Vape Review of VaporFi Strawberrylicious E-Liquid (30ML)

April 20, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of VaporFi Strawberrylicious E-Liquid (30ML)

Vape Review of VaporFi Strawberrylicious E-Liquid (30ML)

Like a sun-ripened strawberry, this flavor replicates that pure, juicy taste! Expect to experience a true-to-form strawberry: super tasty, slightly tart, balanced sweetness. Strawberry vape juice, utterly delicious. This is Strawberrylicious!

Vape Review of VaporFi Strawberrylicious E-Liquid (30ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of VaporFi Strawberrylicious E-Liquid (30ML)

hey everyone it's me it's Jen back as
promised with a review on eat liquids
this week my absolute favorite e-liquid
is by vaporfi almost almost right in
front of me this is probably one of my
favorite flavors but before I get into
the flavors I want to get into why I
choose vaporfi as my go to a liquid
first of all it is a hundred percent
american-made made here in the United
States and that means to me it has very
strict rules already in place to make
their product cleanliness ethics
ingredients all of the above go into the
makings of a great company which I think
vaporfi is I also think that they are
FDA ready as you know e liquids and
vaporizers are not FDA approved yet but
I think that's going to happen right
around the corner because it's such a
lucrative business today and we know
that the FDA will want to get involved
with that so I think it's going to be
here today and here tomorrow where I
think many many illiquid companies are
not FDA approved and will be here today
and gone tomorrow once FDA approval is
necessary to sell the products and one
of the reasons that maybe you and I
would never even notice but they have
tracking numbers on all their bottles in
case there is ever a recall you know you
can go right to your bottle okay and
believe me they're customer service that
vaporfi they're gonna be right there for
you if and one that day ever comes but
so far it's not been an issue they are
absolutely peanut free yeah well because
that's such a cheap oil to use they have
upgraded it considerably they use pure
Malaysian pom it's crisp it's clean you
can tell the difference if you put a
vapor fly eliquid use that then put you
know clean it out use another one in
your vaporizer you're gonna tell the
difference so I'm going to show you that
in a minute with an e liquid that I
purchased the other day from a local
vendor so another thing is they do not
use diacetyl diacetyl is they are
diacetyl free diacetyl is a chemical
that is extremely volatile if you notice
with when you do get the vaporfi liquid
which you can get right there there's a
link right above me that you can go
right to their site and order it you
will notice you will never get that you
know burning coughing sensation it's
just too clean it's too clean I haven't
anyways I'm for them I have not gotten
choked up over it so it's great it's
really a great product their flavors are
tremendous you can get their prepackaged
flavors if you'd like or they have one
right now grandmas Thanksgiving apple
pie YUM they've got a 25% discount on it
right now
I can only imagine I am gonna order that
when I order mine this is my daytime
favorite I have I'm a foodie
my daytime favorite is Java cinnamon and
graham cracker and it's wonderful for
this time yeah just delicious
another one that I found and I just got
this and I love it actually I did this
one I didn't find it it's a custom one
on their site you will see you can
custom blend as well this as the
prepackaged so I custom blend something
that I thought would be really nice
after dinner they thing
and I did watermelon and strawberry and
it's fresh it's crisp it's like drinking
a watermelon strawberry daiquiri and it
just smells then there's one that I
don't like it all and this is the mango
orange and I did I did this as a custom
blend I should have known better I don't
like the flavor of orange I love the
smell of it and you can absolutely smell
how original how that orange flavor it's
that they put in it it's wonderful so
I'll keep this one for my friends I'm
not going to toss it because it's such a
wonderful product and I'll have this one
for my friends to try so that's not
gonna go from it's just not gonna do it
for me okay if you go to the lengths
right now embedded in that link vaporfi
is offering my viewers a special and
that is if you purchase three bottles of
the vaporfi e-liquid they will sell you
four for the price of three that's
really a good deal I think they run
about fourteen fifteen dollars a bottle
really a good deal they last a while
because there's such a clean smoke so
check it out go do that go to that now
now my last little thing on this review
is okay here is the orange that I don't
like I went to a local vendor here and
I'm not going to show you their sticker
because I don't want to put them out of
business that's not right that's up to
same exact concoction and look at the
difference in the color
in that awful same exact I guess what
diastole guess what
anyways the winds starting to blow happy
vaping please follower like me it only
makes my exposure better and what I'm
going to always do is maintain the truth
maintain up-to-date reviews and happy
vaping as always bye

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