Vape Review of VaporFi Orange Custard E-Liquid (30ML)

April 20, 2018 10 min read

Vape Review of VaporFi Orange Custard E-Liquid (30ML)

Vape Review of VaporFi Orange Custard E-Liquid (30ML)

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Combining the refreshing experience of an orange with a creamy whipped Custard, Orange Custard E-Liquid is a Vape Juice that you have to try! As the first draw enters your mouth, experience a creamy Custard note. A fresh squeezed orange emerges on the back note and fills the palate with a desirable e-liquid you'll want to try again!

Vape Review of VaporFi Orange Custard E-Liquid (30ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of VaporFi Orange Custard E-Liquid (30ML)

my top five favorite juices how's it
going everybody this is andy with valley
babes calm today i'm going to be showing
you my personal five favorite juices now
i've never done in a juice video on this
channel before but i do get a lot of
messages and i've seen in the comments
before a lot of you guys asking what are
my five favorite a liquids so today i'm
going to show you my five favorite and
this is always changing one of these
five was actually just added to my list
about three weeks ago so it is always
changing in there but at this current
moment out of the hundreds probably even
the thousands of a juices that i have
tried these are going to be my five
favorite so these are not in any
specific order it's not from five to one
or one to five this is just my five
favorites in a group here so for each
flavor i'll tell you about the flavor
the cost size options VG PG ratio then
one of a vape this is the skyhook rdta
tank inside of here is empty so i'm just
going to be dripping it directly on
having a vape you guys can see the vapor
production and I'll try to give you my
overall thoughts I'm no flavor
connoisseur or anything like that but
I'll try to explain the flavor the best
that I can
alright so the first one in my top 5 not
number one these are just all five no
specific order but the first one we're
going to go over is mister meringue
which is by Charlie's shocked us this is
the flavor that just recently got into
my top 5 and it's been out for about a
month or so and it is a fantastic
fantastic ejuice and it's very
surprising i actually do like this one
because I normally like fruity / candy
babes I really never ever vape dessert
flavors every once in a while I will Dez
you guys will be able to tell from these
other four flavors I'm definitely more
in the fruity / candy category rather
than the dessert flavor but this is a
lemon meringue pie a juice that's a
70/30 VG PG blend and it comes in zero
three and six milligrams the only option
is a sixty milliliter bottle I see it on
most sites for 22 we have it for $19.99
on Aspen Valley babes calm that's for a
60 ml bottle as you can see here comes
in this nice little box and it's also in
this 60 ml unicorn bottle which is very
nice I'd like to see a lot more
companies switch over to the unicorn
bottles instead of the glass bottles
let's go ahead and have a vape this is
at 72 watts 0.3 ohm build
all right now for me to try to give you
a my flavor overview compared to just
the standard limit meringue on the
inhale you get a subtle but still sweet
just not anywhere near a candy lemon or
overpowering limit just a subtle sweet
lemon the tad bit of pie crust there on
the exhale there's also some other
flavors in there that bring it all
together but normally for desserts the
reason why I don't like them is just
because I'm not a fan of that custards
in the dough your flavors when it comes
to e-juice but this one is very subtle
and the lemon is subtle too but it's
probably the best lemon ejuice I've ever
tried it like I said it's not
overpowering it's not like a candy style
it's not like a sour lemon either it's
just a nice smooth women and it's
matched nicely on the exhale by the by
that pastry flaky crust style babe you
know Charlie's chalk dust has a
fantastic track record with their you
juice and these other side lines that
they have released to like Pachamama mr.
meringue bake sale campfire a few of
those they are all fantastic I've never
tried to Charlie's chalk dust liquid
that I actually don't like all right
next up is going to be mocha Watsu white
gummy bear this ejuice is absolutely
wonderful if the name white gummy it
describes it all it's got that it
matches the flavor of a white gummy bear
spot-on and it's an amazing flavor to
vape very smooth it's sweet but not too
sweet and there's really not too much
more to say about it they don't have
like a crazy flavor description or
anything like that it's just simple
