Vape Review of Vape Pink Swirl E-liquid (60mL)

April 18, 2018 10 min read

Vape Review of Vape Pink Swirl E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of Vape Pink Swirl E-liquid (60mL)

By Elena Ognivtseva

Transport yourself back in time with Swirl vape juice by Propaganda. An irresistible blend of lemon, orange and lime flavors whipped to a creamy perfection will have your taste buds craving for more. There's no need to run after the ice cream truck anymore, this timeless frozen dessert can now be enjoyed anywhere. A blend that's a match made in heaven, be sure to buy your 60mL bottle of Vape Pink Swirl e-liquid today!

Vape Review of Vape Pink Swirl E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Vape Pink Swirl E-liquid (60mL)

hey what's happening YouTube what's
going on everybody it's Jay Lee thanks
for tuning in once again to all about
the vapor and tonight bringing you
another alacrity view this is on vape
pink to chew so any of you who are
familiar with cookie butter the bottle
looks exactly the same I have not had a
chance to have to try cookie butter yet
but I've heard a lot of excellent things
about it so hopefully I'll get to try
that in the future but unfortunately
have another chance try cookie butter
yet but this is on baked pink chew it's
supposed to replicate a pink chewy candy
so more or less a pink starburst like a
strawberry starburst basically so I only
inhale it says in the flavor description
that's supposed to be a sweet candy
flavor runny inhale and then a sweet
strawberry chewy candy flavor on the XL
so I've been sitting on for about two
months now picked it up from direct
neighbor I'll put a link down at the end
of the video of course case you want to
go over and purchase a bottle but I got
it from direct favored about two months
ago haven't really had a chance to get
around to it yet so open it up earlier
today got an idea the different smell I
was getting from the bottle baked on a
little bit just to get a brief basic
idea of the different flavor notes that
I was getting from this so I figured I
would come on tonight give you guys my
honest opinions let you know what I get
from the inhale let you know what I get
from the exhale and basically let you
know if it's an all day vape if it's
something I recommend to you and that's
pretty much it will wrap it up so of
course like I always do we're also gonna
switch over to the tank for all you tank
lovers out there we'll see if we get the
same flavor from the tank as we do from
the RDA so here's the bottle up front
guys 60 ml glass bottle Compton a zero
three six or even at 12 milligrams
nicotine says vape pink shoe right there
on the front 60 ml 3 milligram gives you
no warnings on the back of course made
in America there gives you a little
Facebook and the Instagram logo now I
don't know if they were going for like a
breast cancer awareness theme with this
if they were kudos an M I highly respect
that every year I try to donate
something to the Breast Cancer Awareness
foundation just to try to do my part so
definitely respect that if that's what
you guys were going for on this one
kudos to you for that so let's go ahead
let's open it didn't idea of what we're
picking up well to smell definitely pick
up like a candy smell that would a nice
like a nice smooth candy smell you're
not getting too it's not too sweet so a
lot of them bottles he opened up that
are really sweet you smell them they
kind of take you back it's not that it's
just a nice easy subtly nice smell that
I'm getting from it it's very pleasant
hard to really say if I'm smelling like
pink starburst I guess I do get a little
bit of that I get I pick up on a little
bit of the strawberry smell but more or
less just a nice smooth easy candy smell
I'm getting from it like I said it's
very pleasant it's not too overpowering
and it's not kind of you know making
your face cringe and taking you back a
little bit really nice smell so we're
gonna do guys we're gonna go ahead and
vape on it right now I got a sitting on
my 24 millimeter sub-zero RDA on my
sub-zero legendary mechanical mod and of
course know Ohm's law know your battery
safety before picking up one of these
but let's go ahead we'll have a vape and
I'll let you know what I'm getting off
the flavor so as you can see 70/30 blend
I always talk about how much I love the
70/30 blends so don't really have to get
into that vapor production for me is
perfectly fine
nice and dense uhm not getting too much
of a throat hit from this so I would
more or less prefer this in a six but
again I am trying to cut it down to a
three so but I'm not really getting too
much of a throat hit from it but it's a
nice smoothie so let me go ahead do a
couple more so only inhale I definitely
get that candy flavor from it um it's
hard to say I'm not really prominently
