Vape Review of UK ECIG STORE Original Red Enhanced VG

April 20, 2018 2 min read

Vape Review of UK ECIG STORE Original Red Enhanced VG

Vape Review of UK ECIG STORE Original Red Enhanced VG

A delightful tobacco flavoured eliquid which is an ideal all day vape. Delivering a satisfying hit which is not too overpowering, Original Red is now in Enhanced VG, enjoy! Prominent Flavours: Tobacco

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of UK ECIG STORE Original Red Enhanced VG

right my name is rich
welcome to UK a cig store and I want to
tell you a little bit about stop Toba
what is stopped over October is a
national campaign to set up by public
health England
wait UK e-cig store want to help you get
through the first 28 days of smoke-free
so we've set up three bundles just for
you the first bundle we've got for you
is the one kit now the one kit it's got
four types of nicotine strength fear
there it's a battle royale so it's gonna
be similar to your normal normal
cigarette taste and you should be able
to find a strength that is right for you
the other flavours we've got for you is
a Blue Crush we've got a blueberry we've
got mango Mirage and we've got a great
breeze as well so the one kit is our
most popular starter kit it comes in
four different colors and that's a red
blue black and stainless steel so I'm
sure you'll find a colour to meet your
needs so next up we have the vape kit
and that has got the vape tank and the
vape box as well and that will come with
four different bottles of the London
licked Victoria those are four different
strengths as well such as zero three six
and a 12 the reason being is so you can
just test them all out and find which
one is right for you going ahead last
but not least before the easy kit which
is a pod style vaping system and this
offers a hassle-free vaping experience
without having to replace the cause it
will just give you a pod the images
replace at each time
and this kit will come with 9 removable
pods this is in Victoria which is a
tobacco flavor and this is a zero 6 and
12 so you can find out which nicotine
strength is right for you so that's it
for our stopped over bundles if you want
to quit this October these bundles are
perfect for you now if you've already
quit smoking why not share this video
with a friend and see if they can go 28
days smoke-free this stopped over so
don't forget to like and share this
video and hit subscribe to keep up to
date with our latest videos

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