Vape Review of VaporFi Catch Ya Latte, Pineapple Pow, Cloud Candy & Rainbow Custard Juice Sampler (120 ML)

April 23, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of VaporFi Catch Ya Latte, Pineapple Pow, Cloud Candy & Rainbow Custard Juice Sampler (120 ML)

Vape Review of VaporFi Catch Ya Latte, Pineapple Pow, Cloud Candy & Rainbow Custard Juice Sampler (120 ML)

A delicious quad-set of e-juice that offers delectable flavor and awesome performance. Haven't experienced VaporFi's liquids yet? You're in for a treat with this collection! It includes: Catch Ya Latte: a hazelnut-laced latte, with a touch of rich caramel; Pineapple Pow: nothing but pure tropical pineapple goodness; Cloud Candy: a delightful blend of cotton candy and gummy bear flavors; and Rainbow Custard: fine custard topped with sweet strawberries and tangy tangerines.

Vape Review of VaporFi Catch Ya Latte, Pineapple Pow, Cloud Candy & Rainbow Custard Juice Sampler (120 ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of VaporFi Catch Ya Latte, Pineapple Pow, Cloud Candy & Rainbow Custard Juice Sampler (120 ML)

hey folks Jim here from tobacco
solutions and thanks for tuning in
today's review is going to be on the
vaporfi grand reserve eliquid lineup
along with some other illiquid flavors
that vapor 5 provides I've got four out
of the six new flavors from the grand
reserve and I tested it with the brand
spankin new vapor thigh box 100
temperature control this thing's a beast
and this is what I'll be reviewing next
after I'm done with this one so keep
watching and we'll go over each of these
new flavors from the grand reserve let's
take a closer look at four out of the
six flavors from the vapor 5 grand
reserve line now these are all premium
these are 30% PG and 70% VG they're all
steeped or aged and/or aged you have an
unrestricted unrestricted flavor ratio
which means you can combine these
flavors any way imaginable and they all
come in 30 million or glass bottles with
a dripper and I'll go into more detail
regarding 2 C's frosted glass bottles
that the grand reserve line comes in as
far as nicotine contents concerned you
have 18 milligrams is the most you can
get followed by 12 milligrams six
milligrams three milligrams one point
five milligrams and zero milligrams
the flavors that I have the four out of
the six is the island frost the catch a
latte the pineapple pal and the rainbow
custard and I'll go over each of these
different flavors next
so the first flavor that I'm going to
try from the grand reserve lineup is the
island frost using my vapor 5 100 watt
temperature control with the Heraclea
the sets Herakles sub ohm tank and when
I think of Island frost the first things
that come to my mind is some kind of
fruity flavors with a menthol or men
background and let's try it out do it
one more now they describe this flavour
as being coconut mint champagne and
blueberries and that's not really what
I'm getting out of this thing at all
when I baked this and this is my second
favorite on the floor that I have by the
way I'm I am getting the coconut but I'm
also getting some mango and some lime
there is no menthol there's no mint that
I'm picking up out of this it's slightly
sweet but not overbearing and sweet it's
pretty much it's a really good flavor
something that you could probably vape
all day again this is my second favorite
on the floor that I've tried all right
the second one in the lineup is the
rainbow custard on the grand reserve
vaporfi he liquid line I'm still using
my vapor 5 bucks 100 temperature control
and I swapped the tank out now I'm using
the vapor 5 volt hybrid tank which I've
reviewed in the past so they described
the rainbow custard as a cross between
strawberries tangerines and custard
vanilla custard and let's try it out and
see what I think of it one more time
I'm getting the custard a hint of
vanilla but I'm also getting some coffee
flavor out of it like a almost like a
mocha flavor to it
I'm not a custard fan so out of the four
that I've tried this was my third
favorite so second-to-the-last but if
you're a custard fan you'll probably
like this this is not something that I
would vaporize you so I would probably
try this every once in a while just to
switch things up but definitely not one
of my favorites however if you're a
custard fan you may want to check this
out so now we're moving along to number
three out of a lineup and this is that
catchy a latte from the grand reserve
lineup and I've swapped my tank out once
and once again and I have the kanger
subtank mini and I'm still using the
vapor 5 Vox 100 temperature control so
they describe the Kutcha latte as a a
coffee flavor with asel nuts and caramel
and let's try it out let's see what's
like one more okay
I'll be upfront with you on this this
was my least favorite the four flavors
that I've tried however that's just my
own personal opinion my wife tried it
and she actually liked it quite a bit in
fact the catch of latte I believe one -
2015 vape summit award for coffee
flavors so these are all personal
