Vape Review of TROPIX - Coconut, Raspberry & Pineapple E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 10 min read

Vape Review of TROPIX - Coconut, Raspberry & Pineapple E-Liquid

Vape Review of TROPIX - Coconut, Raspberry & Pineapple E-Liquid

Coconut, Raspberry & Pineapple E-Liquid by TROPIX features the flavours of coconut, raspberry and pineapple. Available in a single 60ml (50ml of e-liquid bottle).

Vape Review of TROPIX - Coconut, Raspberry & Pineapple E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of TROPIX - Coconut, Raspberry & Pineapple E-Liquid

welcome back YouTube once again we are
back here falling out with the Batman
and I got another eliquid review what I
got for you today three new flavors by
chilly liquid we all know it's some
flavors that come in the little soda
cans stay right where you're at don't go
nowhere we come back we're going to
crack we're going to drip and we're
going to bake but I'll talk about these
flavors by chilly liquid falling out
with the Batman baby come on get you so
all right so now that we're back like I
said I have three new flavors by chili
liquid I did three of their flavors now
they gave me 673 new ones I want to give
a shout out to Eddie Eddie hit me up
through email falling out with the
Batman at he saw the first
review so he said Batman we like your
review I want to send you these three
new flavors so you can do your thing
your crack your drip your vape we're
filling the whole thing so we want you
to do it I told him yeah sure
what we're going to do we're going to
show you the packaging my first review I
was fine with the packaging because I
mean it was fairly new it was something
neat something on the market but does
your little soda can and this is how
they come and they come in a nice spiffy
little soda cans as you can see 60 mil
come to the side you have all your
warnings and all that good stuff there
Instagram Facebook page has their
website on it it is what it is
it's plain and simple on the other side
you know it has the ingredients and all
that good stuff
I mean it's played as simple so they can
just soda cans trick okay it was neat in
my first review I've grown with the vape
industry just seeing advocacy and the
whole marketing thing don't take it
personal but I can only be honest about
it I can see where the whole soda can
thing can cause some conflict I know I
know and I understand about the whole
thing of marketing marketing to minor
this right here could attract kids you
know it could attract kids I mean what I
did adds a test I have a five-year-old
and I put the three cans on my dining
room table my little girl went for the
can like I said everybody knows the
Batman for being honest I'm gonna be
honest I want to get this in the
beginning of the video before we review
the flavors we will review the flavors
because you send me the stuff I'll give
you my word to review it we're going to
talk about the flavors but the packaging
I thought it was me
I thought the packaging was something
different don't have no cartoony stuff
going on you know another that bullshit
that's going on
I thought the soda can was neat until I
saw my five-year-old you went for it and
she was like wow daddy what kind of soda
is that so that has changed my opinion
because it struck home they struck my
five-year-old little girl so the soda
cans I'll keep them in the soda cans
I'll probably put them up on a shelf I
have a couple oligomers I actually you
know I displace the sister so the cans
up and I'll set them up there high so
she won't be able to get to but if you
can understand my point where I'm coming
it struck home like I said my little
five-year-old she saw soda and saw soda
so the canned packaging it's a few guys
I can only be honest but there we go
enough was talking about the candy let's
dive into the reveal what I have first
like I said I showed you everything
the pink soda sparkling babe juice chili
liquid refreshing soda flavor it's like
your first three flavors I'm expecting
the carbonation I'm expecting everything
to be on point to those first three
flavors words delish I want to see a
distance of the part with those we all
know chili liquid also combine egged 100
so this has to be a good a liquid
everything about it has to be good what
I'm going to use I'm going to use my
copper Admiral with my p2 Pandora Rd egg
flavor addi it's awesome everything
about it is good it is what it is so
once you pop this open we all know how
they come they come in a nice glass
bottle now look chill chill e-liquid I
understand you know it is a soda but
with as pretty as your labels are you
can do away with the soda can save you
some money on the marketing and your
labels are immaculate beautiful
beautiful labels you see it had a little
tone to it because I baked three but
I've been requested to do review in 6
milligram negative so I'm guessing the
nicotine could have what caused the
in the liquid but dumping there for me
cracker open we're going to drip her
down and I'm gonna get all the cute
little info out of the way first I have
the card said to me by chilly liquid and
here has all the flavors and everything
