Vape Review of VaporFi Appletini E-Liquid (30ML)

April 23, 2018 4 min read


Vape Review of VaporFi Appletini E-Liquid (30ML)

A melange of of apples, with a heavy-hitting dose of Granny Smith to sucker punch you with sour! Red delicious sweetly balances it out, and the end result is a vape juice remarkably similar to everyone's fave fruity apple cocktail!

Vape Review of VaporFi Appletini E-Liquid (30ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of VaporFi Appletini E-Liquid (30ML)

okay family TC faves here coming at you
with another of you today today we're
gonna be reviewing bazooka sour straws
watermelon sour straws okay so he's come
in 200 ml bottles big bottles
I'll show me in a minute here's the
packaging you got all new bazooka
whatever you got your nice little
candies here a little dude there or
whatever mmm
got your watermelons on here what is the
bazooka it says unicorn bottle plus 200
mils equals a bazooka so that's the
packaging all right it's a 70/30 bun 70
VG 30 PG oh yeah it also comes into the
60 mils now
yeah that's 1995 to the 60 mils and I
think they lowered the price now at the
police yeah it's 42 or 95 for the big
200 mils so you might as we get the 200
mil that's what I got here yeah that's a
premium vape use coupon code
is 20 now I'll knock your total down 20%
okay so here's what you get in the
packaging eat this nice little ball
holder it and then you get your big big
big big big 200 mil chubby gorilla
bottle and yes it is a gorilla bottle
there it is
I got it in 3 milligrams nicotine it's
got your ingredients you know the
warnings they're underage sale
prohibited CA prop 65 warning
and on ingredients it says propylene
glycol 20% USP glycerin 70% that doesn't
add up to 100 so well that was but yeah
oh yeah you also get these 215 million a
corn bottles with it yes do that's nice
for running your on the go and stuff
yeah alright so let's do this review for
you guys man here's the bottle it's got
a nice cap and look at this little
dripper huh little tiny nipple on there
you see that it's nice yeah so I mean it
does um
leak a little bit mines clear alright
I'm going to 15 min I think it's just
easier so yeah today I'm gonna be using
my sigelei jayvon 50 with the troll v2
on top
alright sake of 8 tell you what I think
about this juice
how you guys doing today I'm doing good
I'm doing better my back is so screwed
up went to the chiropractor today can
get it fixed so yeah that's a good thing
it's a nice day here in the Twin Cities
a little bit cold but another sunny day
you're nice and juiced up pretty good
all right
that's vapor huh huh
I'm getting the watermelon oh yeah let's
do this milkshake gonna taste this one
let's do that
I smell watermelon candy that's what
another okay what's the description is
sweet strips of watermelon licorice
candy corn was sweet and sugar sweet and
sour sugar but let me tell you something
I don't get the licorice I don't get the
the gummy I'm getting ah like a hard
candy like a watermelon Jolly Rancher
that's what I'm getting from the smell
shake do the taste test
yeah I get that too I'm getting hard
candy I'm not getting gummy off this one
opinions are subjective that's just my
okay let's take another vape not gonna
lie I had a better taste on the first
like when I first dripped it's it's
subtle I don't know I'm getting the
subtle it's not like packed of flavor on
it on inhale I get the I get a little
bit of sour like if you irks but if
you're gonna if you're buying this juice
expecting that you're gonna get like
that sourness like that you stuffed a
bunch of sour straws in your mouth
you're not gonna get that with this
you're not gonna get that oh I do get a
little sour I mean very subtle sour very
subtle on the intro and outro then I get
the sweetness and then a watermelon and
then it comes you know all comes
together you know let's take it on baby
see if I can dig court further
oh yeah it's I don't know I'm not really
liking this juice
I mean it's alright it's not bad but
it's not good either
that is my opinion at least yeah so what
do I give it what do I give it one out
of 10 stars I give it six just a six
yeah I don't know I do I recommend it um
I don't honestly I don't recommend it
maybe I got a bad batch cuz I've seen a
lot of reviews but a lot of good reviews
on it um so I don't know I'm just not
like it so that is my review on bazooka
sour straws watermelon hope you have a
great day peace out til the next video

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