Vape Review of VaporFi Blueberry Blast E-Liquid (30ML)

April 20, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of VaporFi Blueberry Blast E-Liquid (30ML)

Vape Review of VaporFi Blueberry Blast E-Liquid (30ML)

By Ksenia Sobchak

Sun-ripened, sweet, tangy, plump, and bursting with flavor: isn't that how blueberries are best enjoyed? We perfected the idyllic blueberry vape juice, capturing the essence of Pacific Northwest blueberries and like the name says, it's a blast!

Vape Review of VaporFi Blueberry Blast E-Liquid (30ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of VaporFi Blueberry Blast E-Liquid (30ML)

what's up guys rugged vids coming at you
with another allah quick review so today
we're going to be looking at a new
eliquid from vaporfi
they've been super cool is sending over
their latest products quite a bit lately
and we're gonna be doing another review
for them here in the new Fiat in near
future but today we are gonna be looking
at the cool refreshing vapor flies
slushy very berry and yeah it comes in
this huge slushy container how cool is
you pop the top off it's got this little
cardboard insert where the bottle sits
and it looks like a freaking slushy cup
I couldn't believe that the tops even
made by so low I don't know is this made
by solo I would assume the plastic part
says solo cup right on it the solo brand
that's kind of funny but yeah talk about
marketing vapor fine doing it big there
inside you're gonna find this bottle
it's gonna have all your warnings it's
kind of a UPC SKU code right there a
very clean I like it I kind of don't
know how I feel about the slushie
package in I think it's cool I think
it's different but it's kind of like
borderline if you know what I'm saying
on I don't know I'm not gonna give it a
thumbs up I'm not gonna give it a thumbs
down it's just kind of like yeah I don't
know so I'll let you guys be the judge
on the slushy packaging I don't know I
don't know I don't know baby fat I don't
know but most importantly is how does
this shit they how does it bait how's it
how's it come down I was the bait that's
all that matters right guys
so I am not able to find a VG PG
let's do the finger test cuz I've not
done that yet
kind of trying to gauge it here but
alright I'm gonna say maybe a mating
seventy thirty sixty forty at the least
but I'm thinking maybe a seventy thirty
year yeah I'm gonna guess seventy thirty
on this just by the way it moves in the
bottle and the finger test but I've been
vaping it for a little bit today and I
beeped it a little bit the other day and
I'm gonna tell you what it is like just
it's what a slushie is man it's like
this is a vape I would want to grab on
like a hot August afternoon you know
down at the Iowa State Fair the biggest
State Fair in the country this would be
my go to juice I think it's really
refreshing full of different fruit
explosions but I'm gonna tell you this
if you're not a watermelon fan I don't
think this e-liquid is gonna be for you
oh there's a ton of berries in here I
pull through watermelon I'm getting a
little strawberry some blueberry
definitely some a little bit of
raspberry you can you can always get
that through because it's such a strong
flavor it's almost like a weird pina
experience and I was reading through
there their flavor profile on their
website pretty sure this is brand new
I'm thinking this dropped very very very
recently I can't find any reviews on it
except for the video that vaporfi posted
themself and I just got this they seem
to be sending me over everything pretty
quick but I it's available for $18 on
their website I think you can get two
bottles for like thirty three they have
like a two bottle combo pack on there
but uh very very very refreshing any
but again if you don't like watermelon
the watermelon does create that that I
don't want to say a menthol I feel
because you don't get the cooling agent
on the throat but a pretty intense
watermelon taste on top of the slushy
but for me that's perfect I mean the
green apple and the watermelon from dr
pn were both amazing dr PM fruits line
and i'm kind of comparing this to that
because the way the fruits come through
more of a pure way just like they kind
of do on a slushy i don't get a lot of
the sugary effect it's more of just like
a true true flavor of the fruit like a
fruity experienced tropical experience
and kind of still like a pina colada
almost so uh I'm a big fan I'm
definitely gonna vape through this sorry
guys it's not gonna be when I give away
they only sent me one bottle but
absolutely I love it
I'm given the e-liquid two thumbs up
it's a great flavor I like to throw some
some strong fruit flavors in there to
mix it up when I got vapors tun I think
this is one flavor that would do a
really good job of ending that problem
just because it's so strong on the
fruits but yeah one I definitely dig in
the info below I'm gonna leave a comment
where you can buy slushie very very
right off a provides website I don't
make anything through these guys so if
you like it buy it if you don't don't
buy something else but I'm telling you
it's right on as to what they say it is
the NIC is not harsh at all be provides
done an excellent job of providing
pretty high quality products in their
premium lines I don't know about the mix
it yourself and stuff but or not mix it
yourself but pick flavors yourself but
uh the slushies excellent big fan bottle
one more time if you guys like what your
today please hit the thumbs up most
importantly if you're not already
subscribed hit the subscribe button if
you don't like what you're hit the
thumbs down and tell me why I took I try
to read through as many comments as I
can I'm on the road a lot now with
trilogy like when RGV does
it's doing really well but uh I still
love to make videos videos for you guys
so now I do it just for fun
but uh yeah slut very very I love the
flavor packaging and I don't know I'm
realize you'd be the judge
kind of like there's things I don't like
you know obvious for obvious reasons but
there's things I like to it's different
it's cool if you can be adult about it I
love it
but yeah slushy very very vaporfi thanks
paper fight for everything you do
as always guys vape on fam

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