Vape Review of TROPIX - Pina Colada E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of TROPIX - Pina Colada E-Liquid

Vape Review of TROPIX - Pina Colada E-Liquid

Pina Colada E-Liquid by TROPIX features the flavours of rum, coconut cream and pineapple. Available in a single 60ml (50ml of e-liquid bottle).

Vape Review of TROPIX - Pina Colada E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of TROPIX - Pina Colada E-Liquid

hey guys how you doing today we're going
to try something a little different
we're gonna do a very short video I'm
going to try just mixing it up from
comments online I know a bunch of you
love the long ones me personally if I
was watching this channel the long ones
would probably piss me off
to be honest so we're going to start
making I'm still going to do the long
ones but we're going to start making the
short ones under five minutes between
three and five minutes is what I'm
hoping so I'm not going to go on jibber
jabbering too much also I've got my
little action cam close-up worth trial
ad as well so today is trial day and we
are making pina colada
which I think was Jackie's idea Jackie M
I'm sure - whose idea it was so that's
what we're going to do so we'll be using
butter run by and blur on golden
pineapple by capella and creamy coconut
by the flavor West I've already got the
recipe in I've got my VG in I've got
syringes ready we're ready for a quick
one here okay Oh ratios we're going to
do Oh point five percent of butter rum
it is extremely strong golden pineapple
by Capello we're going to do five
percent creamy coconut we're going to do
four percent and I'm going to use some
ether model as well which I'm going to
put in at one percent pina coladas hey
if you want to stop licking your nuts
appreciate it thanks oh hi dear dog just
sat there looking his nuts I said once I
wish I could do that and so on said I'm
you know if you give a bit give him a
biscuit he might let you old joke but
okay so let's try this new format making
15 mils a 13 mil of VG and once again I
have not a little brocaded at the end
come on there got a lubricate at the end
okay all right there's ten new
ya know a three already a three minutes
and okay butter rum selfish strong ass
Wow knock my head off just taking a
little right
dropsy just two drops - that's where I'm
gonna start it I know I strong this
stuff is I can smell it and it is a
strongest shit make sure we don't
contaminate that put the lid back on
next we've got some golden pineapple
we've got 22 drops
okay this summary that's a really nice
pineapple I've got natural pineapple as
well by flavor West but I want to go
with the golden pineapple and then we've
got creamy coconut by flavor West and
we've got 18 drops
I start shaking at the end where you're
pushing the bottle so hard all right put
that Bank over there
Etha model four drops just trying to
sweeten up the the pineapple and I find
Pina Colada quite sweet
I'd haven't had them for a long time but
uh from what I remember of it and then
we will have some nicotine we got 14
drops the poison okay all right video
done Oh almost put a lid on give it a
shake this is already done
you've seen my sloppy handwriting and
we're done sei we like those videos I
appreciate you joining me folks and I'll
see you soon

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