Vape Review of VaporFi Strawberry Watermelon E-Liquid (30ML)

April 20, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of VaporFi Strawberry Watermelon E-Liquid (30ML)

Vape Review of VaporFi Strawberry Watermelon E-Liquid (30ML)

Experience the refreshing qualities of summer with an expertly mixed vape juice. Combining a sweet and tart strawberry with a juicy watermelon flavor note, this e-liquid fills your mouth with fruity goodness matched by few. The front note arrives with a sweet strawberry flavor note adding subtle qualities of tartness. As the vapor escapes your mouth a sweet watermelon fills out the flavor body and leaves an after taste you will savor. Get your 30ML bottle of Strawberry Watermelon E-Liquid today!

Vape Review of VaporFi Strawberry Watermelon E-Liquid (30ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of VaporFi Strawberry Watermelon E-Liquid (30ML)

this is probably the longest eliquid
name I have ever found
hey vapors and babies welcome back
today's video is all about vapor fuzz a
strawberry shortcake ice cream crafted
by cosmic fog eliquid well that was a
mouthful but yes today we are looking at
a strawberry shortcake ice cream flavor
I'm super excited that a liquid bottle
does come in a package like this which
looks like a cute strawberry ice cream
just like the ones you used to eat as a
child or I did and they were delicious
this 30 mil bottle is $17.99 and it's a
max VG blend available in zero 3 6 and
12 milligrams nicotine this bottle does
have a childproof cap and it is diacetyl
and a pee free so before I taste this
eliquid I wanted to tell you guys a
little bit about this e-liquid and other
a liquid made by vaporfi because I was
pretty impressed when I saw and you can
go on their website and verify any of
this as well as see all the reports and
certificates that they claim to have for
these a liquid but I was just like wow
this is awesome
so right here I have a list of things
because there's no way I could remember
all this off the top of my head they
have an FDA registered lab so that means
they're registered with the FDA is a
tobacco manufacturer they have top rated
nicotine and top rated glycerin and
better than food grade flavorings
they're made specifically to be inhaled
so they are G Ras approved as well as
kosher and all their formulas are FDA
registered they have lot numbers on the
bottle so you can trace every product
back to their origin and they have high
operation standards they strictly adhere
to see GMP operation standards in line
with 21 CFR part 111 guidelines now I
have absolutely no idea what that means
I'm gonna be honest but it sounds pretty
official and for anyone out there that's
wondering those kinds of things that
knows about it would be happy to know
that these guys follow those guidelines
babe it on my cup tea here I've got some
meteor milk by Space Jam in here but now
that I've talked up this
liquid let's get down to business and
try it out I am trying this flavor on my
troll RDA I like to use our days for
flavor testing but if you don't have an
RDA or don't know how to build one don't
want to use it for flavor testing but
you still want to enjoy flavors and test
them out without filling up a tank or
anything you can always invest in these
five times dripping atomizer barrels you
put a couple drops down in there put a
drip tip on top and you get a couple
puffs of the flavor they're super cheap
and easy to use
I used to use them all the time in my
flavor testing videos before I moved up
to RDAs for flavor testing I will leave
a link below to these in my favorite
section if you're interested in checking
them out for yourself
okay I'm surely done at least five
minutes of talking now we need it mmm
okay so I kind of have really high
standards for this e-liquid not only
because they had all these certificates
and reports on their illiquid but also
because I really liked those Strawberry
Shortcake ice cream bars as a child they
were so freakin good
and I've tried other imitations of that
ice cream bar and not like super fell in
love with anything so let's give this
one a try it smells really promising but
you can never ever judge a flavor by its
smell really like I mean you can
sometimes they don't smell good but they
taste good or sometimes they smell
and they taste bad all right here we go
is the vapor pies a strawberry shortcake
ice cream crafted by cosmic fog oh you
know I was really expecting like I was
holding it high up there so I was almost
anticipating not liking it but this is
very very close to the Strawberry
Shortcake ice cream bar flavor yes
YUM so it's like I always say this with
ice cream babes it's really hard to get
the ice cream like the ice part I feel
like the cold factor isn't always there
I've never really fell in love with an
ice cream vape but as far as tasting
like creamy strawberry they nailed it
and having that outside crumbly
Shortcake bread mixed with the shrub
very sugary it's it's it's there they
they freaking got it now if a liquid
companies and essays goes for all
illiquid companies could just come up
with a way to add that little hint of
ice of the cold coolness of ice cream
then I'd be like oh I beat all about ice
cream babes but they're just missing
that and so yes you do get that flavor
of strawberry shortcake ice cream but
it's like a dry strawberry shortcake ice
cream not a cold you know you know I'm
saying dude does that make sense like
I'm not a mixologist or anything but I
always say maybe if they added like a
drop of mint or menthol to an ice cream
flavor that might change the flavor but
I don't know because I'm not a
mixologist but it's just missing that
cold ice cream vibe but it does it hits
the flavor points exactly what I was
looking for mm-hmm and I've tried a
liquids made specifically from cosmic
fog like the cosmic fog line and loved
them I can't remember it's been a while
since I've had him but I did obsess I
think I obsessed over euphoria I think
that was the one I obsessed over for a
while I don't know it was a peanut
buttery one this is a great flavor I'm
so happy because I've had different
versions of this flavor and not really
been like oh hell yeah
I mean I guess maybe they've been okay
but this one I can definitely say out of
the ones that I've tried is probably a
better version of it mmm oh that is so
and I do like the packaging it comes in
I find those things aesthetically
pleasing but because it looks like an
ice cream bar so I may argue that that's
a little enticing towards children which
I get it and they do have other flavors
that come in cute packages like that but
there's one oh my god this raspberry
mocha eliquid flavor by vaporfi again
comes in this it it it's a coffee cup
like it literally is a coffee cup it's
got the lid and everything and I think
that's a darling and that's not enticing
to children because children don't drink
coffee coffee's for adults right so I
love like I think that's my favorite
packaging because I
like I don't love coffee I love chai tea
I love teas and fruity drinks that I get
from Starbucks or my local coffee stand
so this was definitely my favorite
packaging that I've seen buy them right
guys so definitely a thumbs up for that
tea liquid I will leave a link below to
it if you want to check it out for
yourself now I want to do real quick the
announcing of the winners for the white
crow t-shirt and the two white crow vape
bands I'm going to be picking three
winners and all I had to do was comment
below if you've tried white crow eliquid
or if you hadn't which one sounded the
best you so the first winner is going yo
per says he has never tried white crow
next we have Julie Dickenson who also
said she has never tried the white crow
eliquid and last but not least heidi rar
who said she has never tried them either
so those were the three winners all you
have to do if you are one of the winners
is check that comment that you left I
will be replying to you and we can
figure out your mailing address and
t-shirt size so congrats to those
winners thanks to everyone for
participating and don't worry if you
didn't win there's more giveaways to
come that's it for today's video I hope
you guys enjoyed if you did give it a
thumbs up and feel free to subscribe to
this channel for more videos check the
description box below for important
links like where to get my favorite
things like eliquid mods etc you can
follow me on almost any social media
site like Instagram Twitter Facebook or
snapchat and one more thing before you
go if vaping is something you're
passionate about please consider joining
Casa org and fight for your right to
vape so as always I'm Tia vapes
and thank you so much for watching

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