Vape Review of UK ECIG STORE Blue Magic Enhanced VG

April 19, 2018 2 min read

Vape Review of UK ECIG STORE Blue Magic Enhanced VG

Vape Review of UK ECIG STORE Blue Magic Enhanced VG

This e-liquid is predominantly blueberry flavoured with soft notes of strawberry and raspberry.

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of UK ECIG STORE Blue Magic Enhanced VG

hey guys welcome to UK six door my name
is ritesh in today's Thursday so that
means it's giveaway time once again
congratulations to last week's winner
which was Bradley Hall who won the very
impressive njoy artist collection but
this feeds give where we have the one
stubborn kit which includes the one box
mini the one tank and two eel a quiz
from our enhanced VG range now I've
talked about the one box mini and the
one time before and is links to the full
reviews on them in the infobox below but
what I haven't talked about is our new
flavors enhanced VG ranges basically our
old flavors mix into a new formula with
added VG to new mixes 60 VG and 40 PG
and the flavor from these have been
increased tenfold and they work superbly
in the one sub ohm kit now for this
giveaway we're not just given the
bottles down show which is the atomic
apple and strawberry being the lucky
winner a choice of 13 different flavors
pick their favorite too but as always
for a chance to enter this giveaway all
you have to do is like this video share
this video to all your social media
timelines including Facebook Google+
Twitter and whatnot and also subscribe
to the YouTube channel if you haven't
already you can also head over to
Facebook like it share the giveaway post
itself you also have the giveaway post
on the Instagram as well which we can
like and tag your friends in they may
have a chance to win to sit for me guys
good luck see you soon

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