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Vapetasia Strawberry Killer Kustard 100ML ejuice is a mix of strawberries and vanilla custard, reaching a perfect harmony of sweet and savory flavored e-juice.Vape Review of VAPETASIA STRAWBERRY KILLER KUSTARD EJUICE


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of VAPETASIA STRAWBERRY KILLER KUSTARD EJUICE

what a do Grizzlies howdy doody and CV
squad it's your two hosts your friendly
neighborhood vapors man Pat custard
strawberry babe killer custard
strawberry got that savage kill bill
looking label right there as you can see
the gangster strawberry on the side
there fucking's sort it up ready to fuck
some shit up this was sent to us by
premium baby supply so you shout out to
the good folks over at premium big
supply send us our way we greatly
appreciated you guys this is made by a
foolish would say baked Agia so we got
the vape Tashia killer custard
strawberry this does come 100 milligram
bottle nicotine levels what 0 3 6 and
price points 1995 you can't get an
additional 20% off using discount code
I'm Callie 20 and it just says yeah what
is it because you creamy custard just
creamy custard mix four strawberries
around off with some hints of vanilla
sweetness so BAM so basically like the
original killer custard some strawberry
attitude just it it starts off smelling
I have been vaping on this for a minute
as you can fucking see from the bottle
right there like what 40 mils down these
chubby gorilla bottles actually have the
lines on the bottle so you can kind of
see in each one's 10 mils so one two
three like yeah I'm like 35 mils down
yeah these only ones I've seen it like
that even though original killer custard
bottles like this yeah thought that was
pretty dope kind of figure out how many
em else you've actually babes strip this
up in there using the BMI Nova post this
RDA poster hanging down the Y fuckin
said post is already a but I got it on
the smock alien fucking love these mods
got a some fused Clapton's in there that
I built myself
oh man out to a point one to sin just
round off to solid 90 watts it's at 91
now whatever fuck it and some cotton
bacon version to stand inside let's get
that's probably too much it's like I
carry guys lion dude is like almost like
the air flow is kind of high up on there
there's a wall astray barking to set
that door if they keep barking
I like it like a it's different the law
firm like the other yeah I don't like it
as much as the original it might be
because like strawberry I think it's a
strawberry I'm like did we try it off of
any other no it might just be that are
equal to chance takes everyone like we
may be trying this piece I'm very cool
and see like it's a possibility but as a
off of the BMI
Humpty's so every fancy name it's
the custard-based in it isn't as AE it
isn't as bold in my opinion is the other
one and the reason why i think the case
is it's probably cuz the strawberry and
it's kind of taken away from whatever
they originally added to the original
recipe because it is I'm pretty sure
it's the same pg/vg ratio it's a 70/30
just like the other one so they probably
had to sacrifice some of the other good
flavor that was in it to put the
strawberry in it to make sure it's still
a thick mix but I really like the
vanilla better
you got like a nice sweet vanilla that's
it he's hot yeah it does it's a nice
sweet vanilla and the original one with
the nice custody based this custard base
is kind of little less eggy it's not as
bold and I don't really get much vanilla
in it either yeah it's really like
I'm like a custard should be like aged
that's what you own in the custard
it still is eggy it's just not as bold
and like thick and stuff in my opinion
it's the straw or the original one is
like it's good but as you can see Pat
fucking killed a vanilla bottle like
this one I've been vaping it on a nice
tiny dollar slowly apply myself another
bottle you know I just I just need that
but like overall I want to give this one
like a 7 out of 10 maybe it's all just a
step down from limit now it's still is
good I really like the original one
better though if you're looking for a
good custard babe I definitely recommend
that one for sure especially the price
point I totally totally agree with I
guess that pretty much wraps it up so
remember to keep it fucking moist as
always and you know you could finger the
fuck out of that like button if you need
if you would like subscribe to stay
tuned for the next abuse review and

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