Vape Review of VaporFi Raspberry Mocha E-liquid (60ML)

April 23, 2018 8 min read

Vape Review of VaporFi Raspberry Mocha E-liquid (60ML)

Vape Review of VaporFi Raspberry Mocha E-liquid (60ML)

A Coffee enthusiast's dream, Raspberry Mocha vape juice by VaporFi delivers bold aromatics and a truly delicious cup of fresh brewed coffee in e-liquid format. Awaken your senses and dive into the rich aromas crafted by expert baristas. At the inhale, you'll be whisked away to your favorite coffee shop while the exhale delivers a delectable and robust dark chocolate and tart raspberry to tease the tongue. You'll also feel the fizz of bubbles brought to you by the freshly steamed milk. Encased in a collector coffee cup, Raspberry Mocha e-liquid is a must have for any coffee lover. Buy your 60mL bottle today!

Vape Review of VaporFi Raspberry Mocha E-liquid (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of VaporFi Raspberry Mocha E-liquid (60ML)

this is where I I do that what's going
on guys
Tristan coming at you with another
ejuice review with my friend here
Maddy ice from convicted babes oh is
that we're fun but we're here again with
another ejuice free review for you the
vaping public you join your coffee yeah
but you know what I really want to do
what I want to vape that's right it's
not coffee I tricked you I'm pretty sure
then you're someplace wrong when I was
doing the intro vaporfi raspberry mocha
vaporfi raspberry mocha I know guys you
thought I was drinking a sieve see what
I did there
I'm you're losing it over here oh this
is a real coffee cup it comes in it's a
it's a fucking goddamn coffee cup
it's made of styrofoam and everything
you could totally know it's not like
it's got this is weird they did a
Styrofoam feel to it but you could drink
coffee under that 100% you could drink
coffee out of that if you wanted to
maybe it'll melt I don't know I wouldn't
microwave the cup I'll tell you that no
yeah vaporfi raspberry mocha and this is
actually produced this is produced oh
this one isn't vaporfi is a Chinese
this is made in Florida this juice they
are their main headquarters is in China
so I was a little sketched out that we
might be vaping a Chinese eliquid but
I'm pretty sure it's not made in China
because that would not be good they put
lead and arsenic and dog food and they
actually do it's baby food yet
these are heavy metals are good for
people everybody loves heavy metal oh
yes we not have you metal kind yeah I
like heavy metal but not in my fucking
yeah not my baby food so let me get down
to the description on this lovely he
liquid right oh my god it's like it's a
story we're going on a quest and match
yourself in the rich aroma of fresh
coffee with vapor thighs raspberry mocha
vape juice taking a draw of this robust
immediately whisks you away to your
favorite coffee shop coffee shop into
raspberry mocha bliss the premium
espresso impression marinates on the
back note offering a rich layer of
freshly brewed coffee while its decadent
blend of chocolate and raspberry
serenade the time like buffle bubbles on
a milk steamer this premium blend is
encased in Oh what the what why why but
did you get lost in that yeah I just got
fucking lost in the flavor description
dude basically this is supposed to be
mocha coffee which mocha is chocolate
it's supposed to be a chocolate coffee
with undertones of raspberry fresh
raspberry apparently with milk and sugar
all right before I even get into vapor
production throat hit flavor guys vapor
five you're a pretty big company all
right you should be setting standards
basically is what I'm trying to say
you're pretty well known you're a big
company this isn't really setting
standards here I mean this is a little
bit ridiculous I mean I will say this is
not appealing to children at all no it's
a tasteful coffee cup there's no I mean
spongebob isn't on the cup that's always
a good thing that's a boss that's a plus
Sponge Bob being on there pokeymon isn't
on there floating around but I mean this
is I mean it's just so fucking gimmicky
it's like cheesy why like if the juice
is good you don't need to do this like
you don't need this
a fucking coffee cup ultimately you love
where this is going in the bin I mean
it's kind of it's just cheesy I mean
it's it come on guys like it's a little
bit too gimmicky and it's like it's it's
a nicotine product it shouldn't be
advertised in a coffee cup it really
shouldn't I mean but anyway I'm gonna do
a smell test on this this is three
milligram nicotine black glass dripper
bottle nice bottle
I like the childproof tops they're not
they're the big ones are the good ones
that don't fall apart right away I speak
too soon
no all right so that doesn't have a VG
PG on here that I could see oh yes it
does it's a 70/30
it's a 70/30 yes it is yup it's a 70/30
and it's made in the USA right on the
bottle a 30 mil your bottle
you gave him a price and all that stuff
right didn't get that far $17.99 for a
30ml and if you decide to upgrade
yourself to a 60 it's $25.99 which is
about the standard yeah 26 bucks ain't
bad for 60 mil under two under 20 for a
30ml bottle not bad alright I'm gonna do
a smell test strong it you know what
this smells like this smells like a
raspberry dark chocolate bar with hints
of coffee
it smells like raspberry dark chocolate
it's it's very strong it smells like
concentrated coffee it almost smells
like the bag of instant coffee like the
strong instant coffee that good shit
smells like that Folgers when you open
up the top in the morning I know you
said the good shit but yeah it strikes
Tamizh raw coffee it's a little bit
overpowering on the smell for me it's
like it the smell turned me off to it a
lot but that's just the smell I've had
juices that smell not very friendly and
that were actually baked pretty good so
I'm gonna do some vapor production on
this here we go
scale 105 vapor production give that
shot man to me vapor production is
pretty good get some nice clouds off of
it and they do land request yeah yeah
that's the vapor production I'm gonna
give it a four mm-hmm solid solid for
throat hit none speak up you get any
