Vape Review of Vanilla Wafers E-liquid by Liquid EFX (60ML)

April 19, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Vanilla Wafers E-liquid by Liquid EFX (60ML)

Vape Review of Vanilla Wafers E-liquid by Liquid EFX (60ML)

By Elena Ognivtseva

Vape your favorite on the go treat with a bottle of Vanilla Wafers E-Liquid by Liquid EFX. This popular cookie note shines bright with a cool and creamy dip of milk garnished with a hint of vanilla. The inhale arrives upon your palate bringing a delicate cookie note with a unique flavor quality. The front note is dipped deep into a cold glass of milk spilling with grace onto the exhale. Subtle hints of vanilla bean are painted into the entire flavor experience to enforce its timeless charm. Be sure to buy a bottle of Vanilla Wafers E-Liquid by Liquid EFX (60ML)!

Vape Review of Vanilla Wafers E-liquid by Liquid EFX (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Vanilla Wafers E-liquid by Liquid EFX (60ML)

today youtubers are welcome back to
moonshine vapor and today we're looking
at two new juices that's come to my
attention and the first one we'll be
looking at is called cake monster that's
who they are
three million nicotine 60ml buckle now
there's your bottle not opened as you
can see first time trying this baby I'd
say well there's some good things about
this juice from across the pond couple
my friends ler in the US have invaded on
this I suggested that I tried as soon as
possible taking on more fighting rappers
again notice for some reason childproof
cap mmm sweet creamy snapped up really
smells lush gets on this baby out came
under the fresh cotton I got my AV and
getting juiced up or push it'll cook
away doing this
all you guys out there clever in
producing products and building stuff to
fold another way and get your cotton
juice not quick come in handy especially
in situations like this or smells really
lush absolutely smaller sweet cakey
texture of the smell mmm let's come in
trusting vapor get one just in there get
soaked into the cotton a beer
get some breathing cap on the coil as
you do
okay right all that sulk in a bit let's
give you a flavor description now got
French name er gonna file a bit hard to
pronounce sides bear with me it's Trey
Trey leash trail eat a rich Trey leash
butter cake soaked in evaporated milk
condensed milk and every every heavy
cream sorry topped with strawberries
symptom l7 t VG side 30 PG so see what
we've got up this baby man that's
fucking fantastic
man you guys get this to me
I'll get this really no Ollie sweetie
but it's it's sweet condensed milk can
taste and in the cake as well he's
blending together and towards the back
of that column you pick up the
strawberries this juice not lying here
is absolutely bang-on
that's a beautiful all day vape no funny
it's just a fresh delightful taste up on
your palates always straight through and
obviously Kai's easier to demonstrate
they like sitcom estate anything pick it
up like that yeah
okay my face then trying it wrong my
face is really easy likes that one that
is a stunning stunning flavored juice
you will not be disappointed with that
and it's 2 in the range but just managed
to pick up this one first and foremost
and that is the rich trail leash trail
each get my friend shea butter cake
soaked in vibrated milk condensed milk
and a heavy cream topped with
strawberries beautiful juice seeing that
being all day one and one of my new top
juices of Eve a plant
trust me love that that is absolutely
hmm and now let's move on to the second
one I want to use here now I've got a
limitless RDA going on this as you can
see fresh cotton dot and this juice
we're looking at is Miller vapors let's
get this up as well so this is this is
by introducing Nilla vapes by tinted
blue liquids and coal imagine dripping
vanilla wafers in cold milk truly made
for watering vape the highlights of
vanilla cream sweet milk and crunchy
wafer all comes together when I stand in
all day vape 60 ml bottle it's often
nice thirty little bottle in there
nice bottle this was no injury be near
some good things about very underrated
but a lot of people haven't told until
actually get to vape II well have seen
its juice around before but it actually
has been King to the pick it up the baby
tilde true so this hasn't been my first
time in this baby get him off get my
shake that jus the first cake monster
Jesus Christ
stunning flavor oh my god
now the smell is misleading to me it
smelled like a banana milkshake
he really does I can get that into
vanilla now this is gonna be an
interesting vape as well very nice
pleasant smell
he really is sweet and creamy smell
though I'm going off this baby
and if he smells anything or they taste
like anything like it smells like it's
going to be a nice vape it really is
though these juices was given to me by
penis wholesalers in Birmingham by
gentleman called Kieran for the purposes
of this review he's got a lot of juice
in right now from the states juice I've
not even heard of and I've tasted a few
thoroughly truven very very nice stuff
he's got that in there so in the coming
weeks I'll be getting reviews up on them
juicers as well
and snow if this is absolutely gorgeous
realese fresh cotton up righty-right is
I've broken in the bit I only got this
at 70 watts it's a 70 watts now my juice
on there there you go right see what we
got it in
got down mark were you doing got juice
coming everywhere
stupid man took sight of the smells
if you smelt this juice what you see
won't get all excited I swear to god
it's absolutely smell wash all right
stop messing around with that lid on
here we go
oh my god now can taste the vanilla
taste the wafer and the milk all comes
with one beautiful tasting juice
let's clear my chest a meal for a heart
attack here that is beautiful
it really is vanilla wafers in ice-cold
milk truly mad for watering oh my god
that is beautiful that is really the
nice wait
Tom the vapour of that baby the flavor
is immense max VG each bottle comes of
the 60 ml bottle of Milla vapors and one
custom 13 all yellow chubby gorilla
bottle limited quantities available this
all I'm looking at the website here
mistakes extruded beautiful beautiful
beautiful beautiful yep
that baby is absolutely spot-on really
nice vape I swear to God - fantastic
juices that you need to get your hands
on ladies and gentlemen
absolutely spot-on and it's a cake
monster for me I did it - well I think
would be my favorite juice but the ball
for the most stunning I think this is
just edging the way for me really is get
down to the wholesalers use shop owners
get these juices on your shelf pns old
sailors Birmingham so that's it I've got
some free new bottles of juice to review
from a company called mister vapes here
mr. Bates show us hopefully should up
these juices up to review by tomorrow
evening everybody ever a good weekend
was well what's left of the weekend
sorry I look forward to see another side
just moonshine vapor out buddy else

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