now how chill a liquid come it comes in
a 70/30 70 bg-30 PG it comes in a zero
three six and twelve milligram nicotine
60 ml bottles the price the first three
flavors premium vape has the
first three flavors for 1995 you hop
over there use the coupon goes fo w PB
20 you can get the first three flavors
which are the lemon lime the orange
peach and the purple grape premium vape
supply yet does not have to but I've
seen the prices on this stuff on other
websites pretty steep 29 $30 for 60 milk
so it's in that price range will see a
premium base apply gets a hold of these
and they're able to do the same 1995
pink soda
what the pink soda is a sparkling splash
of fruit accented with a delectable
notes of vanilla and cream and pure pink
soda perfection to soda flavor so I'm
expecting I'm expecting to take fruity
creamy with a hint of vanilla cream soda
at the cream soda fruity cream soda show
you the papers yeah we got it rolling
take a whip
and you can smell it does smell fruity
yet creamy it does it actually you can
smell has like that cream soda tone but
with fruit if you understand what I'm
getting it
let's take ran for the taste test see
what it does
Wow the first thing I wanted to see and
it's actually very nice if you haven't
noticed I've caught my lungs out on
three milligram nicotine this is 6 this
is 6 milligram picots and I'll show you
the vampire this is a 6 milligram where
it is it says it right there you can see
it's 6 milligram and the nicotine is
very smooth and nicotine is nice smooth
no throat I actually enjoy that on your
inhale you get the fruit you get a
fruity flavor on exhale the vanilla is
very faint it's slight but you can
detect it like I said on exhale the
vanilla flavors it's very faint it's a
slight but you do get a cream like a
cream soda
fruity cream soda flavor BAM there you
go a fruity cream soda flavor along with
the carbonation without a doubt
stuff is good I mean I could only be
honest you know just with a little
mix-up with my little girl in the soda
can packaging fucked me up but I can
only be honest and the juice tastes good
it tastes exactly what the description
says a fruity cream soda that's exactly
what it is and you get the carbonation
and everything I mean there you go nice
but very nice what'd you guys come up
with that we sit this one to the side
and we're going to jump over to the next
one like I said I'm not going to flash
around the soda can pretty much it got
me thrown off because of the issue what
happened with my little girl but they do
come and those pretty beautiful little
soda cans they are beautiful it's the
packaging is fucking beautiful it's nice
it's different it's neat but I just had
an episode with it so that's how they
come you know the warnings and all this
is how it comes once you pop it open you
get your bottle and what this one is
it's their golden pineapples and as you
can see your bottles your packaging on
your bottles your belt your bottles
chill chill the bottles are beautiful
your bottles are freakin beautiful you
wanted to set yourself apart with the
cans I understand that this is a soda
liquid line but your bottles are
beautiful you could get away with just
just doing the bottle put them in a box
or something but that's that's beautiful
beautiful work we know six milligrams
and what the golden pineapple is a
tropical blend of crisp and juicy fresh
pineapples blended with exotic fruits
and fresh that's the orange so pineapple
with Ari
I mean cracker oven we're going to drip
her down and what I'm using here using
my white brass admiral from broadside
with my b2 stainless pandora RDA this is
the flavor adding at the moment I'm
sorry if you don't try to check my
review hop over to P jvcom we'll talk
about it later on get you want to show
you the vapors first take a whip up
and you can smell the citrus flavor
mixed in with the pineapple but the
citrus flavor from like your orange
tangerine don't smell like one of those
Florida oranges smells more like a
Mandarin like a mandarin orange if you
understand where I'm getting it it got
that smell
let's take her gopher to taste it not
bad and again six milligrams nicotine
it's not scratching on the throat the
throat hit is a minimum it's very good
or inhale you get the pineapple the
pineapple is off the bat on inhale on
exhale you get that pineapple mixed with
a stronger tone of the orange the
mandarin oranges what it tastes like
a mandarin orange it don't taste like
one of those Sunkiss Florida oranges it
tastes like more like a mandarin orange
so yeah it's not bad
you get both flavors they mix them
pretty well along with the carbonation
on exhale chili liquid they got their
soda eliquid down pack the carbonation
in them you really do get it it's very
nice you can enjoy this flavor here and
with the other flavors like I said by
the color the e-liquid probably because
of the nicotine level but I've never had
problems with the other three flavors
chili liquid gunking up my coils messing
up my cotton I've never had that problem
so I don't expect him with this stuff
either they're sweet
but not overpowering sweetly very good I
really like that one too would that one
