April 18, 2018


Vapetasia Killer Kustard 100ML ejuice is a mix of vanilla and custard, reaching a perfect harmony of sweet and savory flavored e-juice.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of VAPETASIA KILLER KUSTARD EJUICE

what does everyone Brandon from Tina's
vapes and today we're going to be
checking out oh I didn't work
killer custard from vacation this is the
box it comes in a really nice-looking
box and thank you guys that they
patients presenting themselves really
appreciate it you can check it out on
their side they stay calm it's a hundred
hundred no bottle for $29.99 comes from
these nice big chubby gorilla bottles
and the first time you open these things
they're really fucking hard to open
I don't like pinch it between my legs
and twist the cap to get results I
finally got it open so now we can baste
it it is a 70/30 blend three milligrams
of nicotine that's big ol bottle of
content it is an enhancing mix of
vanilla custard reaching a perfect
harmony of sweet and savory now and the
chubby gorilla bottom you get it on
their site like I've said 30 bucks you
can get 0 3 6 and 12 milligrams of
nicotine I'm pretty pumped trying to
step out and try to get whoo
that's cool man that's no good go ahead
and get it dripped on right here
we're vaping it at about 70 watts on
some dual stainless steel coils come out
to 0.1 8.19
right around there give it a go
the first thing I notice when I start a
pen on it is my mouth starts fucking
salivating like instantly like a lot
it's really really really good in and
out I kind of get the same flavor it's a
you know rich like savory
vanilla custard is just a mouth filling
delicious flavor of custard it's amazing
it's super smooth in and out it doesn't
burn the throat doesn't burn the nose
anything like that
those are that quick review short and
sweet get to the point if you are into
custard flavors decklist definitely
recommend killer custard from baked Asia
I get that it's only 30 bucks for a
hundred mil bottle that's pretty good
price for such a good juice this company
they always produce amazing juice
another flavor sucks they don't taste
like chemicals at all their flavors
always are true to what the description
our top nut Scott Kelly custard yay it's
good stuff
good good good stuff good good stuff and
Tina's mate removes old smoker

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