Vape Review of Vapouriz Grape Flavour E-liquid

April 19, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Vapouriz Grape Flavour E-liquid

Vape Review of Vapouriz Grape Flavour E-liquid

By Elena Ognivtseva

Aromatic and sweet, Vapouriz Grape e-liquid has a great depth of flavour for a taste that's as refreshing as it is satisfying. Details 10ml E-Liquid 70% Propylene Glycol (PG), 30% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Available in 0.0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, and 1.8% nicotine strengths About Vapouriz Blended in Surrey, Vapouriz is one of the largest e-liquid manufacturers in the UK with a reputation for high quality e-liquids and industry-leading flavours.

Vape Review of Vapouriz Grape Flavour E-liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Vapouriz Grape Flavour E-liquid

never work with children or pets what
this is our second video for a youtube
if you watch the first one where we
tested the doctor standing type snake or
you'll know that this is the best thing
we've come across so far but before we
main leads or comparisons we have seen
set a base standard we've obviously
smoked all these four four and the one
that we decide to pick is a standard
that we both really enjoyed is this this
is great now this creep now which is on
the video here where is it our heroes so
this comes from Abby frizz is a liquid
and it's great and you can get this on
Amazon this is what we bought this from
amazon amazon will sell a liquid as long
as there's no nicotine in them okay so
you're getting nicotine now this one
this particular one franzen paper is
great you get 10 mils it's two pounds 77
and it works out 28 pence a milliliter
so if you remember this one was quite a
lot more expensive at 43 pet simulator
this is 28 pets in a liter now if you
watch the first video or you haven't
I'll just reiterate a few things again
we're testing them at nine wats we're
using a night ace one through four and
our vamo v5 we've got the burst set to
nine what's walk test everything online
watts of power and this particular one
was the first one to really hit me
because I actually lost my sense of
smell some years ago and so taste for me
is everything now I was a Tristan being
young my son he's always got very good
tips sense of smell taste so I'll let
him talk first about how you find that
I'll discuss how I see it
that's my distracters first of all test
was it's like chewing for the Americans
or the ANC's big league chew the Greek
version or be cheap like chewing a
hubbub of a grape grape for the UK goes
the thing is when you chip when you Taj
expect when you take it in inner taste
it's very pugna an interstate of you and
it's quite long lasting and it's very
short for the first time however after
like four or five at the taste I stamp
it's still Provident in the whole idea
ceptable if you serve someone who's
having it it smells like chewing gum
that's the best way to describe it it's
not overpowering it's not sickly over
time it doesn't hit you in the throat
like a break it's just very much nickel
yeah that's like oh it's very calm
chilled and it's something to actually
be a gateway into the whole baked world
so if it's your first one definitely
worth it but I mean can we go wrong at
two pounds 77 for a little bottle Mila
seems you know I when we first did this
after you bought the various great cause
I'm across our other ones but the ascent
and things but these two are great
because we have settled water John these
men say but we bought several when we
bought the grape it was tremendous it
was very very good indeed yeah it's for
me who's not going to smell it's one of
the few that really hits me across the
tongue so won't you take it it's exactly
what you said actually your mind meeting
was very good description it's like the
bidding tube grilled tuna on the
Americans have which is this stringing
type at trillium truth wrecker no it's
not sure
let me chew tobacco they made about them
ah ok no sorry anyway it's very very
good and so this is the one that we were
going to baseline against OD else so in
terms of the color well that's a lovely
disappointing it's see-through he looks
like water it's not particularly
interesting packaging yeah fairly its
industrial packaging or like the seiko
yeah it's a snake or some of the other
ones that will can't cause later on as
you noted there but it was stay cool
they trauma tea you'll see the snake
hole as an iceberg packaging there's one
called mrs. Lord she's not very well be
awarded back and there's a bit more
effort together but this is this is
boxed and print mass production II don't
examine special illness the liquid see
through it hasn't me steeply smoothness
from a mumin arrived on the doorstep but
it could do with a little bit more
little Tex over if it's pretty short
better compared to a lot of things I
mean that some things we haven't tried
yet and we try them I mean this is why
we've got some new tanks try and we've
got some other bits and pieces and some
of the other at tanks with dog which
will ever teen clean and load up but yes
this is a one that will set so for taste
which would give the great for taste I
think it needs to be up at the same sort
of level is at least a snake oil if not
better snake oil taste was eight I think
we'll probably this knife is where a or
apricot yeah smell and that's the bit
actual on you for like
the boat is that even strong like
they're slow three distinctive like Greg
well you can all you n rows like citrus
mint tea snail it with love these things
it's like minty with hinterland sir this
is just great like grapes are stuff like
that yeah is definitely worth fine when
you're on amazon and you're going to buy
your vaporizer certainly throw in one of
these in your basket to pass 77 is going
to be a bone you all go wrong it's very
very good so yeah enjoy I hope you
watched other other reviews we're going
to get through all 15 of the table
depending on how that all goes on our
channel on how to Google or interested
in this and hopefully they will enjoy
the experience and knowing we work to
all these but we'll work through
something you suggest so if you tell us
where you got it from and what the
flavor is and why you think it's good
let us know we'll all smoke bubble taste
it the other thing that we're going to
consider doing to expand the channel is
but well we could possibly do an off
spots with your tanks and the other
thing i do is diye liquids so there are
kids out there now where you can make
your only liquids load them up the
flavors and you can actually increase
and share the recipes and tell people
how you doing it will do all that
ability but let's see how we get on with
this so yeah hope you've enjoyed our
second little video and they're all
about five minutes long and yeah let us
know what you think it is your feedback
thanks for much fortune yeah until next
up but you're such a stunner

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