Vape Review of VaporFi Raspberry Mocha Vape Juice

April 19, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of VaporFi Raspberry Mocha Vape Juice

Vape Review of VaporFi Raspberry Mocha Vape Juice

Dive into the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee with Vaporfi’s Raspberry Mocha vape juice. Taking an inhale of this robust e-liquid immediately whisks you away to your favorite coffee shop and into raspberry mocha bliss. The premium espresso marinates on the exhale offering a rich layer of freshly brewed coffee, while its decadent blend of chocolate and raspberry tickles the tongue like bubbles of a milk steamer. This premium blend is housed in a coffee cup to pay homage to barista and coffee enthusiasts all over the world. Buy a 30ML bottle of Raspberry Mocha today!

Vape Review of VaporFi Raspberry Mocha Vape Juice

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of VaporFi Raspberry Mocha Vape Juice

hi welcome to seven report thanks for
joining us today for a quick episode of
eight mail and today more vape mail from
our friends at vapor Phi there are one
of our longest time review product
suppliers and advertisers here at seven
report and they always send something
good and matter of fact I've got a
slight backlog of some ejuice from vapor
fine and of course we did a first look
on the new vex 150 TC a little while ago
will be doing that full in depth review
and just go to a while but I'm very
eager to see what they have sent today
in this latest shipment of eight we got
these new boxes that really are very
secure but a little hard to open and oh
no look at this I didn't even know this
was coming out this is brand-new it is
vapor Phi and again they've got this
tremendous packaging this is like a
coffee cup it is raspberry mocha oh man
I am very excited to try this what a
great flavor combination raspberry and
mocha we just recently reviewed their
vanilla caramel swirl and we've got
coming up in the next day or two they're
very very slushy and then in conjunction
with who was it cosmic fog they have a
new grandma's Dutch apple pie that's
coming up in a couple of days and now we
have raspberry mocha from vapor five
thank you guys so much in vapor five and
you know what I bet you you could
probably even if you want it to spoil it
because it says solo on the top drink
possibly half of the
but all I can do that i'm just going to
bake the e-juice raspberry mocha from
vapor fine the next couple of days a
week or so because I've got a boatload
of ejuice besides the stuff we have from
vapor fight it still needs to be sampled
and reviewed so that will keep us going
for the next couple of weeks anyway and
some other hardware including the vex
150 TC coming up and we got the holidays
coming I'm going to be a way for about a
week so posting will be a little
sporadic the week of Thanksgiving
because I'm going out of town for that
but we'll continue to update the website
and the youtube channel and 7 report on
a very regular basis so again thanks to
our friends at vapor phi if you follow
simple report on facebook or twitter
you'll find out that way when all these
reviews have been posted we're going to
put a link on the description section of
our youtube channel on this video and on
our website 7 report com to vapor fly so
you find out about all great ejuice that
we've had come out of last week or two
and the vex 150 TC and this newest
raspberry mocha it might not even be on
their website yet I've been on their
website today to see if it's up there
yet but I imagine would be there before
too awful long and please do subscribe
to our YouTube channel and check out the
rest of the website 27 report com
because we update both of them all the
time with Hardware ejuice reviews
informative articles and a whole lot
more so I hope you will keep coming back
and thank you so much for being with us
today on 7 report

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