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Vapetasia Pineapple Express 100ML ejuice is an incredible tropical blend with the taste of a big, ripe, juicy pineapple coming through with our trademark creamy smoothness.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of VAPETASIA PINEAPPLE EXPRESS EJUICE

what's happening YouTube it's jaylee
thank somebody for tuning in once again
guys I got another ela grevioux to bring
you today and this one's going to be on
the vacation pineapple Express
so if you tuned into the black berry
lemonade review it I did and if you
tuned in to the killer custard I thought
they were too fantastic liquids
recommend them to you guys could easily
make them all day so I'm a little
excited about this one now summer time
is upon us so I feel like this could
make for an absolutely great summertime
if the flavor is there so what's not
wasting more time guys without further
ado let's go ahead and see the main page
of pineapple Express it's all about
alright guys so the baked Asian
pineapple Express was sent over to me
from India tasks evaluate your purpose
of the review that will not change my
thoughts or opinions on this e-liquid so
it's a 70/30 VG PG hundred mill bottle
comes in a zero three or six milligrams
nicotine the flavor profile is a
tropical pineapple blend topped with
vape Asia's signature creamy smoothness
more or less sounding it's going to be a
tropical pineapple juice flavor with
some creamy undertone so it sounds
I love pineapple base especially if
they're spot on the flavor profile so uh
here's the box here guys
got the pineapple on the front eyes all
glazed over tongue sticking out will
quick use having a good old time there
it's just pineapple Express on the top
it is $29.99 right now on the asset
value website although I'm going to give
you a 25% off coupon code that you can
use for the vape Asia or you can use for
any other premium e-liquid on the
website so you'll get 25% off in my
opinion that's awesome so I think price
you can't go wrong alright so it gives
you all the ingredients all the warnings
on the back there ok so we're going to
do guys we're going to open it up we're
going to smell them you know let you
know what I get from the smell and we're
going to get we're going to talk about
the throat hit we'll go over to vapor
production we'll go over to flavor on
the inhale and on the exhale we'll grade
each category a being the best FB NORs
i'll let you know if it's an all-day
bake for me if of course I recommend it
to you why I would not why why I would
or why I would not go out and buy this
and we're going to compare it at the end
we're going to go ahead and compare it
to the cloud heads pineapple which the
cloud has pineapple we're going to
compare to cloud has pineapple to the
pineapple express I'll let you know
possibly which one I may prefer and
which one I think maybe you guys would
prefer we'll wrap this one up ok so
let's go ahead open it up and see what
it's all about
so the bottle looks pretty much just
like the packaging there really nothing
out different about it
let's go ahead open and take a smell so
it definitely has a nice tropical
pineapple juice smell from it I more or
less can compare it to a like a dull
pineapple juice or or dull or Minute
Maid travel pineapples you guys are
familiar with that that's pretty much
what I'm getting from it I don't get the
creamy undertones at all though but I
definitely get a nice semi sweet
tropical pineapple juice smell not
through overparenting sweet it's pretty
much spot-on with just a nice tropical
pineapple juice so I'm going to get the
smell of solid the-- if i picked up on
those creamy undertones i probably would
give it an a but it still smells
fantastic in my opinion alright so i
have been vaping already i actually
based on a little bit
big baby bees to get an idea on how it
is from the tank for a lot of you tank
lovers and I've been vaping on it here
in the 24 millimeter Cosmin I'll argue I
just get a better idea of the flavor
profile so let's glide I got to sit 992
watts 0.12 om tricor le and build on the
captain P 270 you can also pick this up
at Aspen Valley let's go ahead and
elevate so let's get the throated out of
the way guys first and foremost on a
scale of minimal to two hard throw hit
is non-existent it's a very smooth vape
on the inhale and the exhale just all
around a very very smooth eliquid so if
you're not looking for a throat hit
you're not looking for that pro punch
you're not going to get at least in a
three milligram in my opinion so very
smooth on the throat at cloud production
for a 70/30 blend it's kicking out the
vapor as you can see it's still what a
70/30 is expected to do plenty for my
liking so we're going to get Platt
production in Excel V as well it
