Vape Review of TROPIX - Fizzy Apple E-Liquid

April 20, 2018 8 min read

Vape Review of TROPIX - Fizzy Apple E-Liquid

Vape Review of TROPIX - Fizzy Apple E-Liquid

Fizzy Apple E-Liquid by TROPIX features the flavour of apples. Available in a single 60ml (50ml of e-liquid bottle).

Vape Review of TROPIX - Fizzy Apple E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of TROPIX - Fizzy Apple E-Liquid

geez all that fucking dark in here
looking into a fucking nuclear blast it
is this real life is it just fantasy
hi yes actually
pleasant they found a boss under squash
review and thank you for clicking on
this video and today I've got a pretty
fucking sweet review I'm gonna be doing
a review of the of some song not a full
range not a complete range but some
fantasy ela cause I have sex flavors
here all just forgot
I've actually got something special that
I get to wheel for this review are you
guys ready for this
are you ready for this mmm uh-huh
do you fucking think hey what do you
think so I was sent this awesome hat and
I was also sent he's like quits by
gormie eliquid so before we start the
review your huge Frank's two other guys
at gourmet they've been fucking awesome
aqua link lost he can get fantasy from
them they also have a fucking awesome
selection of Malaysian like quids yeah
check them out honestly really really
fucking good and I have actually ordered
and purchase stuff myself from they're
not just saying they're good because I
got free stuff I have actually purchased
from them before and the service of
top-notch delivery was quick
prices are reasonable and I've got a
great range so the flavors I was sent we
have fantasy lemonade fantasy orange
like my fucking heart fantasy grape
fantasy mango ace ace fantasy grape ace
grip ace orange ace all right so I'm
gonna review the free the three kind of
Stan of flavors first and then I'll do
the ACE variants so I think what we'll
do is we'll start off with finest the
orange no this is a Malaysian you like
weird you this is a 65 ml bottle you
purchased this in 55 mils you don't Nick
and you get a 10 mil next shot
80-milligram 10 mil next shot you add
that that makes it to 65 ml 3 milligram
yeah I'm pretty sure that's right so
that's what I've done I've had it all
the next shots they've been sat for a
good few days I was supportive in video
a while ago I've had so many fucking
problems happen
we've tried get video was done and you
know what let's just fucking let's just
go on store fantasy orange I wonder what
the fuck this could be I'm sorry I'm
just fucking absolutely bewildered by
the fact that this perfectly matches the
colour of the heart so yes I am yeah I
wonder what this could be
hmm I don't know how they haven't been
shot down yet that me yet be yet to have
them who knows fantasy orange so 65
maril 70/30 30 milligram hmm oh yeah
like a dead sweet orange soda that's
exactly what smells like really nice
sweet orange soda so we're gonna be
victus on the eye Joe captain PD 270 I
have a duel Clapton wire bail doorman at
point one it and fitness at a hundred
watts on hard ramp and I am using the
Apocalypse Gen 2 RDA today so it's
actually been quite a while since I've
used a glass stripper ball and then and
honesty I don't mess them I don't miss
them I used to I thought it was cool as
fuck when I first got my first ever cut
glass dropper bottle I thought holy
share this this this a liquid must be
amazing because it's in a glass dropper
bowl but these bottles that the same
feeling they see that's like an
aluminium kind of alloy metal ten bottle
very similar to like the the old 50 ml
bottles of nasty juice used to get that
coming like the metal balls and you get
the glass dropper and yeah they look
cool and it's like a nice metallic
orange finest nice kind of galette any
metallic orange so let's jump into this
fantasy orange it it's really nice I
really do like it so smooth inhale
really smooth really sweet as a lot of
Malaysian liquids are the Malaysian
liquids tend to have a little bit more
sweetener in than kind of your European
or your American liquids so bear that in
mind it make gunk up your cotton yeah
gunk up your cotton and your coils so if
you're planning on beating these in a
swab warm tank with coil heads just bear
that in mind that these mate shorten the
lifespan of your coils quite fucking
considerably so smooth then he'll you
also get this this kind of concentrate
which I believe is in older liquids and
it can it gives that weird kind of
fizziness to them now obviously they're
liquid isn't carbonate it is not
actually fuzzy that's just fucking that
that's weird you get the sensation of
having drank soda a fez isse order it's
almost some tape of cool are that I
believe but not really kind of full on
men I'm gonna give that a 7 out of 10 I
really enjoyed that I say it's a really
good sort of 8 it's a great orange
flavor it's not overpowering it's smooth
it's just got a really nice taste and it
grateful here in the mouth so next up
I'm gonna go for the fantasy great yeah
really sweet portent grape like a just
just a vicious lie grape soda I was like
it's just grape soda it's exactly the
smell I strap her grapes order yeah it's
exactly what I thought it was gonna be
it's a sweet grape soda
there's not really too much to see I
mean it's a great sorter and it's a good
grapes order at that it's well mixed
it's well blended the flavors are kind
of balanced perfectly it's a smooth then
he'll he's a great taste in the mouth
really flavorful if you're into sort of
