April 18, 2018


Vapetasia Royalty II eJuice a is savory custard, nuts, and creamy vanilla; met with a mild earthy flavor that’s sure to please even the most discerning palates. Bottle Size: 100ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of VAPETASIA ROYALTY II EJUICE

what's going on I'm sarcastic welcome
back to star cast vapes this shit smells
so good I was ripping it and I was like
oh my god Vader's royalty what is he
what ah world see - alright 100 milk
bottle shot up to eat you said late to
make an interview possible these are
1999 the site the link is gonna be down
below this is world t2i correct let me
look this up because I have a
description and
all day all day ratio 70/30 high-profile
arguably our most complex and most
unique flavor royalty - is appreciated
by the new vapors and veterans all the
same on inhale you find notes for savory
custard you're damn right okay savory
custard nuts and cream vanilla met with
a mild earthy flavor that short to
please even the most discerning palate
on excel we be greeted by the smoothest
creamiest and perfectly sweet flavor
you've ever met this shit
oh yeah what do you think it says
skillful what-a-phile
sob Oh God on inhale I'm getting a
custody the cream is vanilla I'm trying
to eat the nuts is really on the inhale
we might design I get the must come out
on the exhale this shit oh yeah exhale a
nut he did everything that flavor
profile says arguably our most complex
yes I mean you got one two three things
going on what they blend very well that
page it does it again
you know the link will be down below the
whole oh my god on in my throat ah you
get it but you get a zero three six and
twelve whoa
I love it when I love the juice anyway
guys if you enjoyed the review give it a
thumbs up
hey leave a comment down below if you've
had this already let me know what you
think about it and I'm out y'all

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