be an all-day bait it depends how much
you like an orange bait I like the
pineapple tone I like what you guys done
with it but I probably wouldn't bake
this one all day and I can only be
honest I wouldn't be an all-day bass it
would be one of those spur-of-the-moment
I want that I remember I got it let me
beg for let's go down to the third
flavor what I've been used I may use my
broad aura combo which is my black broad
side with my black pandora RDA it is the
one panda our da don't have them little
holes on the sides a little extra
airflow but it's still a badass flavor
attic that's what it is and what the
last flavor is as we know your little
soda cans that's how it comes it comes
in blue raspberry and we know they can
I'll just spin it around real quick
can't the colors and the flavors just
changed it cans the same thing pop the
top off of it and here you go
another beautiful bottle metallic paper
it's very nice very neat very clean this
I like this bottle and actually this one
here is a six milligram nicotine as well
as you can see there but it's very clear
look at it and 7030 and it is a thick
eliquid and it's crystal clear so you
know you're not going to have trouble
with this going up the coil and what the
blue raspberry is plain is simple it's a
vibrant blue raspberry soda bursting
with fizzy fruit goodness and refreshing
ripe raspberry no raspberry soda it's
plain and simple so here we go let's
drip it down and show you a little bit
of the papers take a whiff you can smell
the raspberry in it smells real good too
smells good chili liquid I wouldn't
expect nothing less
what take her for the taster
and as you can see clouds out nice
nicotine's dot harsh you don't get no
throat hit this stuff is well done very
good it's delicious
on inhale you get raspberry on exhale
you get raspberry with the soda
carbonation you guys got that soda
things Deltek I'm not going to mention
you no more
but you guys fucking got it you guys got
it and that's what it is it's a
raspberry soda not too overpowering
sweet this one I could babe all day I
could probably enjoy this one a little
bit more than the pineapple ones not bad
actually it's pretty good so if you like
raspberry get yourself blue raspberry I
guess that's a blueberry in a raspberry
it don't say it on the description so I
didn't mention nothing about blueberries
but I'm pretty sure that's what it is
blueberry and raspberry fruity it's
fruity and it's good it's delicious
so where you can get this stuff you can
check out chill eat liquids webpage it's
WWE liquid calm also WWE Canada vape lab
calm or USA baked lab calm I'm reading
off for the car so this is the
information I'm giving you this is what
they gave me and you can also check them
out on Instagram and chill eliquid
I'll have it flashing here somewhere
somewhere down here or up here we'll
have a flashing around premium base
supply like I said they have the other
three flavors use coupon code fo WTB 20
it's WWE premium plate supply calm the
coupon code will save you 20% off your
entire order and check out in the
description I will leave links where you
can get to stuff there's a couple other
links where you'll be able to find this
I'll make sure that I leave all of that
in the description scroll down check it
out I'll even leave the links for the
RDA and the mods you can check those out
to get you some of those too and yeah
we're going to keep it plain as simple
on my head to hell out of here again I
want to thank Eddie for the opportunity
to doing the review
I did review the stuff I was stoked
about the soda cans - soda cam packaging
I like the soda Campagna - the soda cam
packaging is neat but now I look at it
differently because my five-year-old
actually grabs it thinking it was soda
so like I said the bottles are packaging
the bottles alone the bottles alone are
beautiful your labels they are beautiful
they are beautiful
so just by what the vape industry is
going through and I know it's probably
going to hurt and you're probably going
to tell me to go fuck myself or
something but getting rid of the soda
can and as much as I hate to say it
wouldn't be bad to get rid of it oh just
because of what's been me here
no ever I don't leave my stuff laying
around oh she knows not to touch my
stuff and I did it experimental II just
leaving it on the dining room table and
my little girl went for it like if it
was soda so that's something to think
about guys I mean the vape industry is
for us we're trying to make this day and
that's one of the bump in the road all I
can do is apologize but I have to be
honest so really do I apologize but
anyway let me get out of here sorry for
the little ramble about the cans but
those that seen it you see my point
thanks for watching remember to comment
like share and subscribe and share share
the video share the video so we can keep
doing this and show eliquid I want to
thank you guys very much for the
Eddy thank you for the bottom on heart
man I appreciate what everything you
guys are doing say something with the
camp farming out with the Batman come on
eat yourself

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