picking up on a strawberry but I
definitely get a nice smooth easy candy
flavor and on the exhale let me go ahead
and do another one I can see where they
were coming from with the chewy candy so
if I had a pin pointed something I would
definitely say it is like a chewy candy
it's just hard for me to tell if I'm
getting like a strawberry chewy candy
and usually with these coils in here
they really bring out the flavor going
with the clean builds like I usually
always do these are the frames stapled
aliens I'll put a link down below for
clean builds website too
got something to accommodate everybody
whether you're looking for something
unregulated for a mechanical monitor if
you're looking for something to go into
a regulated box mod they got coils it'll
accommodate all your needs out there so
make sure you guys check them out the
only have some months if you take proper
care of them so yeah a really on the
inhale I'm definitely picking up on like
a nice candy flavor but again it's hard
to pinpoint if it's a strawberry
starburst but I get little undertones of
strawberry you can taste it trying to
come out but to me I wish I've had a
little bit more of a strawberry flavor
to it so it's definitely just a nice
nice candy flavor on the inhale you can
definitely tell it's it's supposed to
resemble a chewy candy and on the exhale
it's pretty much the same thing um it's
not much of a throat hit like I said I
would prefer more of a throat hit and I
would prefer more of a strawberry flavor
from this now you take sip subjective
maybe if you tried this please let me
know maybe you're picking up more on the
strawberry than I am but I'm pretty much
just getting a nice nice calm candy
flavor that's pretty much it just a nice
calm candy flavor not overpoweringly
sweet it's it's not something that I got
that I got to put down right away or
something that's hard to vape on like a
lot of those really sweet flavors are
it's just a nice easy smooth candy
flavor with really no throat hit now I
know a lot of you out there that you
like that you don't really want to
throat hit so that would be perfect for
you guys but you're just looking for a
nice smooth candy flavor more or less
like a chewy candy flavor and you can
definitely taste little notes of
strawberry coming out so it's there but
it's it's just not there as much as I
would prefer it to be if that makes any
sense so it's there just not enough for
my liking but it is good so I'm not
saying that it's bad by any means I just
wish that I had a little more the
strawberry flavor to it
so what we'll do guys we'll go ahead
we'll switch it over to the tank we'll
see if we're picking up any different
flavors from the tank then we wear the
RDA and then of course I'll let you know
which one I prefer whether the tanker
RDA or vice versa and that's pretty much
it we'll wrap this one up guys so I got
it sitting here on the sigelei foo chai
big baby beasts already got it waked up
in there let's go ahead and have a vape
74 watts
so only on the inhale it's it's
definitely uh you still pick up on that
candy flavor but the strawberry out of
the tank at least for me is now almost
in my opinion non-existent so I'm just
getting like a sweet chewy candy flavor
but it's hard to pinpoint what type of
fruit is supposed to be coming out of it
I mean only Rd yeah I could definitely
tell was supposed to be like a
strawberry I was getting a little hint
of that but in the tank I'm not really
picking up on the strawberry flavor so
it's good um it does though a little bit
to me anyway and this is my honest
complete opinion I'm getting a little
tiny bit of like a perfumey flavor so
again I I know a lot of people
absolutely love this but love the chui
so I've heard a lot of great things
about it and it does have a really good
on initial inhale and a really good
exhale but the aftertaste I'm kind of
picking up on like a perfumey aftertaste
which couldn't be an all-day debate for
me I would absolutely get tired of that
after a while it's not it's not like
somebody elique was out there that I've
had that we're just like steaks like
Street potpourri it's not by any means
like that but you definitely can pick up
on some of those like potpourri notes on
the XL and well not really on the exhale
but kind of just lingering around with
on the at your take so it kind of just
sticks to your tongue a little bit in
the back euro and you know that can get
to be a little much so let me go ahead
to a couple more it's actually really
Pleasant coming out the nose - believe
it or not
well yeah that aftertaste now now that
I've switched over to the tank I wasn't
really getting that from the RBI you
believe it or not but now that I bet
they fit on it for a little while I'm
definitely picking up on like a perfume
the aftertaste which and really it's
