Vape Review of VaporFi Mighty Menthol E-Liquid (30ML)

April 20, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of VaporFi Mighty Menthol E-Liquid (30ML)

Vape Review of VaporFi Mighty Menthol E-Liquid (30ML)

By Ekaterina Mironova

Getting the ideal menthol flavor can prove tricky, unless this Mighty Menthol vape juice is in your tank. Mighty Menthol has been crafted to the ideal, encompassing that iconic taste of true menthol, that runs neither on the edges of minty or tobacco in taste. Dry, cooling, and tingly, yet so refreshing. Buy your 30ML of Mighty Menthol by VaporFi Today!

Vape Review of VaporFi Mighty Menthol E-Liquid (30ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of VaporFi Mighty Menthol E-Liquid (30ML)

the following program is rated PG VG for
gratuitous vaping strange shapes ciao
howdy folks welcome to strange face this
is mo your host and tour guide through
unusual flavor profiles today I'm doing
something a little bit different as you
can tell changing up the backdrop doing
something a little different
I've been challenged this is challenge
week so I've been given two challenges
I'm going to do them both this week
the very first one menthol challenge
this week's challenge was given to me by
George Williams sample box family member
and fan of the show and it's interesting
we're gonna do a menthol challenge so I
guess the challenge itself you're
actually supposed to do this on a tank I
don't have any tanks that I feel like
stick and menthol in because I don't
want to have to fucking I don't have to
smell menthol for you know in my juice
for the next month because the coils
never clean out properly so I'm gonna
drip it which I know is probably the
wrong thing to do but I figured I turn
it into my own little challenge you know
now my wicks are already slightly damp
from the juice I've been I've been
gripping this morning which was a sea
siren by 28 days babe if you don't have
that go check that one out I'm gonna I'm
gonna do five drops
let's do six six six drops so the idea
is the way the challenge is set up put
that down where the challenge is set up
is this you inhale for five for eight
you hold it for eight seconds and then
you exhale and on the exhale you still
have to be able to produce vapor I don't
think any of this is going to happen I
think I'm going to take about a
one-second hit that's I'm gonna call my
head off because I don't do menthol and
then I'm probably going to vomit which
is the other reason why I'm away from my
computer right now your entertainment
value means a slightly lower production
value I am even going to bump this up
even more and I'm gonna do this at a
hundred watts yeah you heard me right
that's the other reason why I'm using my
taupe and not my Bloom veil because I
don't want my daughter on the global
smell like menthol for the next week Oh
oh my god I can smell it already
oh Jesus a hundred watts pure methyl I
should probably mention what I'm using
it's ela cube frozen tundra I'm doing it
no nicotine but this is essentially just
vaping snow it's pure uncut menthol
that's really all it is I mean I don't
know if they're supposed to be a flavor
profile to this but essentially
essentially everything I read about it
just says it tastes like breathing in
winter air and uh we'll see soon enough
and I don't think the stuff is intended
to be based at 100 watts but I'm going
to do it anyway for you
here we go
oh fuck
Wow all right try that again
my eyes are watering I can feel my nose
starting to water and you saw how long
that was that was like a one-second hit
maybe a two-second hit oh my god oh you
know what it's like it's like um those
Listerine breath strips like if you drop
like three of them into your mouth oh
that's rough
oh my god and it hurts my eyes are
finally starting to dry out and you know
what fuck it I'm gonna do another head
strike retainment values huh
oh right well you know the rules you
know the challenge I'm gonna thank
Georgia for sending this to me because I
would never in a million years buy that
on my own
uh do I think it's strange yeah I don't
like the idea of menthol in anything
other than a cough drop so yeah it's
gross it's I'm not a med ball fan at all
hmm actually that's not true if you look
up oil babes candy shop that doesn't
menthol ad but it's also really super
sweet so it's okay I think the menthol
actually works in that 100 there's like
menthol on my lungs oh it's so gross how
do people smoke this shit
oh well that's been strange fates
challenge number one come back on
Thursday when I do the oil base wet
dream challenge this one didn't make me
throw up but maybe that one will good
night folks
and keep vaping strange
hi again folks just getting back up in
your face here for a second to prove
that I can actually do this challenge
I bumped down the wattage quite a bit on
that 45 watts now in a I don't know if I
ever said this or not but in a point to
build I can do this eight seconds inhale
8 seconds hold exhale vapor let's give
it a go I'm gonna get nice and closely
you can see my face when I fucking die
Garrett oh oh somebody make a gif of
that that was gross all right one more
omerta one more time
oh that was intense
oh I'm never doing that again
do you have an unusual juice you'd like
me to try email me at strange vibes at and don't forget to Like share
and subscribe

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