veep's like ruthless is kind of grape
drank or if you tried grape drank by
prime vapor or if you've tried ASAP
great by mash the juice and you liked
all of those you are guaranteed to like
this it's really really really good I'm
gonna give that an 8 or 10 just based on
the fact that do do love myself some
grape next up we have fantasy lemonade
fantasy lemonade or hell yeah
Oh mmm it's like a really fucking sweet
set you see you know it's not just it's
not like your standard lemonade it's
like a really mace kind of fresh
cloudy lemonade it's got that really
kind of kind of almost so a bitter
citrusy punch to it like you only really
get over cloudy lemonade
let's fucking drop her fantasy lemonade
Oh hmm oh that's fucking beautiful oh
wow oh I love that
holy fuck oh damn oh damn I love that
Wow kind of loss for words a little bit
I wasn't expecting to like that as much
as I like here inhale once again smooth
nice sort of flavor great aftertaste
fucking really flavorful these are great
flavor in the mouth that the the tape of
lemonade and is definitely a fresh
Claudia lemonade I am totally fucking
begging it it's beautiful I'm gonna give
that a nine out of ten that's my
favorite so far I like that more than
the grape I like that more than the
orange I've seriously seriously fucking
loved that lemonade that's really good I
missed the fantasy and if you could just
supply me with a lifetime supply if the
fantasy lemonade I mean I would I would
totally appreciate that
next up we have mango ice no these are
the ice variants so as you can expect
these are gonna have a little bit a lot
more cool either an ace kind of ACN heel
a CXC all that type of thing can I like
very reminiscent of basically a lot of
Malaysian liquids they do love put in
having that and they do live having a
nice AC cool vibe probably because it
gets so hot and humid over there but
let's trap that no let's smell it first
I'm getting ahead of myself
mmm a really fresh mango like a really
fresh mango like almost like a almost
like a Rubicon you know how sometimes
you have Rubicon sometimes made those
cans fizzy drinks but it was like fresh
fruit carbonated fresh fruit drinks it's
like a really really fucking juicy fresh
mango soda ya know we can dripper o that
ace is beautiful that ace is fucking
mmm that's fantastic Wow holy shit so
the ace is perfect it's a fucking really
AC coup inhale and it leaves a really
fucking ace enos to the mouth like a
great great ace honest it's not
overpowering it's just perfectly
balanced and it blends with the juicy
fresh mangle perfectly the Nilda they've
really nailed it I real like that I'm
gonna get an ar-10
I Drive I really do fucking like this I
love this range I really like this range
I wonder what they could change their
name to I don't know they update
probably maybe six pair like pH just
change the F to a pH per fantasy
I'm such a funny hey next up we have
grip ace
so I'm interesting to see how this is
gonna compare to the just standard grip
and how the kind of ace influences the
flavor if it does or if it's basically
exactly the same just AC I mean I'm
there's no point hanging about and
describing the smell because it is
exactly seen it smells exactly the same
yeah hmm I suspected it is just as good
as the the standard a Syed fucking it's
an esop great they're just as good as
the standard fantasy grip but if with
the added a Cena's but it's R it works
it's really really nice if I had to
choose I would probably choose the ace
version I don't know I like the ace I
know there's a lot of you that don't
really like this whole kind of a
strained but I'm totally diggin it if he
if the company can nail it it's it's
something pretty special last lever that
I have here today is orange ace so once
again it's gonna be interesting to see
how this compares exact same scent as
the original orange just a really nice
sweet orange soda
now I haven't noticed that the the metal
kind of no there was not mail this class
you balland the kind of glass a upper
portion of the bottle has kind of
slipped up up here so I can't really
squeeze this so I just have to the only
back I can squeeze is this tiny bit on
the end just like just just like like
squeezing a mean nipple fuck what the
fuck even has this channel orange A's
yeah I I also prefer that to the
original orange I don't know I just
really like that ace it's a beautiful
blend of the orange soda mixes perfectly
with the AC inhale the ace of us on the
exhale does give the feeling of drinking
a ace cold soda I really really like it
I really like it I like it I like it I
don't give this a written I would give
this an A or ten as opposed to the delay
also give that any I'm fuck it I forgot
I fucking forgot fuck it I'm gonna give
that I'm gonna give that a 10 I like it
it's nice and I love the Asus a nice
touch there we go guys that was the
flavors that I was sent by gourmet like
quit to have a little review I believe
there's also an apple I don't know if
there's an Apple ace I'm not entirely
sure what the rest of the range actually
consists of bit yeah I had fun I have ad
fun trying these and reviewing these I
really really really fucking liked them
so big thanks again to go mate you'll
acquit thank you so much for sending
them out and like I said earlier link in
description if you wanna pick this up
for yourself there we go
my office Isis fuck lonely guys if you
liked the video give it a like if you
just like to give it a dislike and I'll
see you again in the next video

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