Vape Review of UK ECIG STORE Red Mist Enhanced VG

April 19, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of UK ECIG STORE Red Mist Enhanced VG

Vape Review of UK ECIG STORE Red Mist Enhanced VG

An ejuice blend of strawberry and mint flavourings. Now in an enhanced VG! Prominent Flavours: Strawberry, Mint

Vape Review of UK ECIG STORE Red Mist Enhanced VG

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of UK ECIG STORE Red Mist Enhanced VG

it's hello guys welcome back to a new
video on a vaping any juices and stuff
so it's gonna be a flavor review now the
reason why I'm doing this one as well is
because I vape this too much right and
we've ran out of the actual stuff so
I've got about that much left to fill
the tank up I would have put it on my
clone and mod my what's it called the
Hellboy however instead I've put it in
the tanks I fancied a bit more milligram
of nicotine right now the one we're
doing today is by the UK e6 thought it's
called red mist it's enhanced VG and let
me see it is sixty percent VG in fact
sixty forty so is the bottle right and
try and put my hand behind it so you see
it red mist
alright then so this right now this is
probably one of my favourite fruity ones
about for a while to be honest I've been
on a lot of different fruit ones and I
had banana custard by fate monster and
that was delicious to be fair that was
really good anyway so this one now
the flavor is apologies for facebook is
em strawberry I find that it's quite a
strong strawberry flavor that seems to
be fair and with now you don't smell
this when you smell it right but it's
got a very strong game menthol with it
as well I find which it's delicious
though right so I have tried this before
it's not the first taste right however I
came I they put on a kangertech at the
moment and the coil am using is 0.5 ohms
and 30 watt don't really need that fit
watch them i've been smart i've been on
nights and I've been smoking outfit well
we'll try outs when see I'll tell you
what the flavours like let me get it to
20 so and batteries quite low but we'll
deal with it we'll deal with it
regardless okay so and oh right okay
before we carry on with this and with
this red mist as well you can pick it up
from the UK e cig store and it is for
pound 49 and you can get it in 10 mil
30ml 50ml
I got into ten mill I'm six at the time
and you can get 30 mil for ten pound 49
and the 50 mil for 20 pounds 15 mill us
that's pretty cheap to be fair however
let's go ahead and vape some of this
right so yeah honestly right if you like
your menthol and you like your fruity
flavors right this is really really
strong and strawberry and then I found
it quite hard to find good fruity tastes
that taste quite nice with this one with
the menthol behind it fucking delicious
like honestly it really like just tastes
lovely anyway let's wrap it up to 30 I'm
gonna pop it on the charger and just so
I get a better thought the battery to
run out half a poor nothing like that
halfway through so we'll pop it on there
the Y is not so big but we'll deal with
that right see that 30 I prefer this at
30 and it gives you a much better much
better taste the strawberry much better
like mentally I can kick afterwards as
well and what I will say about the
bottle as well which is what I like it's
glass and the pipette glass and for a 10
mil bottle that's quite good I like that
mmm I do like that to be honest and the
VG you can get higher VG s and stuff
like that I've got vaping out walls one
this one for an example there's a
jawbreaker flavor
it's that's 100% VG so I'll do that on
my over mod in the future and but yeah
like I was saying guys it is literally
like it's delicious it's very high in
strong red mist it's gone I think they
come in there's different types with
different fruit combinations in them and
this one is a strawberry one whether or
not it has different fruits in it I can
only taste the strawberry it's very
strong goes from everything
and then we're gonna go on v-fib out
41-foot yeah yeah forty let's see if
that yeah with the heat with with the he
and the more wires anyway it's just
producing on baby that's really nice and
even for like a bit less on the VG you
do get big clouds like I'll try and do
like a decent decent and that's like
about any like RDA or anything like that
I mean like I've been using a met one
I've got a K 100 now I've used two
batteries unfortunately both fried and
I'm not taking any more risks yeah I'm
gonna get the version I'm gonna get
leave the insane mod set in the future
however guys thanks for watching again
and I hope you enjoy it I'm gonna do
some more as a company sending me stuff
out and yeah keep in touch share
subscribe and all that good stuff also
my brother and he also does these videos
as well and I will leave a link to his
channel in the description that you guys
can come check out if you would like to
that'd be great
thank you can touch right guys peace

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