throat stinging burning out the nose my
nose is clogged you see that on a scale
of low medium and high as far as the
throat heat goes very very low now
flavor okay before we get into flavor
let me just say this is another juice
that I was looking forward to thrashing
I smelled it and it was very intruding
the smell let's just put it that way it
was when I smelled that I said there's
no way this is gonna be good it's
actually pretty good the mocha the
chocolate notes that's in here it's
actually pretty damn good for a mocha
coffee type vape and then you throw the
raspberries in there too boo
yeah and it's the raspberry is not a
candy raspberry it's actually pretty
natural tasting they actually did a
pretty good job on this juice this is
really mad yeah I'm actually pretty
upset I want guys like I said not
particularly fond of this company at all
I wanted to trash the juice I can't
trash this juice can't trash it um it's
a good mocha coffee babe it's actually
really pretty damn good now I hate
raspberry vapes
don't like them they make me feel sick
that being said I don't know if it's the
raspberry flavoring not agreeing with me
or if it's the nicotine I don't think
it's the nicotine the NIC seems to be
pretty straight in here
I feel fine yeah
Nixie it seems like they're using pretty
good nicotine I'm kind of feeling a
little bit funky from vaping this I
think it's the raspberry raspberry just
doesn't agree with me makes me just feel
funky but the overall flavor of the
juice is pretty damn good they used the
very nice mocha chocolate in here the
coffee was very nicely done the
raspberry was just enough on the back
end blended in with the chocolate it's a
classy tasting vape this isn't right
they did they didn't do it right and
that pisses me off
ya know and pisses me off too I wanted
to fucking trashy vapor 5 but you
fucking made a good juice there's still
hope this would be delicious with a cup
of coffee in the morning it would it
would be the one thing I could vape with
the coffee and not go now that being
said this is gonna be a coil killer this
is gonna murder your coils I just
cleaned my coils the cotton looks pretty
white still but I see the black carbon
building up all the coils already we
only took a few hits so I'm guessing if
I baked half this 30 mil bottle that my
coils would be pretty shot was it dark
juice it is a dark juice as well and
usually coffee tapes that are dark like
this trash are cotton in your coils
rather quickly I will also say as far as
the flavor goes they use the perfect
amount of sweetness in this juice it
tastes like raspberry mocha coffee with
milk and sugar it's pretty good mm-hmm
this could stand alone just like this
you bottled it right you labeled it
right you did ever this is fun this is
great and then you go and do but lose
the fucking loose no lose the coffee cup
really guys shit it's too gimmicky it's
cheesy at this point it's fucking cheesy
that's all we got
I'm gonna have to give it a thumbs up
it's a good of eight would you agree I
mean are you listen I'm in the same boat
that you are I'm pissed that we can't
place them either but I can still say
the same thing about that cocktail it's
fucking stupid couldn't think I don't
get it that doesn't even ship evenly so
what the fuck's the point of that shit
it's like I couldn't even stock if I
bought this to put in my shop I couldn't
even stock the shelves properly with
this it's just like you'd have to take
it out
packaging and put it on the shelf as of
this you have to put one upside down in
one right side up next to each other to
even make it ain't getting that much
shelf space homie come on now it's
taking up too much shelf space guys save
yourself some fucking some time and
money and get rid of this coffee cup
foot I will drink some coffee out of
here you have any coffee I can arrange
that all right I need some coffee
that's all we got for you guys another
honest review by convicted vapes fucking
vaporfi god damn it that's all we got
tell them do you remember I want you to
do this part I always do it and all the
reviews tell how it's my job tell them
what I'll do I'm getting lazy at my old
age you could do it
vape on no no no no no cuz I'm not
telling to subscribe to your channel
okay I'm not no subscribe comment like
and share see god fucking damn and hit
the subscribe button to my channel which
is the vaping Legion Network good shit
man you want to get with some good
advocacy hit this guy I mean I think we
did place in number 3 and advocacy
groups of 2016 and the second-ranked
vaping network you know yeah yeah you
did better than me my name just got
pushed right to the bottom I'm not gonna
do with that I swear by the way but uh I
will say this we raised we did well
first of all we raised $12,000 in
convicted babes between the vaping
Legion and convicted babes we raised
$12,000 for advocacy for vaping which
goes all those towards the Larry
Faircloth FDA lawsuit which is a great
cause so we did that and we also did
another waffle we involve three groups
three of my favorite groups convicted
babes mad mater and mod father family
and between those three groups were up
to 25,000 25,000 dollars so far that we
raised for advocacy and it's all going
we're not you know all every it's every
red cent that comes into that goes we're
not vacationing in the Bahamas with the
you know we're we're staying right here
in New Jersey where we belong yeah we're
we're not going to Miami Beach and
partying like rock stars
cocaine hookers all that good stuff no
it's all going towards advocacy every
cent yep
so that's a good thing we're doing what
we can so hopefully we make some some
power moves yeah sometime soon because
we need it we can't wait two years Sam
yeah but that's all we got for you guys
Keep Calm vape on Tristan tell these
lovely people what to do y'all
motherfuckers need to take a deep
wherever you are wherever the camera is
on this thing but you need to take a
deep y'all motherfuckers need some deep
taking in your life and a little bit of
savagery wouldn't hurt you not neither
uh every metal catch you on the flip

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