Vape Review of UK ECIG STORE Tobacco Royale Enhanced VG

April 20, 2018 10 min read

Vape Review of UK ECIG STORE Tobacco Royale Enhanced VG

Vape Review of UK ECIG STORE Tobacco Royale Enhanced VG

Tobacco Royale is made up of tobacco flavourings and is now available in Enhanced VG. Prominent Flavours: Tobacco

Vape Review of UK ECIG STORE Tobacco Royale Enhanced VG

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of UK ECIG STORE Tobacco Royale Enhanced VG

hi and welcome to UK e-cigs store my
namesake Williamson today we're going to
be taking a look at the brand new
starter kit from UK e cig store the 2016
now this is the one kit this is the
brand new version it's had a real good
makeover it's got some fantastic
features and real improvements in
quality and build so what we'll do now
is we'll go straight down to the table
and we'll show you it in closer detail
so the one kit comes in a nice
presentation box really good box these
nice and sturdy so it will guarantee
that product gets you in tip-top
condition we just flick over to the back
on the back here we've actually got a
scratching check panel now this is made
by Nick in for us so you know you know
that you're getting a top-quality
product now this is a real versatile one
especially if you're a new user you're
just starting to get into ecig so what
days we just show you what's on the
inside now when you open the flap it's a
nice magnetic flap so it's nice and easy
to get inside and and we've got some
instructions we've got some pictures as
well which gives you a full breakdown of
the tank and the actual device it's also
got the information here about filling
it and how to actually use a device with
turning it on and off but we'll come
back to that in just a second now inside
we have our tank so now I spread one
that it does come in some various other
colors will show you some of the colors
in a minute and we also have our device
which is also in a nice sort candy red
it's real nice color this one it's got
real nice sort of Sheen to it non no
fingerprint magnet so it always looks
good whenever you handle it then inside
the box you also get an included charge
cable so you can plug this into computer
into the device and you can actually
charge it now you can with this one it
does have the pass-through capability so
you can vape while it's charging so even
if you run out of power you can continue
on there are some spare o-rings inside
here also for the actual tank just in
case you're unfortunate I mean the
o-rings are really good so I mean you're
more than likely won't need these but
it's good that they're included and we
also have a more in-depth instruction
kit there a tab on so the device comes
in this nice little candy red color now
there are other colors available and
we'll show you those in just a little
bit but this is a real nice portable
device now if we take a look at it on
the bottom we have this magnetic cover
but the UK e-cigs store logo they're
stamped into it but you can just twist
this round you can do it one-handed and
then at the bottom we have our USB port
so you can plug your USB cable into this
and then into a computer power bank
anything that you can use for power and
you can charge it up and you can also
vote and charge
same time the great thing with these
devices are they're really nice and
simple to use so as you can see here we
have one ban it's also in the matching
red and if I click this three times
we'll be able to turn the device on
there you go we get a little light
showing there we see it flash from green
to amber to red now that also gives you
an indication of the amount of power
that's left within the actual battery
now if I press the fire ban we can see
there we've got green light now it's
flashing because we don't have anything
attached and you've got something
attached which we'll show you in a
little while it will actually stay on as
it's shown us that it's green we know
that this battery is fully charged now
over the course of the day or while
you're vaping and the power goes down it
will change to an amber color so then
you know that you're about halfway
through the actual battery then once
that color then changes again down to a
red you know that you're going to be
near to sort of empty and we'll need to
charge the device as soon as possible
which is really nice it gives you a good
indication at the top layer we have our
510 connector is spring-loaded so any
tank see the only included tank or any
other tank that you have will screw down
nice and flush we've got a nice cut here
which has the air part or any tanks that
take the airflow from the bottom of the
510 will get plenty of air flow in these
are absolutely fantastic devices
especially if you're starting off with a
good range of power and you know it
really talked delivers now the battery
inside is a 1000 million so you're going
to get a good run time with it and we
take a look at the tank this is a real
nice looking tank we see it's in the
same mat matching candy red now the tank
itself is made from stainless steel now
it's going to be a 304 grade which is
food grade so it's going to be safe to
use with your e-liquid and it also has a
Pyrex tank so within here we've got a
nice glass tank so you know we're going
to eat a sort of effects that you can
get with some of the plastic tanks as
well now we look at the bomb we have our
510 connector we have the holes there
which is going to allow the air to pass
through into the center and in that
pastor coil and the wick and it's all
made from stainless steel so it's going
to be nice and solid not gonna have any
problems with the threads wearing or
sort of tug losing their shape which is
really nice
I do include line matching driptip so
we've got a nice red drip tip here now
this is made from a tall type of
plastics or black Delrin material so
this will stop any heat transferring
from the tank into the drip tip and it's
a nice size as well so you know got big
lips like me you have no problems
getting your lips around this one is
removable so if you do have any other
510 drip tips that you prefer you can
just change them over it also gives you
good access for cleaning so you can
click Britney break the tank down if you
want to clean it if we break the tank
then I just can unscrew the top this is
also where you can fill it from you see
there we've got none of the coloring on
the inside so I'm not going to have any
effects you're going to get pure flavor
with this one so to fill it we just fill
from the top but we can break the tank
down further if I just remove the bottom
section we have the bottom ring and then
our coil head just pull pops out just
like so now these are really good these
ones now they are made with Japanese
cotton Japanese cotton Reed does give
the best flavor you're going to get real
good flavor with these heads as you can
see here we've got a series of holes now
the liquid in the tank will actually
feed through into this and then through
to the coil which the coil is inside
which we down there at the bottom and as
we just look down we can see the stripes
where the coil is actually wrapped
around the actual Japanese corn the