definitely lingers is the clouds linger
around nice nice dense milky cloud so
we'll give that a solid big flavor let's
go into a couple more and we'll talk
about the flavor and even out the
nostrils guys it's still a very smooth
vapor you can't feel no burning nothing
so flavor Olney inhale absolutely
picking up on that nice semi-sweet
tropical pineapple juice not too
overpowering so you don't worry about
that it more or less tastes like it like
a tropical pineapple juice so for me
this is going to be a perfect summertime
you liquid I'm also picking up on those
creamy undertones on the exhale I will
say when I baked it out of the big baby
beast and the tank everything was
actually you know it was toned down a
little bit I was still getting those
little slight creamy undertones on the
exhale and that nice tropical pineapple
juice on the inhale but it was just
toned down and not so I do prefer it on
the RDA a little bit more but it's still
going to be perfect in a tank it's going
to wick with no problems at all so I
still think it's going to be an all day
vape out of a tank as well now this
might seem a little weird if any of you
guys have had the vacation pineapple
Express I want you to comment down below
if you can and do me that favor and let
me know when the exhale you're picking
up on a slight bubblegum because I get a
slight pint like a
powdering pineapple bubblegum flavor on
the XL doesn't make it doesn't make this
any any less you know good for me it
just it actually entices it a little bit
but it's not in a flavor profile so I
thought that was a little strange and I
picked up on that and taste is
subjective maybe it's just me but I
definitely get a slight little bubblegum
flavor on the XL but other than that I'm
just getting a nice tropical pineapple
juice just like a doll or minim a
pineapple like I stayed in the beginning
and not too sweet I get that nice creamy
undertone it's like a light cream I
wouldn't say a milk like a milky cream
it's just more or less like a light
whipped cream undertone blends together
with that pineapple and just makes for
an awesome vape guy so yes I can vape it
all day like I already said do I
recommend it to you absolutely if you're
in the market for a tropical pineapple
juice flavor and if you're okay with
those creamy undertones to it while we
go out and buy is number one it's an
authentic gorilla bottle easy to fill
your tank easy to drip with number two
you get 100 mils for a fantastic price
in my opinion and number three it's a
great all day pineapple vape summertime
wintertime doesn't really matter it's
just a fantastic flavor in my opinion
alright so let's go ahead and compare it
to the cloud heads some flavor like I
said we're going to get we're going to
get flavor of solid B so all around so
far it's getting to be vapor production
smell flavor since to be across the
board alright so the cloud heads if you
had to ask me when I prefer to cloud
heads or vape Asia pineapple Express
it's subjective guys honestly it's going
to be one of the things where it depends
on which kind of mood I'm in if I'm
looking for a nice tropical pineapple
juice flavor with some creamy undertones
I'm going to go with the vaped Asia
pineapple express now if I'm just
looking for a straight-up pineapple
taffy a nice sweet pineapple taffy I'm
going to go with the cloud heads so I
can easily vape both of them all day
long there's really not one I prefer
over the other it would more or less
just a pendulum the mood that I'm in
that day so for you if you're looking
for just a straight-up pineapple like a
pineapple taffy flavor definitely go
with the cloud heads I would recommend
this one to you but if you're looking
for a tropical pineapple juice flavor
with some creamy undertones to it go
with the vacation pineapple express
either one I mean if you like pineapple
in general you're going to like either
one in my opinion you can't go wrong but
they're just my thoughts I just want to
share my opinions with you and just have
something to compare it to I know a lot
of you like when I do two comparisons
okay so that's pretty much it for this
one guys I mean all around it's a
fantastic juice I would recommend it to
you so don't forget to Like comment
subscribe if you haven't watched it
scribe or giveaway announcement yet make
sure you go over and do that make sure
you get subscribed leave a comment down
below what you think of a page of
pineapple Express if you've had it if
you plan on getting it and if you want
to see me review anything else and I'll
do my best to get my hands on it so you
guys have a great day
don't forget the vaping saves lives
smoking takes lives I'll see you guys on
the next one
take care

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