Vape Review of Twelve Monkeys - Harambae

April 19, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of Twelve Monkeys - Harambae

Vape Review of Twelve Monkeys - Harambae

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Harambae is a citrus mix of grapefruit, lime, blood orange, lemon with undertones of Guava. Available in 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Vape Review of Twelve Monkeys - Harambae

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Twelve Monkeys - Harambae

hi guys how's it going so we are back
from the London beep show and you've
seen the vlog of log is off both I came
home to some special bait mail
now when I say special bait mail it
usually is pretty special it's usually
pretty big you know about these guys and
you know that there's something on the
way and it's not even released in the UK
yeah and the guys from 12 monkeys are
very very kindly sent me the one bottle
over for the purpose of this review and
I have to bring it to you straight away
the way I have been yes the way I've
been waiting for this to build up for
this everything I have been literally
just like please please please please
please please
so I met up with the guys and the UK
guys from 12 monkeys that represent the
brand in the United Kingdom at the
London vape shop and they was trying
this particular flavour and they said
you know you might already have someone
in the post you may already you know
have something on its way so guys I
won't keep you waiting any long long any
longer I open the package the smaller
man deducted the shop and this this was
in the package a flavour card you're
noticing the name the name
Harambee hashtag which sells if you guys
it's arrived wicks out for Harambee and
here we have it in all its glory let me
see if it'll get the focus into the dish
needs to be there we go
the bottle is gorgeous this one in
particular is a zero milligram 60 ml
bottle and then you have the new design
it is the infinity line that this is
part of so we're doing the juice of you
today guys and it's a special juice of
you this company had close to my heart
already and it's the latest on released
in the UK flavour twelve Monkeys
Harambee now I've already frigid we are
using the hexohm on the as baby 9 RDA
using a couple of the big boy coils in
there at the minute so we've got some
than their and it's coming out around
nor 0.19 so let's take this beautiful
juice this absolutely beautiful
company's juice for a smell test it
smells amazing it really got like a
really punchy guava coming from there so
what do we have attributed to someone
of course Harambee we love you
it says Harambee features a candy citrus
unison of grapefruit highlights fused
with lemon lime blood orange and
refreshing Barbour undertones does
Espeon sharp exhale of the citrus
synergy will be the savior of your taste
buds when everything else feels dull and
does say in North America 60 ml bottles
but in Europe it is 3 times 10 mil
bottles in the little 12 monkey tubes we
come to expect and you've obviously got
the 10 mils the top and the 60 ml bottle
on the flavour card there so our very
being kind very currently being sent the
60 ml bottle in Azir another than
nicotine and haven't had the nicotine to
this yet I want to stay with the flavor
without before we have nicotine to it
but anyway the hexohm runnin on around
40% I guess they're using the big boy
coils we have pre dripped I've got big
expectations for this juice and I am
honest I may work with the company
already but I am honest and that is why
the guys we're with me they say if you
don't like something please tell us now
I tried this pack of baked jump and we
get out of this year and you've since
changed the recipe but it is very very
very fucking brew thee its it'll also
with an 80 VJ as well so 0 ml about 80
BG 20 PG and yep we are ready to go so
guys 12 monkeys
Harambee the latest flavor there we go
oh dear fucking hell
it's a citrusy babe all right
I need to play him with my tongue box oh
oh oh yes all it was worth the wait
Oh was it worth the wait Oh punches it
definitely hits and that's what no
nicotine it definitely hits we are
drying off a little bit so I'm just
going to do a little more couple of
drips on the air the old RDA obviously
you can see vapor production not an
issue one Bayer Aidy VG twelve Monkeys
you know you come to expect a high
quality amount of vapor performance from
there guys you know from the juices and
it just hits this juices layers I mean
we don't need some window time right now
guys we are fogging out something stupid
it layered so you're getting on the
inhale you are getting eleven like a
really sweet lemon no it's not a bit
eleven the guys don't describe it as
anything better
it just has fused the inhale for me is
definitely lemon really really punchy
lemon I'm trying to think the grapefruit
for me doesn't hit on the inhale it's
more of it like collection of fruits
that come through on the exhale the
blood orange is definitely in the middle
so as that lemon feel like sorta if it
slightly goes to the back and you do get
a blood orange coming through but I'm
trying to find where that the the
grapefruit is again the blood orange and
I did a massive massive guava pond
the end to a debate but Sola see we can
get with others it's just just behind
the blood orange so you get like the
collection of the flute to lead mouths
it's only slight it is only slight it's
not overpowering and that's what I like
about this juice because I'm not a
massive fan of the fruit flavors but
that lemon on the inhale is so so nice
so fruity this is a such a refreshing
babe I am so glad so so glad that this
was a good flavor and I like it where
would I place it in terms of the
existent flavors I would honestly say it
not better than tropical in my opinion
it is on par with it and that is
something special is definitely on par
with the flavors that are in there it's
just like bang bang bang bang the layers
behind it I would say for me it's better
than mango base it doesn't be tropical
tropical is always going to be of the
other thing for me that always takes the
crown it's on level with tropica it is a
very very very nice juice very
refreshing very fruity and you can tell
a lot of Ware has gone into this juice
by these guys it is just simply
beautiful fucking hell I am glad I
waited for this see I thought the water
bottle from on the American sites and
got a chip though about what I thought
no I'll wait for the guys in the UK to
say it's all good they'll send me a
bottle over and like I say I'm at the
the UK guys at the London bait shop they
were there and he did save me you know
you might have a package on the wake and
I come into the shop this morning it was
already there so John Young from twelve
Monkeys UK thank you thank you thank you
very much for sending this bottle of
juice out to me it is appreciated and
make a say I'm just glad that I waited
because that is perfection
it's just if you like your citrus juices
guys you're going to absolutely adore
this seriously gorgeous it really is
it's so smooth as well like sometimes
the likes of lemons and limes and things
like that they can't cut the throat but
this is just so smooth I think is it on
her and be proud there I mean you can I
just I can't stop vaping the stuff I
really can't put a load on there it is
so refreshing spot-on
absolutely stunning it's just like it to
me it feels like something it tastes
like something you drink on holiday it's
got like that exotic taste to it
well the flavors work so well you
complement each other so well that
bubbled orange as well and just as it's
ham to cover to the exhale absolutely
fantastic and it is not you've tried a
couple of blood orange juice isn't that
a bit like oh and the harsh side of
things are a little bit too pointy this
one it keeps Indiana lemon see but the
lemon on the inhale blood orange I would
say a slight little bit alive I'm the
grapefruit and then the all sort to come
out together you all come together and
it leads out to the exhale its fruity
and it's fucking gorgeous what I'll say
I'm going to go and make this whole
bottle tonight absolutely gorgeous once
again I want to thank the guys Michael
Lee John Young all the guys from 12
monkeys 12 monkeys you take the send
them this bottle out for the purpose of
this review with the flavour card and
there we go guys 12 monkeys
Harambee 60 mil zero milligram new
caffeine adv g20 PG absolutely fantastic
juice you've nailed it once again like a
New Year's always what but I have to be
saying I had to try it and yes to me
that's on par with La Boca really really
really is so guys if you like what
you've seen
give me them thumbs up thank you very
much of what in this video don't forget
to hit that subscribe button and yeah
there's no you know definite release
date in the UK for this at the moment it
is ultimately in Medicare and in Canada
but it's not available in the UK yeah so
it's even more special to me that I have
to be have a bottle but yeah guys I will
leave it there thanks very much for
watching it does me in the world and I
will see you all very soon take care bye
for now

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