Vape Review of VaporFi Grand Reserve Meringue O Tang (30ML)

April 17, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of VaporFi Grand Reserve Meringue O Tang (30ML)

Vape Review of VaporFi Grand Reserve Meringue O Tang (30ML)

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Sweet and citrusy, this is a decadent celebration of lemon goodness! A bold flavor that involves freshly-made glazed doughnuts, plush, sweet meringues, and the zesty tang of lemon custard, it is a balance of sweet and tart! The result is a lemony confection you will not be able to resist!

Vape Review of VaporFi Grand Reserve Meringue O Tang (30ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of VaporFi Grand Reserve Meringue O Tang (30ML)

bandits roshanda back to do another
super casual video and ejuice review in
the computer room the room whatever you
want to call it I'm doing a review so
this time we're gonna be reviewing the
entire line from vapor Fry's grand
reserve this is a premium eliquid line
I'm going to be doing him on different
devices just because otherwise this
video would take me like two hours to it
to do a wiki so we're just gonna go
ahead and start off with these now these
are the packaging looks like this the
only differences is you're going to
change color and change the name one con
I have about their packaging even though
it's really really nice sleek you know
looking there is no indicator on it to
kind of tell you where your juice levels
at they do come in all 30 mils you can
find these at all this that
website right here for you better than
that you can check out the pricing there
I know they do have sales every now and
then and coupon codes you can use so you
can do that so I'm going to go ahead and
start off with ketchup latte this is an
all-day date for me therefore I tanked
it I had it on in my
rdta by smoke it's the g2 on top of my
Luck's box 50
these are 70/30 blends this is described
as a coffee poured over freshly crushed
hazelnuts with a rich swirl of brown
butter come on you guys know how love my
caramel is you know how love my copies
for this if this was a no-brainer
expresso is not overpowering to me
whatsoever this one I have it tried the
other ones I have not so those are gonna
be all on test you know kind of blind
I'm not gonna read the description of
those until after I've ate those but I'm
just going to have a nobody this is so
good this to me tastes like fight word a
Starbucks caramel latte with a dash of
expresso so really really good there all
right next time we are going to try next
one we're gonna try is called cloud
candy I think I'm gonna drip this on my
cuboid 150 I got dual coils in there at
65 Watts 0.35 ohms
saturate these wigs I kind of did a
little bit of a spacing on these coils
that way I could really get some flavor
I got this on my little boy
RDA it's got a nappy
I taste like if I was vaping or eating a
one of the white hard rope gummy bears
that's one casing a lot of
definitely can't get the continent candy
type like the blue cotton candy it's not
like the pink cotton candy you guys know
that those are different so it's like if
you pit MIT smash the blue cotton candy
and a white Harbor gonna go together and
that's what I'm getting
cotton candy as they describe it as
clothes that tastes like sweet cotton
candy dancing up on a lightly fruity
gummy bear um not so sure if I ever
tasted in array of fruits but definitely
taste a gummy bear essence to it and
cloud productions are really really nice
so let's go ahead on and move to the
next flavor um this is a meringue
attained I'm gonna be dripping this on
top of my um whole fire for with my
temple RDA on it both dual coils fresh
cotton nice yellow tone to this which
told me it's probably got some kind of
citrus in it if you take this around not
plastic that was all over these because
that would just be a hot mess it's at
the airflow going on here just slightly
and this is gonna be at 35 watt
again nice hot production on that
I'm kind of getting at our bakery note
but the lemon is not prominent it's very
you know most creamy
really really nice undertone of lemon
but more of a bakery a bakery creamy
type taste I'm getting so let me go
ahead and read the description here
morena teen is a freshly made glazed
donut plush with sweet meringue and a
zesty zesty tank of lemon curd so that's
what it is I'm getting the lemon not
very very prominent but it's more creamy
and that bakery note was that glazed
doughnut so really like this very mouth
this can definitely be an all day vape
for me because it's not all really sweet
and again nice and refreshing as well
yeah why don't we go ahead and do a
giveaway so I'm going to be giving away
one of these thirty Mel's this one is
pineapple pow they'll be receiving a
30ml of this it is in the three
milligram again the rules are simple as
always you must be a legal smoking age
within your state currently I will not
be shipping to Utah I think Illinois
with the band kind of at a pause I'm
able to do that you will have to provide
proof to me that you did share this
video so make sure when you share you
take a snapshot of the day you see this
video because I'll be checking that as
well um machine your subscribe to my
channel leave a comment below hashtag
so I will put that hashtag right here
that way I know you want to be entered
into this giveaway so yeah 30 little
bottle of pineapple cow again you can go
to the website and check out the flavor
profile there the next one is called
island lost is in the purple package
rate the chopper sealed here I'm gonna
be doing this on my I stick 50 with my
single coil support on top that's nice
and wakes up and
you can tell I was making a mess earlier
I got Jesus on the top with us come for
us alright and we're gonna be kicking
this up to that Steve 50 watts I almost
need to change battery on here
day three and I'm just not going to
change a battery so that's pretty cool
let me like you guys know I'm tasting
definitely there's a coolness to his
tasting some pineapple and a little bit
of coconut but definitely it's like a
cool it's CONUS I can't quite put my
finger on
I'm deaf Kasim like tasting that there's
some kind of maybe a strawberry
so I'm tasting coconut pineapple and
maybe let our strawberry along with a
freshness it's not like a menthol but if
there's like a coolness factor to it
which is probably why they called it I
like frost very very so let's go and
read the description it's described as
an exotic selection of pineapple coconut
with a champagne infused blueberry
muddled with mint and lime kind of like
a tropical Mohito so definitely diggin
it the more I get into it the more of
the flavors pop out for some reason a
lot of these more premium wines are
coming up with really complex mixology
to their juices and I'm really doing
appreciate keeps you guessing every
single time so this one was really
really nice didn't think I would like
something with mint but they did it
right it is a fresh mint just like if
you had a mojito so it it brings that
coolness to the vet to the e-juice
without being a menthol which I really
really enjoy so kudos to them that woman
was a good one really but I tried that
one out and last but not least we are
going to be doing a rainbow or custard I
got this on top of my people premises
300 with my derringer on top - first
coils right there a piece of wire is
attached to my thing sometimes these
childproof seals are I don't put in my
opinion all right nice amber color here
definitely nice mine so sweetness there
so let's go ahead and put these up again
always pulsing your coils as you
but sucks it right into the middle get
some nice and saturated all right get
your tough on hair and we will help you
yummy I've got this at 55 watt
there's a creaminess there I taste
almost like a pineapple strawberry kind
of like if you guys watched my um
fruits it's kind of like that pineapple
strawberry juice that was in there but
it's creamy and really really nice so
let's go ahead and read the description
it's a mouth-watering blend of plump
ripe strawberries hand-picked tangerines
sitting on top of a fluffy layer of
creme anglaise so cream so what I
thought was pineapples actually
tangerine really really really nice
fruit vape like the cream you know this
her name a creaminess of it so really
really enjoy that was very very very
but these juices come in a nick level
11.5 3 6 12 and 18 so you can find them
at really keeps you
guessing which is really really nice
good quality juices 70/30 runs with
really nice cloud production went right
back to that island frost so yeah I hope
you guys enjoyed of this video and
review go ahead and check them out at
that link is down below again these
giveaways will keep coming as long as
you keep supporting me so thank you so
much for all of you that do um yeah stay
tuned to feature videos to see more
winners again they won't be in the I'll
definitely announce a winner winners
being um shown in the video just so you
guys know to look for it but yeah other
than that I hope you guys are having an
amazing day or night whenever you're
watching this
stay tuned in the next video until then

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