Vape Review of TROPIX - Blackcurrant & Menthol E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of TROPIX - Blackcurrant & Menthol E-Liquid

Vape Review of TROPIX - Blackcurrant & Menthol E-Liquid

By Ekaterina Mironova

Blackcurrant & Menthol E-Liquid by TROPIX features the flavour of blackcurrant with a refreshing hint of menthol. Available in a single 60ml (50ml of e-liquid bottle).

Vape Review of TROPIX - Blackcurrant & Menthol E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of TROPIX - Blackcurrant & Menthol E-Liquid

hey folks welcome back to a normal video
today we're going to be making some
blackcurrant cobbler I'm also going to
be making God this is off video
afterwards I'm gonna be making my old
day vape and some other ones I'm getting
low on but for you folks are making a
black currant cobbler so let's get a few
things ready I purposely didn't get any
of this ready just soon see what I
normally do which I think you know
anyway get one there over there for
wiping my hands one for laying my
bottles on one mixing and one for laying
my syringes on and today we've got some
brand new syringes it was the main one I
bought this pulled this off of ebay it
was like um I don't know any syringes it
was like 50 or 70 or something like
there's a whole bunch of them and they
come in little five little packs like
this and each one's got all the
different sizes in one of those I've got
one there white already sort of just
take another one now and they do come
with the with the actual syringe ends
and metal pieces and they come with the
little and little caps as well screwing
cap thing you could actually keep stuff
in there if you wanted I don't need
those metal ends actually already got
something okay well that's when you
syringes ready I've got my cup of water
ready just need some VG
poor quite a lot in here just because
I'm gonna be making some off-camera
afterwards okay
as usual I haven't pulled any of these
flavorings out of what I got here
so I can't be doing this so fresh and
she ously got over there okay so we need
blackcurrant that's pretty obvious in I
guess I could have got some of this
ready but you know me I like to do
everything on camera so it's it's real
nothing's fake unless I can't find
blackcurrant then I may stop the camera
and try again in a minute do I have bad
either it's in a big bottle that's why I
use quite a bit of it we got sweet cream
which we use all the time right there
yellow cake which is right here we use
that one all the time this gift you were
these back where they belong
French Danish right here you're watching
me organize everything here okay
next we want berry crunch this is one I
didn't only use in it
it's berry crunch I'd like to put in
everything my graham cracker pie crust
and he's all mortal which is right there
for sweetness
okay we're ready to mix black currants
going to be it's by flavor West nearly
12% sweet cream is by flavor West we're
going to do three percent yellow cake is
flavor West three percent berry crunches
in by signature do you know what we've
got a biscuit as well that's not good
you know I said biscuits well just I
just change this I'm gonna put that
right over the top of it that's a new
flavor for me so I think that go well
with it
all right so we got berry crunch four
percent graham cracker which is by
flavor West one percent pie crust by
signature or TFA is one percent and
biscuit I think it's called I in a worry
in a whare I can't remember the name of
the company but that's one percent I'll
go ahead and calculate this sometime
just make sure we're gonna make a 30 mil
of it because I know it's already good
and I'm using recycled bottles today
ones I've washed ain't had time to dry
I've had by three or four months to dry
okay we're going to go to Mills I want
twenty one point six mils of VG brand
new syringe there's twelve actually it's
made that unit eleven point six and I
just got I turned to it I don't normally
use flavors that strong it's like ten
and 12 percent but there's got to be a
reason for this it smells very strong as
well wondering if that's a a mistake
it does have version two on it so unless
I must have corrected it stay with it
stay with what I got it's tried and
tested okay so we 13.6 million when it's
that much I'm putting in that's a lot of
it's like ninety two hundred drops so I
will do this in well I put a like this
in me get the right one
point six
let me go
of course I always wash mate even if I'm
not gonna use them again in this mixing
session which I don't think I'm going to
I still like the wash you might get the
flavors out of them so it doesn't
doesn't stick in there you know even
when I wash it if it's in there a little
bit too long
they might uh it might stay with it we
don't need that at once
no one's gonna need some more ordering
sweet cream 27 ROPS
yellowcake you know I love putting
yellow cake in just about everything
again this for that body plus we have
been blackcurrant Cobra for those of you
don't know what black currant cobbler is
an England it's called black currant
crumble it's like a it's like black
currant pie filling with weave like this
crumbly crusty top to it hence all the
biscuits and pie crusts and berry crunch
and everything we're putting in okay so
we won't do this in meals point-9 see
I've got two syringe it home anyway
point nine oh my god I smell that it's
just so good I hope that just baked now
on his own I've never tried on his own
Wow amazing it's got to be one of my
favorite flavors berry crunch 36 drops
there we go all right very crunch that
goes back over there graham cracker is
just nine drops graham crackers British
bomb although this doesn't need that
that does smell just like that cross
should be wasn't back to say was even
though we do want a strong crust pie
crust flavor bits keep wrote pie crust
flavor I don't want to go overboard with
these because they are very strong
steeping this one it's pretty good after
about three days but just like most of
the juices a week to two weeks and
they've just everything blends in a lot
better I am going to put some vapor
wizard with this as well just because
it's a seven flavors like to it just
tends to make them gel
where are coalesce nice word coming
together alright four drops which is
half a percent then we got you thought
Mauro again just four drops you could
add a little bit more you could add a
sweetener because this is supposed to be
very sweet but the blackcurrant flavor
itself takes sweet and the youthful
model will help it and then we want
twenty seven drops of nicotine
there we go all right that's that one
ready there we have it one blackcurrant
cobbler let's go ahead and get a label
ready for cobbler version two I think
what the day is today no I've got my
phone yeah of course that's that's
YouTube by the way um I don't know if
it's that channel with the other channel
I got but it is the 20 of today since
zero age 20 and there's three milligrams
of nicotine labeling really does help
especially for the steeping process and
when you're making a lot of different
juices it really does help to keep up
with things I've got stuff that's been
steeping in there for like two months
not purposely just stuff I forget about
not get it out and I'll be like
mastering one sold to see what this
one's liking it's like really good where
it wasn't when I first tried it so then
you know the steeping process really
works well once again we've made another
I wanted to purposely stay away from
strawberry this time we've done
everything we've done is strawberry
strawberry crunch um I don't know if we
done strawberry Kiwi yet but that's a
really good one with probably afternoo
that we've done the milkman clone we've
done Mother's Milk clone or strawberry
so now we got blackcurrant and maybe ice
need to do one without any creams
although we did do a cinnamon Danish
swirl once then we that doesn't have any
of that in there
but uh need to try and do something a
little different the next time anyway I
appreciate you are tuning in again folks
and until next time take it easy

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