Vape Review of Truffleberry by The Milkman Delights E-liquid (60mL)

April 21, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Truffleberry by The Milkman Delights E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of Truffleberry by The Milkman Delights E-liquid (60mL)

Decadent and highly-acclaimed, Truffleberry e-liquid by The Milkman Delights is quickly becoming an industry sensation. Luxurious milk chocolate truffles are gently filled with a creamy raspberry filling for a sweet dessert treat unlike any other. The inhale consists of a creamy chocolate sensation while the exhale is when the sweet and tart raspberry filling comes into play. These unique flavors combine so well together, carefully balanced and not overpowered by the other. Make sure you satisfy your chocolate cravings and buy your 60mL bottle of Truffleberry e-liquid by Milkman Delights today!

Vape Review of Truffleberry by The Milkman Delights E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Truffleberry by The Milkman Delights E-liquid (60mL)

what it dude grizzly is howdy doody and
CV squad it's your two hosts friendly
neighborhood vapors matter we got a new
flavors from the milkman line guys have
been vaping since you know a couple
years ago you definitely remember the
very first original milkman and they
came out all filled spiel of flavors
afterwards this is ad the delights so I
don't know if they're going with a
different name for these now and stuff
with the new ones are coming out with
but this is delights truffle berry it is
a rich chocolate truffle with sweet
raspberry filling so missing idea maybe
been in search for chocolate flavor
let's see if this guy is but yeah coming
from the drip Club they did setting this
to us for free for a review so I won't
change our opinion as of course and
always got to keep it real with you guys
and stuff and trying to have anyone buy
no shitty juice and tobacco free
nicotine I like to mention I haven't
seen that actually it's pretty dope
pricing you have no idea it's on
pre-order right now drip Club pricing
didn't show yet so it's comment down
below if you know a place that's selling
it or maybe if you're seeing this at a
later date and you now know the pricing
of it
chocolate I mean chocolate babes how
many chocolate big said we had like my
man was probably the best one when
one-hit-wonder was consistent
I mean well there's been like a lot of
things well that's why me not solid
chocolate like there's the chocolate
milk we tried there was my man that one
was actually really good Neapolitan but
one had one who's been incredibly good
yeah it's not gold no peach all right
because I don't think it's any really
Vulcan it so it's just supposed to be
like raspberry the raspberry it's kind
of smells to me I can preserve her a jam
it's like one of those little like
candies II in the boxes trouble to talk
about dark chocolate chocolate raspberry
cuz he you can smell like the different
lengths of darkness you want to see it
smells or anything so we're gonna fire
this bitch up
Smok alien I got the twisted messes at
version two sitting on top squared got
some alien clapping's in there oh man
out to a point two five seven and let's
crank it
go to 91 so 88 wants to be exact
finger got lazy on that button we're
good I think we always wait let's put a
couple drops in you always got to make
sure it icy moist there we go
like this one called shuffle
I mean it smell better
raspberry and it's good I'm not sure
about filling the chocolate raspberry
does like I don't know if like it's the
that's super fucking good
this chalks not bad the chocolate is
almost like what it reminds me like I
don't know about my man's chocolate that
was a little bit better is more with the
milk chocolate kind of ice cream but uh
I want to say more along the lines of
like uh what the fuck was that fucking
by royale bakery the cookie beep we had
chokolate chip cookie vape remember well
I know which one you're talking about
then you can taste like the dark
chocolate chips in it well I certainly
know whose sandwich cookie thing kind of
good like that chocolate it's not bad
but it's not like amazing I wouldn't say
it's a dry chocolate baby either I don't
know I've been had a dry chocolate me to
be straight on it's like I know a lot of
people say they're almost dry and choc
Lisa dry and chalky some chocolate babes
I guess okay like burnt maybe it's kind
of like a burnt chocolate that's what it
smells like kind of tastes a little like
a burnt chocolate I mean by dry than
yeah kinda like a bird choc that's our
kind of taste burn I want to say sweet
raspberry nothing the rage about nothing
to recommend I ain't know why I probably
won't even bake this stuff Pat Mike is a
run out of juice or whatever but fuck
that shit
I keep shit on hand I wanna bathe Howard
is vain whatever young give a fuck I
mean fucking Jam monster on hand ain't
fuckin keep 100 strawberry milk I need
certain shit on hand start to stress out
like probably like a 5 nice berry any
good mm-hmm not that great though and
they rave about another record man like
I said it's smooth but I mean the other
ones were smooth maybe it's the tobacco
free nicotine
definitely put this one in dead last
three the melon milk
so similar to that stay tuned
wrap it up from here you guys have a
nice fucking moist night keep it soaking
as always hit that like button with your
nose your fucking tongue whatever the
fuck you decide to do with it do
something crazy hit that like button hit
that subscribe button if you're not
subscribed already
we'll see you Pat and Matt we're signing
out these sound good deuces deuces like
on the toilet

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