Vape Review of VaporFi Key Lime Cookie E-liquid (100ML)

April 19, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of VaporFi Key Lime Cookie E-liquid (100ML)

Vape Review of VaporFi Key Lime Cookie E-liquid (100ML)

Vaping on Key Lime Cookie vape juice by VaporFi is like biting into a nostalgic dessert staple, this beautiful Key Lime Cookie e-liquid delivers a tangy and sweet all-day vape experience. This classic cookie combination is inspired by decades of delight that we all know and love. A citrusy inhale of key lime meets the crunch of a buttery cookie. An exhale of rich cream filling is sandwiched between a sweet and tart key lime cookie. All flavor notes combine and finish with a subtle yet sweet blueberry that will erupt in flavor with every draw. Be sure to buy your 100mL bottle of Key Lime Cookie e-liquid by VaporFi today!

Vape Review of VaporFi Key Lime Cookie E-liquid (100ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of VaporFi Key Lime Cookie E-liquid (100ML)

what's up guys mess the facts I'm here
so another couple of Egypt reviews for
tea today if you remember that ones that
the the Isle of doughnuts and hey I love
taffy well they sent my mother couple
balls hey and this stuff is blue it and
radiates a thick is vehicle the big name
is where are the represent mad hot that
make them or something
hey I'm plenty sure to melt our other
make them and it just seems me than the
US blah-dee blah-blah vape your thoughts
well that kind of stuff but yeah both
sexes female bottles the theme Allah
gram each and pleasure the 70 VG get the
website here per se just is max VG but
I'm guessin s 78 78 if so 70 VD theta PG
and it comes in their usual chopping
adela bottles the sexy my once so that's
in there quick cool balls and delete
them that's a they did one in the blue
it is blue breed I've just packed up and
started vaping on it today the day I did
one I've been using quite a lot he don't
have another one which was thoughtful it
I wasn't that one but friend drill elite
and they've always been nice to me give
me soft so I give him that ball just
it's enough just say thanks but anyway I
get two different setups for these today
these here so we'll try read it first
which I've been using I've got this in
the OBS cheer on our X 2 3 and it's a
little knife from Boulder things to it
for kids 0.23 a 4 point 6 volts which is
native to watts and that's the bulb
there you can see some give it a little
try in fact I wet up a lot but just
kissing a dry huh
so try this one
this one a I think is maybe like an
energy drink over than the US but to me
it tastes almost like an as topically
but it's you get a none I will hunt a
pineapple through it this looks like an
a fatty pain Apple gonna definitely flip
sign me up but then the same thing I
also teach at a knee about I don't know
if anybody remember over than the UTA
get a recording and tied up it is a
cleaning but like that but of some pain
Apple through there that's a back we and
that's also I can add I can get fresh
flavor through that it's almost like its
life as it Pinkman with some pain Apple
through there that's almost with its
like it's gonna wheel knowing it's okay
that's both I do prefer to my Clapton
Bowl but that's ones it okay turn up the
heat every bit more see that can I help
some so the money heat up that's a
hundred whoops but says 4.8 volts and
the morning heat up the more that is can
i we add it's more the pain apple goes
away and it's more than other flips that
come through so as i can as a tropical
flavor with readiness for it but you can
always taste the fuzziness it's almost
like you can feel the bubbles pop it's
kinda weird that way but it i do an
extra side you're like that one yeah
unlike the last ones this isn't could
have throw away these ones i can i
smooth which I like so yeah that one
gets our big thumbs up for me I like
that one
that's one however I've just been trade
today I just owned it I've just worked
up about 10 minutes ago off that
so I've got less and it will be HT as
well and this is on Alex 200s they have
got nessus Joe so jump Clapton bottle
nila headed right there
so Joe Clapton boat just normal
Clapton's and I'll tell you there's no
you second get these with since I Joe
Clapton boat can 0.5 make your 5 watts
give that a little bash fast so blue eat
this ones neason the both came that
seafood ready need to attain a more
there can I ever went to it but let's
try this see that's one I'm gonna option
place weird the name blue need you can
expect glad I don't know almost like
what's a cold over here taking yeah the
pomegranate rocks up let's take it out
blue and black and it's almost like that
is it's really nice this one that's just
I think this will be my favorite now but
it's got this has got that connect cool
Hecht it it's not mint
that's not mental it's like a cool
either it's but it's not banging your
face it's a nice tiny little so on it
and it's it's really nice it so they
kind of subtle hadn't you get an hour
I've were / when you get it with the
ageless that's what it's going to leave
the only way I can know that this game
this one I mean it's kinda blue village
but don't worry I could religiously but
as going through what I know I had when
I was younger I used to get hundreds of
packets at a sport a and I used to get
the blue ones and it tasted exactly well
one of them you get that coolness offer
that's also that blue buddy can either
through a cannon or through its gonna
win to cracker but y'all get in the blue
videos definitely avoid video now and
that little cool hunter is just sort of
creation lettuce bit of another one your
so taste in making a the fuzziness but
they cannot busting bubbles you've
spoken of this than that but it's been
over that connect cool head through it's
quite nice it's refreshing
so as this one of those ones you could
fetch a vape and open the summer in
after some 30 years it's like that it's
that nice that I could do that with them
definitely I think that's good about my
favorite for now on that one alright
that's a look beautiful right so place
Wayne's organ in the US you get these
favorite Twitter two dollars which sex
thermoball quick cool I think it all it
comes and have a quick look 0-3 insect
bug on yes all the text of all bottles
is a fanciful oh don't know if I'm gonna
go through the whole TPD thing front
over here or for the different us crops
but over the UK when I've been looking
on websites you find them forever but
Kenneth wit if I point to Expo 2525 net
innate so as a no bad place for wick
again came down if you think about it a
lot of people always complain about the
places for that stuff but if you go in
more shops and then you get a sexting
mobile and a premium stuff or premium
it's always around about that place so I
don't made pin that for effort with the
money obviously prefer to meet more one
but no and then it's nice to have those
a lot of treats and that is definitely a
treat and scarily it could come easily
- huh bitch is a soon ace but yeah a
huge thank you today and again it'd be
cool for sending these Oh check out all
the links down in the description below
as you know I think the left seats where
you can buy them or you can buy them
from them I'm not too sure particular
the website anyway a few thank you for
you guys for watching and I'll see you
on the next one

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