white gummy you see white gummy that's
what you're going to get this matches
white gummy spot on it is a 70/30 blend
as well and you can get it in zero three
and six milligrams it comes in 180
milliliter package and that comes with
six of these unicorn bottles here these
are all 30 mil unicorn bottles and it
comes in this nice presentation box
right here with six inside of here and
some little inserts we have it for
$53.99 on Aspen Valley babes calm for
the hundred eighty milliliter package I
know a lot of people don't want to buy
that much use 180 milliliters without
trying it but this one and the other
milky flavors it's worth it because I
haven't met a single person that did not
like a mocha Watsu flavor I've got the
skyhook wycked up with the mocha Watsa
right now still at 72 watts that same
point 3 ohm dual coil build inside of
now that is an all day vape if I ever
tasted one in terms of you maybe trying
to explain the flavor all I can say is
white gummy bear it is spot-on it's not
extremely sweet but it is a it's a
rather sweet a liquid but it's not that
fake tasting sweet it's more of a
natural sweet I do like a lot of those
little fake candy flavors we're just
really pops with the flavor but this one
is just it's not overpowering still
sweet but a natural sort of sweet
instead of that fake sort of sweet if
that does make sense to you guys next up
we've got chubby bubble vapes bubble
purp now all of chubby bubbles flavors
are fantastic they have purp they have
green apple they have a razz and they
have a melon too but they're all very
very good and they're hands-down one of
our best sellers on a smelly viscom purp
specifically which is surprising because
a lot of people that I've talked to in
person they like more of them they like
the chubby bubble melon and the metal
and the razz more than the actual purp
but this one right here is a very good
purple bubble gum flavored e-juice it's
a 70/30 blend as well you can get it in
zero three and six milligrams it comes
in a 60 milliliters glass bottle here
and the price point on it is eighteen
ninety-nine for a 60 ml on a smelly
vapes comm get the chubby bubble purp
loaded up let's have a baby
so on the chubby bubble flavors they're
all a flavor either pur pres melon punch
or green apple and then obviously they
had in the bubble gum there on the /
pear you definitely get the grape
flavour followed by a subtle bubble gum
on all these flavors that go boom boom
boom boom boom isn't very prominent I'd
say on the bubble punch is the one I've
noticed it most prominent on out of all
five but on the purpose it's more of a
sweet grapes it's more of a sugary sweet
compared to that natural sweet so you've
got the sweet purp there and then you've
got subtle hints of bubble gum there
grape on the inhale a tiny bit of bubble
gum on the inhale as well and then on
the exhale it sort of reverses itself
you've got more bubble gum followed by a
little bit of purp on that exhale all
five of those flavours are phenomenal
they're hands down one of the best
sellers on our site next up we've got
sour belts this comes in a blue red or a
green apple the green apple I'm in the
minority here but the green apple is
actually my favorite a lot of people
like the blue razz more
the green apple does come in this nice
little package here and inside of the
package you get a 30ml chubby Bubble
gorilla bottle for free now this one
here is another 70/30 blend and it comes
in zero three and six milligrams as well
comes in a sixty milliliter bottle you
get this box with it and you get the 30
mil unicorn bottle inside of here so you
can pour some of this into that unicorn
bottle as from a leave acecomm we have
it for $19.99 for a 60 mil and this is
another flavor that's pretty
self-explanatory it's a green apple sour
belt candy and the blue razz is blue
rest our belts candy alright I've got
the green apples our belts whipped up
right now let's go ahead and Emma vape
alright so the green apples sour belts
that's not an overpowering green sweet
candy like a green Jolly Rancher it's
more of a subtle fruity green apple and
you've got the underlying tones of that
sour powdery sugar that you find on a
typical sour belt like the actual candy
and the sour itself is there but it's
not like an extreme sour it's not going
to like make you pucker or anything like
that it's just a tiny bit of sour in
there that just brings everything
together it is a very good babe blue
razzed us have a bit more sour to it
that's because of the blue raspberry I
believe and it just makes the sour pop a
little bit more but the green apple is
noticeable but subtle sour flavor on the
exhale alright now the last one is going
