Vape Review of Tropical Island E-Liquid 10ml (High PG)

April 17, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Tropical Island E-Liquid 10ml (High PG)

Vape Review of Tropical Island E-Liquid 10ml (High PG)

By Ekaterina Mironova

Enjoy the taste of tropical fruits and feel transported to paradise. Details 10ml E-Liquid 70% Propylene Glycol (PG), 30% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Available in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg nicotine strength About The Vampire Vape Based in Blackburn, the Vampire Vape line of e-liquid is one of the popular UK brands who have become recognised with their signature flavours, Heisenberg & Pinkman.

Vape Review of Tropical Island E-Liquid 10ml (High PG)


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Tropical Island E-Liquid 10ml (High PG)

Roscoe pre-katrina from a EC forum
making a solving things with its second
duty room from the same company from
vampire vapes I received is free a forum
review from vapor kleberkuh WK up now
links will be in the description to the
specific a liquid and our website again
a vampire of H 1 this one is tropical
island let's just find it for you on
that they don't give you much of a
write-up on the site there's a picture
most of them are self-explanatory island
it doesn't really tell you what's in it
but they do give you a little petra
scores of fruitless doesn't it but yeah
vampire vape is a manchester-based
eliquid company they make all their
eliquid in the UK it says here
renowned for parking as serious lots of
flavor these juices produce big clouds
of vapor and a great throw text ok the
same as the last one they're all 60 p g4
EVG from vapor wk they're all 10 mil
bottles I know all three pumps 99 ok
choice of 0 milligrams 12 milligrams or
18 milligrams but from this one if
you're suffering from the holiday blues
or looking for a little pick-me-up our
tropical island eliquid
is perfect for you the incredible blend
of tropical fruits as a mouth-watering
flavor a long-lasting juiciness which
will leave you wanting more and more ok
the bottle there we go
B vampire vibes on there your milligrams
of flavors all your war ends ok
both of these have got childproof safety
cups if you just quote the first review
you will see me messing about with this
one but this one is a lot better
it kind of goes on under cha 60 comes on
straight away no it's not within nozzle
on the top this did have a little seal
you're going to like it around squash
balls that will show you learn and bring
to open ah I set it to rush sorbet
weren't you get your vampire vape on the
front your flavor
what milligrams you've got all your
safety warnings and you get that address
on there a phone number from vampire
VIPs on the back so you know topical
islands again tested this in my tobor -
you'll be each auntie dripper and it's
also good tested a bow for spoilers aunt
Kang out products just so I know what it
tastes like because obviously if we're
taste testing the throat I tell you it
tastes amazing how do you chuck it in a
clearomizer it might not taste quite so
good so yeah we're in the mini protank 3
for this one for tropical islands I'm a
4.3 volts nose take away
again really really thick vapor
considered a foursome these really thick
very thick clouds of this stuff I don't
know what they are into it but it's
really thick clouds really nice again
this is tropical island now I'm only
miss those who eat liquid it's very
personal some people will get something
completely different to me from this
juice all I'm getting really is mango I
hate awful lot of mango with a touch
touch of orange on the way out
yeah but it's it's definitely a lot like
there it's kind of like you know
innocent fruit juice like a mine orange
and mango I just like that it's really
it's a very strong flavor
mmm definitely mind organic a lot mind
evidence no I wouldn't say it's the
tropical I can't takes much more house
but it is really somewhere it's like the
rock but it's a real strong flavor and
it tastes more solid it seems pretty
natural a lot of fruit mixes of make
myself they've read us something takes
since that a lot of stuff I bought
before a mix we had tasted really
synthetic both these the raspberry
sorbet and the trop quite a taste really
quite natural not means the closest
closest I've been to actually eating
what you're vaping if that makes sense
up yeah
definitely it's like drinking colorful
fruit juice this was like this one
doesn't make my mouth water like The
Rasmus doesn't probably sorbet but it's
really some really strong flavor but
we're or any nice mango it's not too
much if it's pretty nice if both really
impressed me actually really impressed
me yeah so 399 6 PG for Fiji I've gone
from basic to so yeah
obviously in my to report that the
flavor is a lot more intense but in
these tanks that the Aspire close on the
probe they're kind of dual cores again
so close the droplets now so it's not
far off
obviously testing these for you guys um
so yeah
tropical islands from vampire apes crawl
through a big club called Colonel at UK
that don't remind oh but it's really
nice a really nice mango real natural
kind of flavor yeah yeah it's nice it's
nice again I've had this I've been
having this one on a week
there you go by my mates
okay so get ya get yourself over to a
big club what cannot you Kate don't have
a nosy there they do also have quite a
lot of stuff from the USA okay so
they've got suicide bunny eliquid loaded
for USA manufactured e-liquid I got
Mother's Milk and stuff like that from
serious like bunny vampire vapes the
vaporizer comes out all sorts of their
own stuff as well so yeah there's a coin
off selection over there I figure into
USA juices go over there kind of looks
that go quite a few so yeah there we go
tropical island to me not very tropical
takes a lot of mango bits are very very
very good my go very impressed out the
to the raspberry sorbet is definitely my
favorite one of the best strategies have
tasted the mango chopped coriander it's
very very good very very bit ah so there
you go that's it that's the to juice
reviews done before - okay absolutely
yourself a would have a puddle couldn't
you can check out their site
predominately liquids where do I serve a
kiss and accessories and some ecigs but
it's predominantly he liquids and
obviously they've got a couple of fun
companies from the USA and some really
good companies from the UK as well so
yeah there you go
vampire veep's either good from
Manchester the fire a big club Don
Cooper UK I hope you've enjoyed the
review first juice reviews I've done on
first reviews for another company bar UK
easy Calvin calm so yeah hope you've
enjoyed it hope they've come across
quite well what the juice is kind of
hard to explain how you bought your
tasting ready but yeah we'll see there
we go hope ah these guys that they put
up cool you can't have enjoyed these
reviews hope they're okay for you give
me a shout and yeah thanks for watching
see you again next time bye for now

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