Vape Review of VaporFi Grand Reserve Rainbow Custard (30ML)

April 17, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of VaporFi Grand Reserve Rainbow Custard (30ML)

Vape Review of VaporFi Grand Reserve Rainbow Custard (30ML)

Like a magical journey to Candyland, where unicorns frolic and rainbows paint the sky… This flavor will take you away to that psychedelic place and guarantee you enjoy every delicious cloud of vapor! Consisting of a mouth watering blend of plump, ripe strawberries and hand-picked tangerines, sitting atop a fluffy layer of Crème Anglaise, you'll be seeing everything in rainbows.

Vape Review of VaporFi Grand Reserve Rainbow Custard (30ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of VaporFi Grand Reserve Rainbow Custard (30ML)

what's up guys JH waves here from VAP
deal shop calm another review for us so
another juice review so I also got a
couple bottles of juice that I'm really
excited to try these are the grand
reserve line from vapor five so we have
the rainbow custard and the cloud candy
really excited to try these out let's
take a look
and we are back so the first one I'm
gonna whip out and give a shot give a
shot that works is rainbow custard so
their description of rainbow custard is
springtime strawberries and tangerines
mixed with a scrumptious vanilla custard
I am a huge custard fan another really
cool thing that I will mention about
their juice is that their grand reserve
line is pre steeped so I have to worry
about steeping anything another some
other fun facts so this is their premium
proprietary chef inspired recipes they
are high VG unrestricted flavor ratio
they also have the reserve collection
and also the vaporfi standard which
differentiates a little bit you can
check their website out at vapor
I will put it right down below so you
can check it out so let's whip it open
here I was really excited to give these
a shot I've been hearing good things
let's see if I can crack the seal here
all right I am finally back I must have
got a bad bottle because I basically had
to break into the damn thing sometimes I
want to mention to these bottles are
cool man that black pretty pretty fancy
looking if I say so myself see if we can
get in focus here so that's all black
bottle you know warning label website
right there
nicotine or no it's the 30 minute says
and then on the front what is that
got some ingredients there this is a
this one is a 30 percent PG 70 percent
VG made in the USA America and then if
you look here it's the gives you your
gives you your nicotine level the flavor
and then the grand reserve premium
so smell test
now I finally got it open I don't smell
much it doesn't mean I won't taste much
so that's uh drop a few on the coils
let's test it out let's see yeah let's
see what it looks like hopefully uh I
hope it's pretty tasty I think it will
be let's give it a shot
then my nose is messed up or my palates
weird because I'm not tasting much
nothing get the custard but I'm not
getting much strawberry
sorry vaporfi I'm not tasting that one
again it could huh a little hint of a
little hint of strawberry in the back
but not very much so the next one is
clown candy hopefully it'll go into
focus so the boxes are you know I'll
fancy like I just need crack this one
open I already tested this bottle so
this one I can actually get into again
it's kind of the same look grand reserve
nicotine levels was three as well I
didn't see what levels these actually
come in let's see
Oh some of them are free shipping as
well so rainbow custard one of them
being free shipping they go from oh wow
all the way up from 18 milligram down to
zero and they even have a 1.5 milligram
in between zero and three I've never
never seen that before but that's pretty
also better than food grade flavorings
shelter throttles obviously because I
couldn't even get in the first one top
rated Nick nicotine top rated glycerin
so I mean this is pretty fancy stuff
tell you that alright so the cloud candy
is the next one so their description is
a heavenly blend of green Apple
pomegranate lemon-lime and gummy candies
this one I can smell the gummy right
away hopefully I can taste this one I'm
getting a cold or what's going on with
you awfully could taste that one you get
more of the gummy it's it's almost like
a like a lemon-lime flavored gummy bear
I don't taste much green apple most of
it is the gummy candy for sure and then
the lemon-lime little hint of green
apple on that one I say I say I say this
is a good one as well the strawberry one
was a little subtle I could have a taste
a little bit but this cloud candy
definitely definitely wins wins this one
guys thank you for watching there's a
quick little video I only had a couple
of those sent to me so I wanted to give
him a shot they're pretty good like I
said the what was it the rainbow custard
I don't really taste too much I could
get a little bit of custard but that's
really about it I didn't get any of this
strawberries or the tangerines or
anything like that but the cloud candy
was really good like I said a lot more
lemon-lime and gummy flavor with it and
then the green apple kind of on the back
side it's good though I could still
taste that cloud candy it's a it's
definitely not a bad thing yeah I thank
you guys for watching remember baby I'll
shop calm
got the giveaway that is going until the
31st you have until Halloween to enter
there will be two winners of 500
milliliters of juice yeah thank you guys
for watching catch you later

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