to be another mocha Watsu flavor in
smoke ooh-ah two cuties mocha watts who
originally had launched with just that
white gummy flavor it was a standalone
line just one flavor and then they came
out with two other flavors down the road
and those two flavors were cuties and
then bull bull is a spearmint a very
good spare rim but it's not going to
make my top five because I don't menthol
too much if you vape been Thal the bulb
is definitely worth checking out a lot
of people that like menthol say it's the
best menthol they've ever tried just a
very smooth crisp spearmint as for the
cuties the cuties also speaks for itself
it's a 70/30 blend again comes in 180
milliliter package just like the regular
moku Watsu white gummy you can see that
nice package that does come in comes
with this six of these 30 mil unicorn
bottles which is also nice because one
that you are done with them you can fill
them up with some other flavors and then
you've got some extra unicorn bottles
lying around instead of the glass
bottles which people end up usually
they're recycling or throwing out or
just getting rid of them now the cuties
like I said it's a 70/30 blend comes in
two zero three and six milligrams 180
milliliter package
$53.99 is the price point for 180
milliliters and i know again just like
the Mogu a two white gummy it's a hard
investment up front without trying it
but if you even like anything to do with
the orange flavor you have to try qts it
tastes like those little oranges the
cuties that you find in the grocery
store the tiny little small oranges
tastes a lot like that but with a little
bit of added sugar to it it's got more
of a sweet taste than the cuties that
you would buy in the store where it's
more of a natural fruit since this is
the last of the five flavors I did load
up the sky hook all the way with this
cuties because it is an all-day bait
it's fantastic let's go ahead and I'm a
vape still 72 watch 2.30 dual coil built
in here cuties is absolutely fantastic
again mocha Watsu cuties in one of those
flavors that doesn't have an
overpowering candy flavor to it it's not
like the chubby bubble if that's what
you're looking for it's more of a
natural with just a tad bit of that
added sweetness effect all five of these
flavors are all day vape to me that
Mister meringue since I don't vape
dessert flavors very often at all that
would be my least all day vape II is
that a word that'll be my least all day
baby out of all five but it's definitely
something I still can vape on all day
all five of these flavors are fantastic
and you can pick up all five of these
flavors on a smelly vibes comm along
with a lot of other eliquid you can
browse by flavor if you want to pick out
something else I know a lot of you guys
might be thinking oh you're only saying
five e liquids that you carry on your
website that is true we do carry all
five of these along with a lot of other
liquids but the only reason we do carry
them is because we've all tried them and
we love that we're not going to carry
something that we don't love if you guys
have any other suggestions that you'd
like to see us carry on asking valley
babes please leave a comment down below
I'd love to hear some suggestions or
tried new lines every single day testing
them out putting them through the runs
putting them in a tank putting them in a
dripper trying to masse and how they
taste over time that is something else I
want to mention all five of these
liquids here I know for this video I was
using on the skyhook rdta box but I use
a tank 80% of the day and all of these
liquids are very very very tank friendly
that they taste very good in tanks as
well if you guys do want to check out
any of these five flavors pick them up I
will put links down in the description
to all of them on our website same day
shipping Monday through Friday orders
place before 2 p.m. and if you do click
on any of those links and want to check
out any of these liquids you're going to
see a pop up on our site
offer you 25% off if you do enter your
email in that little pop up there you'll
get a coupon code emailed to you for 25%
off all you juices that will apply to
every single one you add to your cart
so we already do have the lowest prices
on the web but on top of that you'll get
a 25% off coupon to use on your first
order you guys have any questions about
these juices any juices you guys
recommend please let me know down any
comments you got any questions about ask
me Ali leaves leave a comment down below
or any vapor related questions if you
guys did enjoy this video please be sure
to leave a thumbs up and subscribe and
as always babe on

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