Vape Review of TROPIX - Passionfruit E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of TROPIX - Passionfruit E-Liquid

Vape Review of TROPIX - Passionfruit E-Liquid

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Passionfruit E-Liquid by TROPIX features the flavour of passion fruit. Available in a single 60ml (50ml of e-liquid bottle).

Vape Review of TROPIX - Passionfruit E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of TROPIX - Passionfruit E-Liquid

how do you mr. P no no two three it also
known as shaker today's video is just
another vaping review today I'm doing an
Aegis but before I get into that
housekeeping vaping on my you know can I
taste Vivi a variable voltage variable
would each the clearomizer got is the
ego Stardust v3 and juice I have in it
that I'm going to be reviewing is some
passion fruit PG VG ratio 80/20 and this
is from Viking here in Australia really
good evil it could this is probably the
first one I've liked so far it's a table
and it's got zero milligrams of nicotine
in it I believe all theyíve liquids
nicotine free to to cancel nicotine
easiest in Australia apparently from
what I've read but yeah apart from that
let's get into this review so as I'm
taking on some passion fruit from
flavor-wise of it taking a drop off on
it it's really nice real passionate
fruity not a rule betta passion for
play-doh butter naan sweet taste
obviously it's gonna have an artificial
taste to it because there's an easy and
yet the thing that reminds me of the
just from a dry dry get I remember I
think it was a year a year or two ago
there was these chilies
Wrigley's elbert out in Australia I
think that'll mix them and this is what
this tastes like
at the time I don't recognise trees were
a passion fruit one but this is what it
tastes like it's got a nice cool taste
to it like sort of like a minty taste
but not over minty
it's really unless I'm not to you they
were pairing nice and subtle excellent
Weber as you can see
and yeah lovely for a room last throw
here and I've noticed if I have a pond a
fair bit I don't get any burning tastes
or any odd flavors it's just really nice
I got this in a free sampler pack which
is five ten mill doubler uses from
baking it was twenty bucks shipping
eight bucks expressed through three days
got it within two days which is really
good the other flavors are got in the
fruity sampler obviously passion fruit
mango in a pre kuk as well as raspberry
and strawberry the raspberry strawberry
I've put away from my Instagram giveaway
so you haven't seen my Instagram
giveaway video go check that out
otherwise go over to Instagram if you
gotta follow me at puffs that puff
follow the evil giveaway instructions
double tap repost tag me hashtag all
that good stuff
it's got about another week and a half
for two weeks to go so yeah go on the
draw to win to e geezers from baking's
which is a strawberry and raspberry
doublers you'll be getting to see and
the reason I'm giving away I'm not a
real store every grocery person so I
figure well might as well get it as
cheap give you up
I have tried the mango and apricot I
pretty like taste first it was okay it
was a little blend and after a while it
just got real seeking that sickening the
mango was probably similar for me it
actually dried my throat a fair bit gave
me a dry throat so it's constantly
having to rehydrate with the water or
whatever or if drinking that was young
issue that I found with it but I mean
vaping on this the passion for most of
today it's enjoyable class that doesn't
every day every day babe no sore throat
no and I think no dry mouth really nice
flavor and I mean because it I'm
guessing these a juices would have a bit
of sugar in it from the flavoring and
all that a bit of buzz from the sugar if
there's any in it but you know it's
really nice operator so yeah if you're
in Australia go check out Viking comm
check out their products a juices Adam I
added them sorry atomizers mods all that
good stuff
and yeah they're pretty goofy feeling if
you're in Australia I think it's like
three to seven days there's about six
five seven bucks two to three days
Express a box I mean I'm happy then
actually a couple of box for express
together the next couple of days but you
know they're really good check them out
so yeah thanks for watching don't forget
to Like comment subscribe let me know
you think until next time peace happy
smoking and happy vaping guys

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