either either you're gonna like this one
it's one of those flavors that's it's a
very unique flavor it's an acquired
flavor you're either gonna like it or
you're not um
now again taste is subjective you might
pick up more of that strawberry if this
had more of the strawberry flavoring to
it this would be really good I would
absolutely enjoy it and would say that
it could be an all day vape for me but
because I'm not getting too much in a
strawberry and because I don't really
get much of a throat hit and because it
a little bit of that lingering potpourri
after taste that's sticking to my tongue
I'm gonna say that for me it's not gonna
be an all-day vape what I recommend it
if you're into the candy flavors and
you're into like the strawberry candy
flavors sure I would recommend it
because I would like to see if maybe
it's my taste buds maybe you would pick
up more on those strawberry notes so and
a lot of people have put up great
reviews about this juice so I'm not
gonna say no I don't recommend it I
would recommend it but at the same time
just be cautious because again if you
don't have much money let's put it this
way if you don't have much money
stick to what you know stick to what you
know is good because I don't want you to
pick something up or spend your money
you know a little bit of money you may
have to spend on e-liquid on something
that you may not enjoy so it's one of
those flavors so it's not something that
I can say you're absolutely gonna love
this flavor because you may not but if
you're into the candy flavors and you're
into the chewy candy flavors you may you
may enjoy it but if you're not into the
candy flavors at all then don't purchase
it obviously but um yeah it's one of
them flavor so I would say it's good but
at the same time if you are down to you
know your last 25 bucks whatever and you
needed buy a bottle a liquid I would say
to stick with what you know where you
know or basically that's it just stick
to what you know because you may not end
up liking this one so I like it I enjoy
it's not an all day vape for me
obviously what do I prefer it out of the
tanker Dr Dee anymore with this one I'm
gonna go out of the RDA just cuz I
wasn't picking up on that a potpourri
ish taste that was lingering around on
the aftertaste well pretty much that's
it guys we're gonna wrap this up once
again if you haven't subscribed to my
channel please make sure you do
go watch the 100
describe or giveaway announcement if you
want to take place and that the giveaway
ends on Saturday 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time
I'll put a link down below for Aspen
Valley beefs as well if you want some
awesome yulik with awesome prices make
sure you check out Aspen Valley babes
and I'll also put a link down to Poppy's
vapor lounge where I purchase my clean
builds from so if you're ever in the New
Jersey area please stop in there but I
also put a link up to the clean builds
website directly in case you wanted to
go to their website and purchase some
oils on your own that's pretty much it
guys if you have this flavor please
comment down below let me know what your
opinion is of it let me know if you
picked up on that potpourri taste that I
was getting when the answer tastes a
little bit let me know if you got more
of a strawberry starburst flavor from
this then I did hey let me know what
your thoughts are um if you had the
cookie butter please tell me what your
thoughts are on the cookie butter as
well cuz that one I'm probably gonna
purchase next so that's pretty much it
guys all day vape no not for me
unfortunately maybe for you again that's
subjective but I will put a link down
for this right now before I forget it's
going for 22 95 or 60 ml so 2295 for 60
mils is a good price in my opinion but
it's to me it's it's it's more of a risk
to buy this without without knowing it
well let's just say let's just say I
wouldn't recommend spending 2295 on it
if you don't have that to spend so if
that's pretty much all you have left I
would purchase something that you know
you're going to enjoy because this one's
a little subjective but um if you do
have the money and it's not really an
issue yeah pick yourself up a bottle let
me know what you think about it because
you may really enjoy this one a lot of
people out there do so I'm not bashing
it by any means it's not a bad a liquid
at all I've had ones that were
absolutely terrible
it's just something that I couldn't beep
all day periodically yeah but it's just
not something that I can go on all day
and be completely satisfied with that's
it for this one guys again I'll put all
the links down below you have a great
day remember they being saves lives
smoking takes lives be saved they on
I'll see you guys on the next one

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