airflow will come in through these
bottom holes here pass up over the coil
and allow the vapor to continue up and
then out to the drip tip so it's a real
nice design really simple you know less
parts are screwing you know it just
keeps it nice and easy so when you first
start off and you're looking to fill the
tank for the first time best thing to do
is going to be to prime the liquid at
prime the coil with some liquid so for
this one we're going to do so I'm going
to use our own Ranger liquid and we have
the blueberry from the UK e-cig store
enhance range this is high in VG so it's
going to you know have a real nice
flavor to it and it'll produce plenty of
vapor so these are really good these
bowls they do come with a dropper cap
which makes it really easy for filling
so what I'm going to do now I'm just
going to take the dropper
with some liquid inside and a place to
drop onto the little holes and just
allow that to soak in Rowlett soaks in
you're going to rotate now we do have
four holes so it's going to place a drop
on each of those and we have four sides
just make sure that they're all wet just
let it start and I'm going to place some
liquid just on the inside I'm going to
place a small amount in there and just
allow that to soak down and it'll just
help with the wicking process just to
get it started so now I'm going to
replace the coil head now this is a 1.5
ohm now these are perfect for people are
just starting to vape who are just
coming off talk cigarettes or even
seasoned vapors you know if you like
something with a sort of tight draw a
more natural feeling this is a real good
devices start with then I'm going to
take our bottom cap and then just screw
that back on now the tank on this is a
real good size for something of this
sort of size and it does have a 2.5
Milka pessary so all the days take our
dropper bulb let's place a nozzle down
the side and then just squeeze the fill
and then we'll see that the tank will
start to fill up now what you want to do
is you can fill the tank all the way up
just to you get to the rubber o-ring
which is at the top of the actual coil
head which is this white piece here so
you don't want to go over that if you go
over there you'll end up with too much
juice in the center you may find some
leaking and you may even get some top
gurgling so we just thought just a
little bit more that'll do and just take
our top cap and then we just screw that
back on all the threads on this a
silky-smooth so it's nice and easy
really simple to do now the best thing
to do with this is once you've filled it
up is to just leave it to stand you can
put it on the actual device where you
can stand it on its end just leave it
for a few minutes and just allow the
e-liquid to make sure that is fully
saturated all the cotton if by doing
this this will just guarantee a good
experience from the start so you may get
any dry hits harsh sort of vapor it will
just give a real nice good flavor from
the off and you really enjoy the
experience so what we're doing is
kind of pop the battery onto the actual
device so we can have a look at the
thing fully connected so you say it's
real simple to do just fits on looks
absolutely stunning so it's a real nice
dark deep sort of metallic red but real
sort of satin Sheen to it really nice
now we take a look at some of the other
colors the kit does also come in a
stainless steel and black and we also
have the blue
that's the black one for you you know
it's really nice it's a real nice matte
black real nice finish on it the finish
is really hard wearing it's almost lace
or powder coat type finish to it we also
have the blue we'll show you that now
this is a real real nice deep oil
metallic blue very similar to the r-1
motorcycles absolutely love this color
it just looks absolutely stunning you
sort get real you know reflections on it
and it really looks almost like it
changes color it almost goes black at
the certain lights as well with
absolutely stunning color and then we
have the stainless steel the stain is
still one is really nice there is a
brushed finish so this will just avoid
getting any fingerprints sort of showing
on it it sort of spoiling the look of
the device and it will always look
tip-top real nice finish on this as well
really nicely polished and then took a
brush just to give it that sort matte
look to it really nice a red one there
as sort of should have been fully
saturated so what we'll do now is we'll
go back up to the main camera
we'll take a vape and we'll show you how
it performs so now that we have two tank
fully filled with the liquid it's had
time to stand so the cotton should be
fully saturated we've used the blueberry
liquid from the UK e-cigs door enhance
VG range which is a real good juice and
it just shows you the versatility of
this tank a lot of Tanks this sort of
style can't really handle the high VG
Content liquid and this tank is actually
brilliant because the coil heads have
all those holes all the wicking exposed
so you gets plenty of liquid into there
so before we actually take a vape what
we want to do first to take some primer
puffs so one of them I'm going to press
the button at all I'm just going to put
the drip tip into our mouth and just
take some puffs that will just help draw
some more liquid in there so we know
that we're good to go
you should see some bubbles rising
within the tank you don't you get a
couple going through there but I just
proves to you that is wicking and you
know that you're going to be good to go
so all that's left meter is just to take
a vape so we need to do is press the
button and it helped it's really good
really good flavor now these are
designed for master lung inhalers so you
know especially if you're just coming
off the cigarettes way you know you'd
normally take it into your mouth and
then down you know this is absolutely
perfect it's a nice tight drawn get
really good flavor it's a real sort of
fresh - of fresh blueberry sort of taste
to it it's real real nice nice and sweet
as well with the built-in battery to
thousand milliamp it also has the option
to charge while you're still vaping so
even if you get low on power because of
the actual size of it you know it'd be
really good to have a spare battery
because and that way you don't have to
worry when you're out and about if
you're not near a power source now the
tanks and the batteries are available
separate in all the colors so you know
you can get yourself a spare battery
what if you want to have two setups on
the go you can have to pray for whatever
you're really fancy the options are out
there it's all available now that was a
quick look at the one kit it's a
fantastic start set so if you're looking
to move from smoking or possibly upgrade
your starter kit to something a little
bit new a little bit more easier and you
know something that really does get
fantastic flavor and produces plenty of
vapor this is definitely the one for you
so I hope you enjoyed the video if you
enjoyed the video please click like and
I'll show your support we'll keep doing
what we're doing if you want to be kept
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