Vape Review of Vampire Vape Pinkman 70-30 E-Liquid 10ml

April 19, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Vampire Vape Pinkman 70-30 E-Liquid 10ml

Vape Review of Vampire Vape Pinkman 70/30 E-Liquid 10ml

Contents 1 x 10ml Bottle of Vampire Vape E-Liquid Features 3mg Nicotine Strength 70VG 30PG. Made in the UK May contain traces of nuts Contains Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin Warranty For information regarding our terms and conditions for warranty please click here. There you will find warranty information for all of our products.

Vape Review of Vampire Vape Pinkman 70-30 E-Liquid 10ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Vampire Vape Pinkman 70/30 E-Liquid 10ml

is Sam from VG PG liquid reviews now
today I have a bit of that special guest
his name is Dave now today we're gonna
be looking at two flavors from the
vampire vape range we're gonna be
looking at Pinkman and Heisenberg to the
most popular ones in the range I would
say daddy was gonna be doing the
Heisenberg Heisenberg Dave which is
where I'm gonna be doing the Pinkman Oh
cheers mate thank for these balls are a
tenner for 30 min of liquid good price
it's not a bad price at all for ferryman
of it but for the natural juice you get
in my lot of quality of it yeah it is
good koi and then quite colorful as well
I'll show you the Pinkman is genuinely
pink ma'am then you got Eisenberg
Heisenberg we see what they did there so
right Pinkman is as described on the
vampire website it's a flavor that will
make all you fruity vapors wonder why we
didn't make this sooner a mouth-watering
fruit explosion on your taste buds is
about to erupt
this is available in two different
ratios so it can even be 70/30 so Sony
VG 30 PG and a free or if you get in its
six milligrams of liquid it's in 64 he
don't know why they've done that but
there must be a reason so let's try some
berry what it's that like hard wahi
nazil about what that underscore his
pink hanging the taste is their taste in
vapor production test on the Pinkman
here we go so far about the clouds you
get from of the quid I'm still speaking
out pull out now you do get quite a few
fruity flavors in there it's hard to
describe what you get first really I
think it's like yeah I think it's like a
mixed fruits flavor there's a loaf row
here whatsoever though so
that's quite nice Dave you're going to
check up on the Heisenberg so the
Heisenberg is almost like a unknown kind
of flavor there's really like fruity
kind of taste at the forefront of life
and then on the exhale well as you take
it in down buck you've probably a real
strong kind of mental hit like
ridiculously strong I don't much
recommend moderate didn't like you can't
even trip it and you know take the power
however I like I like be lucky and
punched in the throat and see a taste of
a production tax the one thing I'll say
about the baked reduction test what
we're talking about last night is it
doesn't produce as much pay for some of
the other flavors that you've actually
you tried yeah I'm not really sure why
that is the cloud do clouds bright
clouds as some flavors right there's
nothing that yeah so there are certain
flavors on the range that do produce a
bit more cloud than others but the
Heisenberg seems to struggle a bit with
the vapor production don't know why it
just does
but it's don't Chuck's yeah I mean it's
just still producing your own weather
system yeah so it's Cloudy with a Chance
of flavor the flavor is really good the
only thing is it in a dripper is really
intense like a mental hit that you get
is like stupidly intense so with the
Heisenberg a recommendation from both of
us try not to trip it where possible all
be a maniac like Dave and riff it if you
enjoyed man falls but don't want the
extreme fro pet from it go for a tank if
you do like to be dangerous I guess go
live life on the edge and go for the RDA
Pretender Fred's had no for 30 mils yeah
for what do you get for your money I
mean youngster you get these really
stupidly cheap juicers the way you can
get like under under the 50 ml of like
50 not quit but you don't get the the
intensity of the flavor more than the
quality of the way this the intensity of
the flavor that you get when you pay a
little bit more
they almost taste by chemically then
yeah and like the flavor that is
advertised on that you'll get Flav but
like with some of the cheaper flavors
you'll get like the flavors advertised
for the first couple of hits and after
that it just you know so one of these
liquids will just point out would be
spot and a juice which is on juicy babe
stock one of these liquids is not like
the others
yeah so they do do a similar Heisenberg
but if you're gonna go for a Eisenberg
flavor then just go for the real deal
Wow you just do do do do and it was
funny at times your cotton blue as well
which is you see that yeah it's pretty
tight thank you you know because it's
not good place yeah that's another
recommendation you're calling as tasty
as it looks though near the tip of the
day always when you're working with
audio clip you cut back on before you
babe and that's Dave's tip of the day
anyway that's everything from us today
that was our review on vampire vapes
liquids Heisenberg and Pinkman
say bye from bye from me and buy from
South Bay John Frank
anyway that's us signing out and stay
tuned for more from me and possibly
another guest on the next reviews
goodbye Harvey Dent

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