Vape Review of Vape Flurry E-Liquid

April 19, 2018

Vape Review of Vape Flurry E-Liquid

Vape Review of Vape Flurry E-Liquid

Vape Flurry E-Liquid containing a blend of cookies, milkshake and ice cream. Available in a single, nicotine free 120ml (100ml of e-liquid) bottle.

Vape Review of Vape Flurry E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Vape Flurry E-Liquid

hello YouTube what's going on boy
he'll be going to the vapor world one
please testing of the log and welcome to
vape mesh and go to John there in the
background can do this you don't own my
part my name is a triangular we got the
bit that we got the Navy one oh there we
welcome guys I'm of course Mickey big
this is a new guy on the set but he is
juicy James otherwise known as sushi
motherfucking James DJ jockey all day
he's gonna hit it up he's gonna do is
Shing we're gonna try some juice today
let's get it going
alright guys so we gonna start to deal
with these guys
over friends with over at my 5-star
vapor sent us some samples fjz liquid
churro ice cream and then we get an ice
cream sandwiches strawberry and vanilla
then we're going to top it all off with
a flurry ice cream cookie milkshake fuck
you mean boy what get it down boy quick
that shit up wake out what you think now
we're going to dry which ones are hot
which ones are not
which one's our teeth and which ones are
sheet and today special thing for today
we're both market-specific mod you want
to flash that shit we got the predator
up in here red and black we got the
president in black we're getting more
prisoners than paper worldwide 5906 week
a Shady Grove bro come holler if you
guys are looking for cheap mod ordering
the Evo 75 50% off this weekend only
I have to sign for a faggot I'll be
right back you do that review we'll be
right back all right so the trail is a
hint of TRO with more vanilla ice cream
and it feels like a french vanilla very
good very unique very on point isn't it
so predator not further 228 let's show
it naps man what do I got here I don't
know that's mine now if it's juice we'll
try for your special little edition up
in here don't cut my hand open that
would hurt thank you so safe we got some
more job look at this brothers breaking
what the fuck I do know they're good
brand if you remember one of our so
we're le yeah tried those don't remember
when we got this thank you element in
liquid Zac you hooked it up today damn
special announcement he notices address
to the was the only Mickey babes
still just a little
so we got oh my god we busted yeah look
I went but I do you did you do some get
back on the Facebook thing can get
around on it dog and we got some
stickers oh yeah get it done boy why
would you want for me and the little
with this alright
so tune in we will do this later we'll
probably do it tomorrow so tune in
tomorrow for for two sided excitedness
of aluminum liquid yeah alright tip of
the mixture we got cookie craze and
number so so tell Vicki oh what is it in
there it's cuz it's all like dude
instead of just their whole life whoa
get it down boy d we're rhyming yeah
very good tell me that's not bad
if you reduce it oh my god I'm getting
nothing but Burnett that's the problem
with having a one snack boy boys look at
that look at that
don't let real quick that's the problem
that once that coil boy
actually like that got a guest I got
over whoo-hoo switching places guys
what's going on
whoo I'm feeling good today I'm sorry
I'm very hyped today all right all right
so that was B cookie crane I say it's
goddamn tooth god damn tip so I guess
you got to go to run ammo that is a
churro flavored juice - rose - rose -
rose - rose the one delay let go whoo
damn gotta stuff in these burn it
all right we're going to drop it down so
that we don't get any more experience
I'm driving it down to 55 like a normal
person I don't know I know we'll be
we'll be back but it's not my comfort
level vaping my comfort level is about
180 200 but when I go down oh yeah oh
yeah I love this
now when James tell me brothers jews oh
no I don't really like Carol dad you
know I was doing a cinnamon bun no way
man I'm never going back to cinnamon
buns again I love this Geronimo love is
love is love is love is love it and if
you notice I'm not getting as much cloud
that's because I'm not vaping at the
lodge it would be didn't do this I favor
180 about some rules would you smoke so
room so jump down you're going to take
the Encore of bathing at we're not
selling anymore baby on 101 1.0 so drop
down to 35 we'll be good to go you're
going out again your sister to do a good
oh wait there's a problem we're movin on
movin on movin on movin on let's do it
alright alright smooth this up there we
go alright alright keep movin rollin
rollin rollin whoo last but definitely
not least ice cream cookie milkshake my
face Larry baby what get it done boy
yeah get it done high energy over here I
hope I'm puppet all y'all up please
comment please like please subscribe
this thing is going to go off baby
oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah so
as you all know you haven't seen Maddie
in this video sorry you're sick bro love
you dude but so this is gonna be a
little trivia ten oh yeah she's
definitely chugging today definitely a
grape flavor
I will definitely say hit level pitch
level baby how are you
so I usually ask my guests this but he's
not here at the moment if I had a juice
and I could replace any line in my
fucking system I would choose nothing
actually this is a flavor so unique so
absolutely unique so fantastic that I
would just add it to my game plan right
now that is going to be ice cream cookie
milkshake by base slurry I would add it
to my store get it done
whoa I've been making babe that was
juicy James
shoutout to Maddie eight reales

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