8% nicotine strengths About Vapouriz Blended in Surrey, Vapouriz is one of the largest e-liquid manufacturers in the UK with a reputation for high quality e-liquids and industry-leading flavours.

Vape Review of Vapouriz Ice Mint Flavour E-liquid 

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Vapouriz Ice Mint Flavour E-liquid

what's going on today YouTube alright so
I have another review for you and it is
on the ice vapors eliquid line and let
me tell you this stuff is freakin
phenomenal I typically do not vape
menthol flavored faves I always reach
for like fruity or desserts that's just
my typical flavor profile but this has
been a total game changer for me i vape
these and I instantly love them they are
really good and they are extremely well
made very very realistic in flavor and
you almost get an aspect to these where
it's not a vape but the actual product
it's modeled after I don't really know
how to put that into words so you have
to try this if you are a menthol vapor
or you've been wanting to try a menthol
vape I definitely definitely definitely
recommend this stuff so enough of me
rambling on about it let's get into
tasting these and the first one that I'm
going to taste is going to be spearmint
so let's strip these it would strip this
on to Clapton coils and I find that
Clapton coils and these juices are just
a match made in heaven
tanking I wasn't really into tanking
these because I felt like it undermined
the flavor of them and a little teeny
bit of this juice goes an exceptionally
long way which I like so you could put
just a very small amount of juice on
your coils just soak up your cotton and
you're gonna get a crazy amount of cloud
and vapor or vapor production and flavor
production from these um these are
definitely for the flavor chasers though
I will will say that but they do have a
great cloud production so anyways here
we go with spearmint
it's really good it's real really
realistic to its flavor I apparently
can't talk today it tastes just like the
product that it's modeled after its kind
of its kind of weird vaping it because
you don't feel like you're actually
vaping it the aftertaste with these it's
just so real and spot-on with having the
mint or the candy itself and it leaves a
really Pleasant aftertaste in your mouth
I have had some a juices that leave a
terrible aftertaste with like the fruity
flavors the desert flavors and these are
not like that at all they're very fresh
and they leave that freshness in your
mouth which is crazy to me as you can
see the cloud production is really great
in the flavor on these is phenomenal
again I'm so spearmint is dead on with
the spearmint there isn't any other
layers to it is just a very true
spearmint okay so the next one we have
is wintergreen and you guys are gonna
think I'm weird I've never actually had
a wintergreen flavored anything just
like I never had fruit flavored cereals
in my other videos if you've watched
that there are some flavours some foods
that I've never eaten because I am very
picky with what I eat but I vape this
and I really enjoy it a lot so here we
go with wintergreen
and let's give it a try
cap this up
and wintergreen is probably one of my
favorites it has almost a very sweet
finish to it even though there is no and
it says right on the bottle
no it's sweetened or free I don't know
if you can read that sweetener free and
but this one has a very sweet finish to
it which I really enjoy but then you get
that nice cooling effect in your mouth
afterwards and then the wintergreen just
kind of lingers around which is cool
just like the actual candy I died I
can't explain it any other way you guys
are gonna have to pick these up to
really understand what I'm talking about
you can see cloud production is amazing
with these okay so that's wintergreen
and I'm not exactly sure the VG PG
levels on the juices are really thick
and I can't remember if I said this
already or not but a little teeny bit
goes a really long way so you just need
a very small amount and what what I like
about that is you're not gonna blow
through these bottles like crazy they're
going to last you a long time so they
are worth every penny and now I'm going
to be vaping cool mint and I'm gonna put
this on my coils here
so here's cool mint let's cap this up
and give it a taste
okay so with the cool mint as well as
the spearmint they have a first initial
like when you breathe it in
it's not anything off-putting it's just
something to keep in mind with those two
flavors you can't really take a huge hit
in on your first one but after you start
vaping it a little bit through and it
gets more into your cotton in your coils
it's a lot smoother that's just the way
menthol baits are though so keep that in
don't take a huge hit on your first one
but it's just so smooth the rest of the
babies they're so enjoyable cool mint is
really good and you can definitely taste
a difference between all four of these
flavors like I've had a lot of menthol
base where that menthol really takes
over and you can't discern other flavors
in the juices but with these the way
that they are made you can definitely
tell the difference so if you have a
specific flavor that you like to have
your gum in or your mint
in I would definitely recommend going
with those flavors when you do purchase
your bottle because they are so spot-on
that if you already know a flavor that
you like you're definitely going to love
that particular flavor in these baits so
the last one that I have here for you is
blueberry mint and this one happens to
be my favorite so I just love the way
this one smells they did a really good
job with this one they did a really good
job with all of them but they did an
extra extra phenomenal job with this
blueberry I feel like even non menthol
vapors will really enjoy this one so
here we go
blueberry mint
it's so good you get the blueberry on
the inhale you get the blueberry on the
exhale it has a super well-rounded
finish to it as well just like the
but this one has that lingering
blueberry flavor and the blueberry
that's in this is not off-putting at all
I've had a couple of blueberry dates
that I just I really didn't care for but
this one is done very well it tastes
just like a blueberry
like I could easily go through this
bottle in a day because I could
constantly sit there and drip it but
again their bottles last for a really
long time so probably take me more than
a day but in this one I didn't have any
issues with a rule of taking a first
hard hit it wasn't that strong menthol
flavour didn't come through on that
first hit for me it was just smooth
start to finish so definitely worth
picking up and giving a try even for my
non vapor or non menthol vaping vapors I
definitely say yes go ahead and pull the
trigger on picking these up because you
will not regret it
these are just a nice addition to a
collection if you like changing it up I
can't think of anything bad to say about
these I have no cons for them they're
really good they're really well made the
juice is thick it's perfect for dripping
it lasts for a really long time the
flavors are spot-on they're just a
really good easy so if you are on
Instagram I definitely recommend looking
them up I will link their Instagram
below for you give them a follow give
them a try you won't regret it they're
really good so that's my thoughts on
these juices for ice papers I hope you
guys give them a try because they're
definitely worth it and I will talk to
you guys later
bye bye

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