Vape Review of Vamp Toes E-Liquid 10ml

April 19, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Vamp Toes E-Liquid 10ml

Vape Review of Vamp Toes E-Liquid 10ml

Vamp Toes e-liquid is a twist on the mixed berry juice - "Vamto", fruity and delicious! A treat for your taste buds. Details 10ml E-Liquid 60% Propylene Glycol (PG), 40% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Available in 0.3%, 0.6%, 1.2%, and 1.8% nicotine strength About The Vampire Vape Based in Blackburn, the Vampire Vape line of e-liquid is one of the popular UK brands who have become recognised with their signature flavours, Heisenberg & Pinkman.

 Vape Review of Vamp Toes E-Liquid 10ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Vamp Toes E-Liquid 10ml

what's up everybody Finn here from Finn
Phipps and today we're gonna check out a
thumb by a paper liquid called funk toes
so you send all about a 10 mil bottle
for me to check out and show you all
what it's all about
so from toes I feel probably if you've
been following pump iff so they do
really really nice liquids no I'll have
this kind of vampire theme and that's
the logo nice little fun pie on the
front there it's like Dracula and he's
holding the fun pipe it's really really
nice balls nice pebble childproof tops
my squeezy bottles on there on the side
of it it tells you the PG&E G straight
up so it's 60/40 it is place it's 10 mil
bottle ingredients on the back propylene
glycol vegetable glycerin flavors
nicotine's all the Warrens the batch
numbers all information about the
company corn comp limb just gonna
quickly have a look on the website in
relation to the price well we do that
afterwards anyways we'll pull it up
afterwards because I believe they're
roughly around about 4 pound but the
websites actually having some issues are
most I can't actually pull it up anyways
so that's that one out the question so
you can pick these up from thump io v
star call at UK I believe they are
changing all the liquids at the moment
but the roughly run about I believe 4
pound premium a liquid company based in
the United Kingdom so we're gonna check
out thumb tools we're gonna smell of it
and see what it's not wet oh that smells
like something I've I've smelled before
straight away ons straight away when I'm
smell me smell Blackhorn but it's
definitely got some else in there
defi Blackard raspberry and like a hint
of raspberry but it's definitely
something else sitting in it so this
does smell extremely fruity so we're
gonna quickly wick up our philosophy get
that all sitting in there freshly
whipped Japanese cotton yeah we've got
soaked it up served it up lovely so
we're gonna try a thumb toes talked
about the flavor talked about the
theater coming in art let's turn this
back on no point 5 2 ohms 5 point 5
volts 60 watt let's have a fit let's
talk about so Nathan kindly set this all
about just won't change my opinion but
this is fun thought that's unusual now
just turn this down a little bit I'll
try to quickly try it we'll try it up 40
watt so it might be a little bit too
high for the juice i'm gonna i'm getting
a funky kind of really funky flavor so
faint production is fine but this
there's something in this flavor which
is tiny stray off the bat bump it's
hitting this now I can taste the black
are in it like a definite edge
raspberries but it's definitely
something else in there
something given it kind of this kind of
shocked history
I'm trying to think what the flavor is
favorite let's talk about a favorite
Russian fit productions fine it's smooth
the flavor on the fraud smooth anomie
knows no irritation whatsoever it is a
six milligram big six mil inside of it
and something definitely else sitting in
the back of this liquid it's kind of
bugging us
it's definitely got like a it's grit
that's what it is
the flipper which i'm picking up most
out of the restaurant is grip a very
tangy grips hitting this straight off on
the inhale on the exhale but I'm
definitely getting a kind of a raspberry
blackcurrant in there as well which is
quite nice it's not unpleasant not
really for me
if you like fruity flavors this might be
for you
well the grip is very sharp in this I
believe it's grip I'm going to quickly
pull up I'm gonna probably description
but if you can see if it is actually
grip because it is something in there
which is kind of threw me off just
quickly pull it up a thump io v I'll
cool it you kit so I send it off three
pound 1994 these balls and they do a lot
a lot of flavors so fun tours so yeah
grip raspberry and blackcurrant it's
what's in this so it's the grip so
unfortunately if it's it's a nice flavor
but the grips a bit too shop not a
massive fan of grip that's my personal
preferences these are just my personal
options I think what they were kind of
gone with with the farm tours itself I
think it will go on for kind of a femto
kind of blend to this it is a nice
if you after them fruity kind of flavors
and is really nice but let's put this up
to 50 watts in good pull it out but the
grip the grip that's sitting in there
it's giving off like a tiny tiny kiss
this might be more suited for tongues
more than drippers because the
consistency is 60/40 but yeah definitely
check it out for yourself that is foam
toes by umpire fit 3 pound 990 balls
links will be in the description and
fortune this this liquid was informing
my comeback trip tried an attack to see
what it's like let you all know but
until then I'm gonna fit the outer cloud
as per usual and we are going to have a
good night and fitzy

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