opinions as far as flavors that they
like what I may like you may not like
and vice versa for those of you who like
to the coffee flavor I'd rather have it
out of a real coffee then through my
eliquid juice this reminded me more of a
kind of little fake copies that you have
out of you know 7-eleven when you go and
get it out of the machine not the coffee
pop up the machines it's kind of you
know artificially flavored to me so it
didn't appeal to me but my wife loved it
so who's to say it may be something that
you're interested in if you like coffee
flavors obviously this one
ward so you may want to try it out for
me I'd rather try something else
this was my least favorite out of the
bunch alright folks so now we're down to
our last vaporfi grand reserve illiquid
that I have on hand the final one is a
pineapple pow this is by far my favorite
one of the bunch because when I went to
go see how much I had left and I here's
a dropper by the way it's empty I filled
it up with my last tank right here and
this is it for me so I know I've been
using it quite a bit and just so you
know I am using the new Melo or meelo to
tank with a titanium head with my vapor
5 box 100 temperature control which I'll
be reviewing next now going back to the
pineapple pile they describe it as being
pineapple flavored with a hint of
watermelon and hibiscus so let's go
ahead and try it out for you and I'll
explain the flavors that I'm tasting
mandatory let's try one more
you know folks it they describe it
exactly the way it takes you get the
pineapple which and it's not too sweet
so it's not overpowering it's just a
real mellow pineapple flavor you do
taste the watermelon it is just that int
of it and the hibiscus it's an
unbelievable flavor this is well types
of leafy liquids that I would use over
and over again I take a bottle with me
if I'm going somewhere and I just keep
filling up my tank whenever I run low
this is not something that I would get
tired of easily it's a very very good
flavor so as far as my my ratings are
concerned with the four out of the six
flavors of the grand reserve top one by
far is the pineapple pout followed by
the island Frost the rainbow custard and
finally that they catch a lot - all
right folks since we're talking about
vaporfi a liquids I want to bring up my
favorite a liquid of all time and that's
the vaporfi menthol freeze it used to be
the mighty menthol I believe but it's
called menthol freeze now it's a I give
it at the triple shot level so it's like
an extreme blizzard in your mouth you
can't make this thing directly you're
gonna have to mix it up with stuff I
kind of think of it as the tobacco's
Tabasco or the Parmesan cheese of a
liquid you want to just dribble this on
all the other evil liquids just a little
bit just to give it that extra kick that
you need it's a fantastic eat liquid
when it comes to vaporfi they do have a
home delivery program which I use to get
this thing it takes ten percent off your
entire order and you can have the
e-liquid mailed directly to your house
and you could specify with them how
often you want that deliver if you go
through a liquids pretty quickly you can
have it every two weeks I have mine
delivered once a month so it's a good
thing to have and I'll put that link on
the bottom of this video as well just so
you guys can check it out
but if you like menthol trust me on this
one try this it's fantastic it really is
so in conclusion of this review of vapor
fight a liquids I want to leave you with
some of my thoughts now whenever we buy
a liquids and we put them in our tank
and we start vaping away we're under the
impression that what we're vaping is
safe but then you hear these reports
about popcorn lung and tests done here
they're saying the safety is in question
it kind of makes you wonder what you're
putting into your tank that you're
inhaling is it good for you or not if
you go into the vapor fly website you'll
see that they're very transparent and
how they do the real ink woods in fact a
lot of stuff that they put down on their
website make me feel a whole lot better
about vaping their products and I jotted
down some of the things I think you guys
should understand one your eat liquids
are diacetyl free all their formulas are
FDA registered they're illiquid
flavorings are made to be inhaled and
the use of top rated glycerin the top
rate of nicotine and their lab is
registered with the FDA as a tobacco
manufacturer so these guys are
absolutely transparent and extremely
you know when I'm gonna vape some
liquids I want these assurances that
they provide on their website so it's
always a good thing if you need to find
a need liquid manufacturer it's gonna
have to be something like vaporfi that
tells you exactly what you're vaping and
showing you that they are registered
with the FDA FDA so it's a very
important thing that's about it folks I
appreciate you taking the time to watch
this video I'll be back next week with a
full review of the vapor 5 Vox 100
temperature control thanks

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