Vape Review of Tropic Splash by Cosmic Fog Platinum Collection E-liquid (60mL)

April 18, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Tropic Splash by Cosmic Fog Platinum Collection E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of Tropic Splash by Cosmic Fog Platinum Collection E-liquid (60mL)

By Elena Ognivtseva

Tropic Splash e-liquid is part of the invigorating Cosmic Fog Platinum Collection which has arrived to deliver a sensational Caribbean-inspired flavor. Experience a wave of fresh pineapples roll over your taste buds, while the sweet and let the tangy passion fruit deliver a tropical escape on the back end. This fruit island blend also adds in juicy oranges for an ultimate tropical drink experience. Kick back, relax and experience a blissful getaway with Tropic Splash vape juice by Cosmic Fog Platinum. Buy your 60mL bottle today!

Vape Review of Tropic Splash by Cosmic Fog Platinum Collection E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Tropic Splash by Cosmic Fog Platinum Collection E-liquid (60mL)

what's happening guys this is Alex over
here my freedom smokes and today we're
gonna be talking about three new cosmic
fog liquids that we've gotten in the
shop we're gonna start with this one
it's called sour melon and that's what's
in my dripper right now out of the three
this is my favorite sour melon I'm kind
of getting a little bit of a watermelon
even a little bit of green apple I very
very reminiscent to like the Jolly
Rancher flavors that they've had in the
past and just something about this one
is very unique it reminds me of the
Shocker but it's just got that little
bit more of the well melon taste to it
instead of like a strawberry taste to it
yeah even though it does say melon the
one thing I really keep thinking every
time I vape this is um there was a brand
of green apple chewing gum and it really
reminds me of this again out of the
three I really do like this one all of
the liquids are gonna be a 70/30 mix 70
on the VG so you can sub on with this
and it's also really good in your
drippers next up is the berry trio now
I'm not entirely sure what the three
berries in here are but I am getting
strong accents of strawberry and
raspberry this one I also do really like
though it was not higher up on my list
because if I'm correct in getting some
strawberry notes in this I've not been a
big strawberry fan I haven't found a
strawberry flavor that I really like
that one still seems a bit synthetic to
me but it's not overpowering you also do
get other berry flavors in here that
really do round it off it's a nice good
berry flavor so if you like wild berry
or mixed berry items you're gonna love
this I'm personally not the biggest fan
of a mixed berry or you know stuff like
but the other people in the office that
are tried it and loved it so I would
highly recommend the berry trio if
you're into strawberry raspberry
blueberry you know and just looking for
a good punch in the face full of berry
and the last one up here is the tropical
splash this one you do get hints of
mango and pineapple at least that's what
I was getting and it really does taste
tropical a lot of these you know say you
know oh it's a tropical you know coconut
and you know this that and the other and
it just kind of tastes like candy this
really does taste like something you
would get down in the Bahamas now
granted I've never been but I can tell
you this this is not like every other
tropical flavor on the market this
really did surprise me that I would say
this is my second favorite out of these
two I really wouldn't have this is an
all-day vape for me because it is sweet
I can't do a sweet vape all day long and
I think that's why I enjoyed this one is
it does have some sweetness to it but it
is cut by that little bit of the Tang
this one is just going to be primarily
sweet really fruity really flavorful and
really tropical so if you've been
looking for a really good tropical
eliquid look no further than this one so
these are the three new cosmic fog
flavors we've gotten in it's their
Platinum Collection they've slowly been
changing their aesthetics um and you
know maybe pulling out some of the older
flavors and putting out some new ones
and as always they're continuing to
impress us I will forever be a fan of
cosmic fog as long as they keep this up
so if you have any questions about these
whatsoever feel free to leave a comment
below and until otherwise thank you for

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