Vape Review of Vape Parfait Strawberry E-liquid by Vapetasia (60ML)

April 19, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Vape Parfait Strawberry E-liquid by Vapetasia (60ML)

Vape Review of Vape Parfait Strawberry E-liquid by Vapetasia (60ML)

Vape Parfait Strawberry by Vapetasia brings a truly sophisticated flavor profile to your palate with deep layers of delicious. Right off the first draw you will notice a finely blended greek yogurt note wipped lightly to perfection. The flavor body brings notes of ripe strawberries to your tongue showering juicy fruit notes all around. Finally, a crunchy granola note fuses with the greek yogurt to perfectly simulate a tasty snack you won't believe! Be sure to buy a 60ML Bottle of Vape Parfait Strawberry E-liquid by Vapetasia today!

Vape Review of Vape Parfait Strawberry E-liquid by Vapetasia (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Vape Parfait Strawberry E-liquid by Vapetasia (60ML)

hey everyone ready eat my share what you
did today we're gonna be talking about a
couple juices that I received shout-out
to foolish babes and shout out to vape
tasia for making this review possible
the two flavors that we are going to be
looking at today is blueberry parfait
and strawberry parfait vape parfait
whatever their 70/30 plans 0 3 and 6 on
the neck 60 ml bottles these are the
boxes strawberries just red strawberry
and 70/30 blends it together to cover
that now what they're supposed to be is
you know wrap our fried parfait is fresh
fruit yogurt granola now I vape both of
these let me go ahead and start off with
the strawberry first the foremost go
ahead drip some of this on my predator 2
to 8
it's my new device that I use all the
time now alright let's go ahead and give
this a rip it's fresh
all right definitely get strawberry
definitely get to grit all up but the
yogurt just blows it blows the whole
blood up just it's not right it's not
the right blood of yogurt it's nasty
my opinion it's nasty I know a lot of
people like this yeah it's the yogurt
that blows the whole thing stop shaking
man it's yogurt that messes up the whole
if the yogurt was a different blood if
it was no play ish versus sour or some
people say like this is people like it's
weird shit these days but then the
blueberry one I made yesterday and I
don't really feel like taping it again
this one's even worse parents say if you
choose between the two I'd say
strawberry would be the one to go with
really isn't any throat and Rose hit
they're both about
three my flavor scale so if you did
enjoy that you would be able to make
them all day but to me the blueberry had
like a hand lotion kind of thing going
on blueberry and hand lotion that's what
I mean by the yogurt throws everything
off it mixed with the blueberry and it
came out really funky even the smell is
there is no throat or nose hit from
either one of these but in terms of
I think the 60 ml bottle I've seen for
about 24 dollars or so I'm sure if you
did some google searches and stuff like
that you can get you know different
prices on it but I'm not even in my
description you don't want to just be
brain surgeons but anyways that's going
to do it for this review washout

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